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Tableau, one of the top business intelligence (which is a sub-field of data science), tools is very much in demand.  It helps analysts visualize the data in unprecedented ways and uncover unexpected insights. A Tableau resume is one of the hottest resumes in an IT recruiter folder today.

Tableau is recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the sixth year in a row for its ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Tableau professionals are very much in demand, across the world. Organizations, both small and large are hiring tableau analysts or developers for better business insights.

On average hiring managers spend six seconds on a resume. So, how do you fish out the best tableau resumes? Or how can you create a killer tableau resume? What does a recruiter look in a typical tableau resume? We will answer all these questions in our discussion.

In this discussion on tableau’s resume, we will delve deeper into a Tableau resume, its chief components and what a talent acquisition professional expects to see in it. We would also suggest ways to improve upon your resume by taking the cue from tableau resume samples.

Our discussion will cover the following areas:

  • Tableau roles
  • Tableau analyst salary
  • Tableau jobs in India
  • Importance of learning Tableau

International markets have witnessed a higher adoption for Tableau, and constitute nearly 31% of the company’s overall revenues.

Driven by the adoption of its data analytics platform in Asia and Europe, with support in various languages and the presence of direct and indirect sales channels, we expect further growth in international markets.

Tableau Resume

Data Analytics Platform

According to a study by International Data Corporation (IDC), business organizations across the need an easy to use tool like Tableau to analyze data and derive actionable insights from it.

A Tableau is easy to use and deploy for all BI and reporting functions and thus, most organizations are adopting the technology in their data-related functions. Tableau has a user base of more than 32,000. From Banking & Finance and Healthcare and Medical to Media and Finance and Education, almost all organizations are transforming their business with Tableau.

Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant” which looks at the key players in the data visualization and business intelligence market and classifies these across a number of metrics. Tableau has been named a Leader in the market for the third consecutive year and significantly outperforms all peers in its ability to execute.

This, in turn, raises the demand for professionals skilled in Tableau software including both development and Server operations. According to the recent job reports generated by, there has been a rapid jump in the number of job opportunities for Tableau skilled professionals across the globe.

Tableau Resume

Tableau Skilled Professionals

Tableau Job Roles

Data visualization with Tableau empowers business users to perform intricate data visualization in a very instinctual, drag and drop manner. The enterprises can perform multiple actions like drilling into charts and highlighting sections in an impressive way.

The best part is Tableau’s career is you have a variety of job roles to choose from and at various levels in your career. A short scan through the current job openings, short research shows that some top organizations are seeking out Tableau expertise.

Some of the hot Tableau job roles are:

  • Tableau Developers
  • Data Visualization Developers
  • Business Intelligence Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Architects
  • Data Analytics Consulting Managers
  • Data Analysts

Tableau developer and Tableau business analyst are two popular job roles. We will explore both Tableau developer resume and Tableau business analyst resume.

Ideally, a Tableau developer resume should highlight his/her knowledge of R Programming, Statistical Models and predictive modeling concepts. A Tableau developer should be well versed in database programming, master data management concepts, data extract/load to on the premise and cloud data stores.

Tableau Resume

Tableau Salary

Tableau Analyst Salary

According to Indeed statistics, the average salary of a Tableau professional in the US is $102,000. The data also reveals that the average Tableau Developer salaries for job postings in San Francisco, CA are 35% higher than average Tableau Developer salaries for job postings nationwide and the average salary is $139, 000.

As of now, also estimates the average salary of a visual data expert in India (expertise in Tableau) as Rs.536, 661.

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Tableau Jobs in India

In India, it is an equally rewarding career with a median salary of above Rs. 5 Lakhs. Tableau Analysts and developers are always in demand. In India, the average salary of a Tableau Developer is around 700K per annum and can vary in the range of 500K per annum to 900K per annum. The salary also varies depending on the expertise on the topic.

Tableau specialists are getting paid the first-class salaries inside the enterprise, with an average of $106,000. And the recent average salaries going as much as excessive as $158,000.

Top companies like Capgemini, ITC InfoTech, Tata Consultancy, General Motors, Sony, Bank of America, KPMG, Dell Groupon, General Motors, and Facebook are hiring Tableau professionals in roles like Tableau Professionals are, Tableau Consultant, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, and Business intelligence Manager.

Tableau Resume

Tableau Job Trends

Essential Skills for a Tableau Professional

A close look at any of the Tableau resume samples will show you the importance of representation of technical skills. A Tableau business analyst resume should bring out his/her command over statistical tools and techniques and proficiency in data virtualization, in addition to a sound knowledge of R, Python, and Tableau.

In addition, a Tableau Analyst must have a clear understanding of how to work with Databases, a solid understanding of Statistics, Working on multi-storage databases. One must have an eagerness to learn, develop and be inquisitive in this particular field.

Professional certification or formal training in Tableau will help you use the tool more effectively and efficiently than picking up information from freely available sources. A course in Tableau will help you stand apart in the crowd.

Tips for Writing a Killer Tableau Resume

Quick glances into some of the best performing tableau resume samples show that a Tableau developer needs to highlight his/her experience with consulting with business clients, creating Tableau dashboard reports, collaborating with developer teams, using data visualization tools, and using the Tableau platform to create Business Intelligence visualizations.

Tableau Developer Resume

A Tableau developer resume should demonstrate Tableau solutions expertise, a problem-solving orientation, teamwork, and time management. Employers select candidates holding a Bachelor’s Degree in information technology or computer science.

You can also create customized resumes with professional Resume Builder software, readily available online. Simply download resume templates, with inbuilt job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and then export to MS Word and PDF.

Tableau Business Analyst Resume

Whichever profile, Tableau analyst or tableau developer or business analyst, your Tableau resumes must be updated at all times. Make sure your resume on LinkedIn, Indeed or Monster is the latest one and contains information on your current job profile and if possible, project specifications. This helps recruiters find your table resume easily.

Advantages of Learning Tableau

Tableau has set the gold standard for intuitive interactive visual analytics. With an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 in the BI and Analytics Platforms market as of 16 February 2018 based on 1,000+ ratings, Tableau is far the most reviewed and highest rated analytical platform on Gartner Peer Insights.

Learning Tableau is the must-have for all the aspirants who are aiming to build their careers in the field of Data Science and Analytics and foresee a substantial growth as Business Intelligence Architects and Data Analysts. Some of the best reasons for learning Tableau are as follows:

  • The users can gain the most interactive skills to perform data visualization through advanced graphs and clean dashboards.
  • While many companies and users claim it to be the best data visualization tool in the market, learning Tableau will allow you to see minute dots in maps and graphs of interesting tables.
  • The Software automatically calculates the conversion rates and other important calculation functions that you have to manually perform in Excel sheets or other reporting systems.
  • Learners can master the beginner and advanced-level concepts of Tableau and can prepare for Tableau Software Certification Exam through hands-on exercises, assignments and project work.

Tableau, one of the top-rated BI tools to use impacts business reputation. The success of Business Intelligence projects depends largely upon organizations’ choice of BI solutions and vendors’ ability to deliver successful and relatively rapid implementations, along with supportive follow-up and maintenance.

Be an active member of Tableau communities to gain more insights on newer features and developments. The Tableau Community members can share knowledge in 245 user groups across the globe. Also, they can contribute new ideas to Tableau Public, posting over 7,000 new features every week. You can also answer questions on Tableau forums. And as demand for data skills grows, students learn Tableau in classrooms through the Tableau Academic program.

Choosing the right Business Intelligence tool for your business is the primary condition for ensuring better business values. With a ready list of Business Intelligence tools, you may shortlist the best one for your business, however, big, or small.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, by now you must have gained insights from the Tableau Resume quick tips.

BONUS TIP: While preparing the tableau interview questions, it is also advised to have insights on Tableau vs Power BI.

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