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How to Make a Winning SEO Plan

Seo plan

When advertisers design their Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO Plan ought to be a top-of-mind priority.

For most of the online marketers and advertisers, the SEO plan strategy is not unpredictable at all.

It goes like week by week tracking followed by guesses, crossing your fingers, and praying, then reading a couple of web journals and blogs to get the most recent SEO tips and trends- But nothing well planned, concrete, quantifiable and result-driven.

According to Search Engine Journal, Over 40 percent of revenue is captured by organic traffic.

This fact certainly calls for an effective SEO Plan.

Not knowing the exact SEO plan may turn you dumbfounded if you follow the same procedures. Moreover, you would turn tired and frustrated seeing your rival’s name over yours in SERPs for your keywords despite making lots of efforts- Happens to you frequently?

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. – Jill Whalen

To make any Digital Marketing Campaign successful, you have to build leads and excellent site traffics. In addition, your content marketing campaign needs to be conversion-oriented.

Seo plan example
How to make seo plan

For a successful online marketer, it looks something like this:

  • They have an SEO strategy plan well set up.
  • They incorporate a comprehensive list of primary and secondary Keywords.
  • They effectively blog and their site are optimized.

In addition, they have an on-page and off-page SEO budget plan, along with great tracking mechanism with their screens are secured with dashboards from Google Analytics, Moz or SEMrush SEO positioning checker, CMS reports or marketing automation tools.

Google sheets organize their results and help them monitor their search rank position.

Nowadays, most of the businesses know the right SEO Project Plan Template and understand why SEO plan is imperative. However, when it comes to creating and executing a sound SEO plan that is a sure shot, most of those do not know where to start. Here are six tips you may follow to make an SEO plan for E-Commerce website-

6 Steps to Make a Winning SEO Plan

1. Understand the Basics of SEO, Decode What Google is Doing & What you Should do to Impress Google

Best seo plan in 2017
How google works in seo

You need to know all the SEO strategies, understand why you are using a particular SEO plan, and more significantly, comprehend why Google does what it does.

Actually, when you search on Google, you are looking for an exact answer or information, plus, you expect your answer instantly. Here and there, you need Google to read your brain, and in same very way, your prospects expect this from Google as well. Google delivers this and it is amazing in doing so.

Google algorithms let Google delivers, what your prospects are looking for- And for this, Google looks to you to give the information your prospects are searching. If you provide that information, and your information is better than anyone else is, your content will be elevated to a superior position in search results.

(a) To understand basics concept of SEO, you need to behave as your prospects would do and run a search query in Google utilizing asking a basic question using your preferred keyword. Pay heed upon who is on the first page of Google search results.

(b) If you see your competitors there, then make a note of competitors who are asserting best rankings. It lets you understand what your competitors are doing to rank on Google #1st

(c) You need to delve into the processes followed by search engines function & know how does Google traffic work?

(d) To get an inside perspective of how Google decides the ranking of a post.

2. Characterize Your Target Audiences & Understand Their Likes & Dislikes

The initial phase in most SEO plan for the website is to begin by characterizing your audiences who are a characterized set of individuals to whom you are advertising your products and services.

Customarily, characterization of target audiences depends on their sex, age, geographic areas, and particularly their necessities (otherwise known as pain points).

What we need to focus on our SEO plan for the website is on those pain points.

What does your target audiences need? What are their needs that are not being fulfilled? Comprehending such details will enable you to better characterize a more target-oriented content marketing plan.

Two reasons why we need to know interests of audiences more than hopping straight into the Keyword research-

  1. Content Strategy:

Seo plan
Content strategy
  • You need to offer information, tools, tips, and content that are pertinent and valuable to your audiences.
  • This goes past regular cheap SEO plans and asks you to provide personalized information that your prospects will immediately wish to click.
  • If you have a health site and wish to target seniors with one of your digital marketing campaigns, then you need to make the content strategy as per the information seniors in particular locations are seeking for.
  1. Targeted Keyword Discovery:
  • Ideally, you will need to do a keyword search according to what your audiences want.
  • If you run a health site, and there are needs, your site is not meeting then target keyword discovery is needed.
  • Knowing your prospects are keen on prescription drug plans, you can design the content that solves their problem, and they can decide the best keywords in those locations.

3. Document your SEO Strategy Plan and Never View SEO & Content Marketing as Rivals- They are partners

Seo plan and seo budget plan
Documentation of seo plan

Documenting your content marketing plan for ecommerce websites is basic to ensure success. Since SEO is a key piece of content marketing, you should begin your endeavours by documenting your SEO plans by following this procedure-

  • What your needs are
  • What strategies you work with
  • How you measure your execution of an SEO plan
  • What objectives you need your SEO plan to fulfil

Contingent upon the answers of aforestated queries, you need to audit and analyze your current SEO strategy to make an SEO plan that incorporates the insights you get from overstated questions.

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Click here to know How to Create Documented Content Marketing Strategy as per your SEO Plan.

There is also a debate about SEO vs. content marketing. Companies that have expertized in one or the other may profit by making a separation in between SEO and content marketing. Be that is may, such thinking can be hindering to the success of your SEO plan.

According to Neil Patel-

“If you create readable, high-quality content, your search rankings will naturally increase.” 

According to the Content Marketing Institute:

“Google cares about how expert, authoritative, and trustworthy the content is. If you stay focused on creating readable, high-quality content, your search rankings will naturally increase. With this in mind, stop wasting time wondering whether you should implement content marketing or SEO. These disciplines are melding together and will provide greater success if they are allowed to work in tandem.”

4. Make a List of Keywords & Build Keyword-Focused Pages

Keywords are at the core of best SEO plans, and choosing the correct ones can ensure the success of your SEO plan for e-commerce websites and other B2B or B2C businesses.

You need to have a list of around 10 keywords related to your item or administrations. Then, you should plug those keywords into Google Keyword Tool, and find the keyword details that bode well for your business.

  • Utilizing search volume and doing competitive analysis limit your Keyword list to 10-15 keywords you might want to rank for.
  • You should audit and refresh your keyword for once every month. This will ensure you remain in keyword research mode and keep your keyword list evolving as per industry trends and search algorithm updates.
  • About sites and positioning in search engines, it is constantly better to have numerous website pages custom fitted to particular keywords. As per your Keywords list, you can add what number of various website pages you ought to make.
  • Eventually, the number of website pages you make ought to match with what number of various items, offerings, and locations your business covers. This will make it substantially simpler for your prospects and clients to discover you in search engines.
  • Each site page needs to incorporate important content filled with the right keywords for your prospects and clients. You need to keep your keyword list get refreshed and organized by what website pages will help you to best accomplish your business objectives.

Watch this video to learn how to find the right keywords to Rank #1 on Google.

Blogging Helps You Rank Higher

  • Blogging can be a fantastic approach to rank for your keywords, and, it ensures client engagement as well. Overall, each blog entry is another site page that allows you to rank in search results.
  • If you do not have a blog for your business, it is important to set one up right now. You need to keep in mind; you are blogging principally for your audiences, not for the web indexes.
  • Therefore, as said above, you need to focus on things your customers, as well as prospects, are keen to know, and then in the process, including important keywords in your content will ensure the result you long for.

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5. Do Content Optimization for your Selected Keywords & incorporate a Link-Building Plan

After identifying your objective keywords, optimizing content as per them is one of the most important parts of the best SEO business plans. Making a list of keywords, building keyword-focused pages and setting up blogs are on-page SEO strategies that I have discussed earlier, now you need to incorporate a link-building plan also as an essential off-page SEO plan to optimize your content.

  • It is additionally an important factor in how search engines rank your website pages.
  • You need to devote some time to conceptualize all the distinctive ways you can use to pull in inbound links to your site. You can possibly share your links with other local businesses in return for links to their sites, which is an effective part of local SEO plans.
  • Compose a couple of blog posts and publish them on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Consider moving toward different bloggers for guest blogging through which you can link back to your site.
  • Another extraordinary approach to draw in inbound links is to utilize your blog to present articles related to current news and latest trends. This will help you stay connected with industry influencers and other bloggers that ultimately helps in optimizing your content.

6. Stay Updated on SEO News & Track Your SEO Success

Search Engine landscape is consistently developing. Staying updated about the latest SEO trends, and best practices can be a troublesome task; however, there are different online resources that can make it simple for you to remain over SEO news and changes that may affect your site’s SEO plan. Some of the resources are-

  1. SEOMoz
  2. SEOBook
  3. Search Engine Roundtable
  4. Search Engine Land
  5. Digital Vidya Blog

Measuring the success of your SEO campaign is another important task.

Seo plan and pricing
Tracking of seo plan

You need to make sure to track SEO success with a reason. Not every number is important. KPIs and other metrics ought to be based on your particular business objectives.

Let us delve into some of the metrics essential to make your SEO plan successful-

  1. Keyword rankings
  2. Organic search traffic
  3. Page visits
  4. Time on page
  5. Backlinks
  6. Visits: pages per session
  7. Returning users
  8. Page load speed score
  9. Mobile bounce rate
  10. Conversions
  11. Keyword rankings
  12. Blog visits (from organic search)
  13. Domain Authority and Page Authority
  14. Social likes and shares
  15. Customer Retention Rate
  16. ROI


In case you are exerting yourself to get to page one of Google search results or working vigorously to stay there, keep in mind that you’re not the only one.

There are millions of businesses trying to achieving and keeping page one ranking but very few of those have an easy time, as there are just ten spots at Google’s first page. In case, you are amongst those who struggle to get to or sustain on Google’s #page1 then following over-stated six steps to make best SEO plans will help you get expected outcomes.

Know here latest Google SEO updates to make a winning SEO plan.

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Facing problems in making SEO plan template as per the given steps of SEO business plan in this post? Having queries about best SEO Plans in India? – Ask us in the comments below.

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