How to Make Your SEO Friendly Website | Top 7 Tips

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Having an SEO friendly website is must to ensure high ranking in SERPs.

Search Engines are restricted in the ways they interpret content and crawl the web. A website page doesn’t appear identical to you and search engines.

         -And that’s why making your website search engine friendly is must to gain traffic and boost ranking of your web pages and related content.

How to check if website is SEO friendly

 In this blog post, we’ll concentrate on particular technical aspects of building (or adjusting) web pages so they are organized for web indexes, search engines and your target audiences.

         Below given are the essential tips for SEOs, programmers, and designers who want to make their website SEO friendly.

Let’s delve into them-

7 Tips to make an SEO Friendly Website

1.) How to Create SEO Friendly Website by Using Indexable Content

  • To ensure better performance in Search Engine Listing, your most critical content ought to be in HTML text format.
  • Java applets, Flash Records, and other non-text substance are frequently disregarded or debased by search engine crawlers, in spite of different advancements in searching technology.
  • The most straightforward approach to guarantee that the words and expressions you show to your guests are visible to search engines is to place them in the HTML message on the page.
  • Notwithstanding, more propelled techniques are accessible for the individuals who request more prominent visual display techniques-

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  • Provide “alt” text for pictures. Dole out pictures in gif, jpg, or png format “alt attributes” in HTML to give web indexes description of visual content
  • Supplement all the search boxes with Crawlable and Navigation links
  • Supplement Java and Flash modules with the text on the particular web page
  • Provide a transcript for video and audio substance if the words and expressions utilized are intended to be indexed by search engines.
  • Many sites have noteworthy issues with their Indexable Content, so double-checking is advantageous.
  • By utilizing tools like Google’s Cache, MozBar and, you can perceive what components of your content are obvious and Indexable to the search engines.
  • Look at Google’s text cache to see the difference how a webpage appear through Browser & through Google Cache-

    SEO friendly website

    Web page through Browser & through Google Cache

2.) How to make website SEO friendly through Crawlable Link Structures

  • Just as web search tools (search engines) need to see content keeping in mind the end goal to list pages in their indexes based on keywords, they additionally need to see links so as to locate the content in the 1st
  • Crawlable link structure can be understood as the one that gives the crawlers a chance to peruse the pathways of a site. It is a key to crawlers discovering the greater part of the pages on a site.
  • A huge number of sites commit the basic error of organizing their navigation in ways that web indexes can’t get to, frustrating their capacity to get pages recorded in the search engine’s lists.
  • Let’s understand this issue with a Moz example-

    SEO friendly website

    SEO friendly website through Crawlable Link Structures

            “In the example above, Google’s crawler has reached page A and sees links to pages B and E. However, even though C and D might be important pages on the site, the crawler has no way to reach them (or even know they exist). This is because no direct, Crawlable links point pages C and D. As far as Google can see, they don’t exist! Great content, good keyword targeting, and smart marketing won’t make any difference if the crawlers can’t reach your pages in the first place.”- Source- Moz 

3.) How to make SEO friendly Website through Keyword Usage and Targeting

  • Keywords are central to the SEO. Their effective usage is the best way of how to make SEO friendly websites. Actually, the whole exploration of information retrieval done by search engines like Google, depends on keywords.
  • As the search engines crawl and record the substance of pages around the web, they monitor those pages, in keywords based lists as opposed to putting away 20 billion website pages in one database.
  • Millions of little databases, each focused on a specific keyword term or expression, permit the search engines to recover the information they require. 
  • Obviously, in the event that you need your page to have a ranking in search engines for “Dog”, it’s savvy to ensure “Dog” is a part of the Crawlable content of your page.

    SEO friendly Website

    SEO friendly Website through Keyword Usage and Targeting

4.) How to make your site SEO friendly by avoiding Keyword Abuse

  • Since the beginning of internet searches, people have mishandled keywords in a misinformed push to control the search engine results. This includes keyword stuffing into text, URLs, Meta tags, and links. Unfortunately, this tactic mostly does more harm than good for your site.
  • In the good old days, Keywords’ Usage was the prime factor for search engines, and there was no need to think about how the keywords were used. Today, despite the fact that web crawlers still can’t read and understand messages as normal human being, the utilization of effective machine learning has permitted them to get nearer to the perfect.
  • The best way is to utilize your keywords naturally in a strategic manner. For example-
  • On the off chance that your page focuses on the keyword Phrase “How to make website SEO friendly” then you may normally incorporate content about the “how to check if website is SEO friendly”, history of SEO, SEO ranking factors for a website, etc.
  • Then again, in the event that you just use the keyword “How to make website SEO friendly” onto a page with unimportant substance, for example, a page about “List of Best E-Commerce Stores”, then your endeavors to rank for “How to make website SEO friendly” will be a long, daunting (& almost impossible) task.
  • The purpose of utilizing keywords is not to rank profoundly for all keywords, but rather to rank exceedingly well for the keywords that individuals are hunting down when they need what your site gives.

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5.) How to make SEO Friendly Website through On-Page Optimization

  • Effective use of keywords and targeting are yet important parts of ranking algorithms of search engines, and we can apply some successful on-page optimization strategies for keywords’ use to create pages that are adeptly optimized.
  • While working with one of your own sites, to ensure on-page optimization, utilize the “Keywords expression”:
  • At least once, in the title tag- Attempt to keep the keyword expression as close to the start of the title tag as could be possible.
  • Once noticeably close to the top of your web page.
  • At minimum a few times, including varieties, in the body copy on the web-page- Maybe a couple of more times if there’s a great deal of content substance on the page.
  • At minimum once in the ‘Alt’ attribute of a picture on your page-, this assists with web search, as well as image search, which can sporadically bring profitable traffic too.
  • At least once in the URL
  • In addition, once in the met description tag.
  • In addition, you should not try to use Keywords in link anchor texts indicating to other pages on your site, as this is known as Keyword Cannibalization, which is an avoidable practice.

6.) How to use Title Tags to make your site SEO-Friendly

  • The title component of a page is intended to be a precise and compact depiction of a page’s content. It is basic to both client experience and SEO
  • Effective use of title tags is one of the best ways of how to make website SEO friendly. Since title tags are such a critical piece of SEO, the below given best practices for title tag creation are the basic strides to optimize title tags for web crawlers and usability-

a.) Be aware of length

Search Engines show just the initial 65-75 characters of a title tag in the query items (from that point onward, the search engines demonstrate an ellipsis – “…” – to demonstrate when a title tag has been cut off). This is likewise the general limit permitted by most web-based social networking destinations, so adhering to this as far as possible is for the most part savvy.

SEO Friendly Website

Make Website SEO Friendly

         Be that as it may, in case you’re focusing on numerous keywords (or a particularly long watchword express), and having them in the title tag is fundamental to ranking, it might be fitting to go longer. 

b.) Put important keywords close to the front of your title tags-

The nearer to the beginning of the title tag your keywords are, the more supportive they’ll be for positioning, and the more probable a client will be to click them in the search results of SERPs.

c.) Incorporate Branding-

Ending each title tag with a brand name is another important tactics suggested best by ‘how to make SEO friendly website” guides. It aids to expand brand awareness, and ensure higher click through rate for individuals who like and know about your brand.

           Occasionally it bodes well to put your brand towards the start of the title tag, for example, your landing page. Since words toward the start of the title tag convey more weight, being aware of what you are attempting to rank for, is important to make SEO friendly website. 

d.) Consider coherence and emotional connection-

Title tags ought to be graphic and readable. The title tag is your guest’s first interaction with your brand and ought to pass on the best impression conceivable. Making a convincing title tag will help get attention on the SERPs, and draw in more guests to your site.

This underscores SEO is about not only tactical keyword use and optimization, but it is highly based upon user experience.

7.) How to make website SEO Friendly by using Meta Tags

Meta tags were initially planned as a proxy for the information given in any website content. A few of the essential Meta tags are given beneath, alongside a depiction of their utilization. Let’s go through them-

a.) Meta Robots-

The Meta Robots tag can be utilized for controlling the search engine crawling actions per page. There are a few approaches to utilize Meta Robots to control how search engines handle a page:

(i.) Index/No-index-

It tells the search engines whether the page ought to be crawled and kept in the index of search engines for retrieval or not. In the event that you pick to utilize “no-index,” the page will be rejected from the index. By default, search engines expect they can index all the web pages, so utilizing the “index” is for the most part pointless.

(ii.) Follow/No-Follow-

Follow tells the search engines whether links on the page ought to be crawled. In the event that you choose to utilize “no-follow,” the search engine will ignore the links on the page for ranking and discovery purposes. As a matter of course, all pages are accepted to have the “Follow” feature.


(iii.) No-archive

It is utilized to limit web indexes (search engines) from saving cache duplicate of a page. As a matter of course, the search engines will keep up unmistakable visible copies of all pages they have filed, open to searchers through the cached link in the search results of SERPs.

(iv.) No-snippet

It illuminates the search engines that they ought to shun showing a descriptive block of content beside the page’s title and URL in the search items.

(v.) No-odp/No-ydir

  • These particular tags advise the search engines not to snatch a descriptive snippet about a web page from the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) or the Yahoo Directory to display that in search results.
  • The X-Robots-Tag HTTP header directive also fulfills these same goals. However, this system works particularly well for substance inside non-HTML records, similar to images.

Meta Description

SEO Friendly Website

Meta Description

  • The Meta description tag exists as a short portrayal of the content of a web page.
  • The Meta description tag serves as an advertising copy; attracting readers to your site from the search outcomes. It is a critical piece of search marketing, and if you want to know how to check if website is SEO friendly or not, then checking the effectiveness of Meta descriptions is must.
  • Meta descriptions can be of any length, but generally, search engines cut the snippets that are longer than 160 characters.


Once you incorporate aforestated tips in your webpage to make your website SEO friendly, you may also pay attention on some other factors important for SEO friendly websites, e.g.-

  • URL Structures
  • Canonical and Duplicate Versions of Content
  • Rich Snippets
  • Defending Your Site’s Honor, etc.

      By paying due heed upon all these factors, you can easily make your site optimized for search engines that will help you gain better traffic, more conversions and increased ROI.

In case of any doubts about prerequisites of SEO friendly websites, ask me in comments.

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