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Social Media Marketing

Revolution: Social Media Marketing

The traditional means of advertising – Newspaper, Yellow Pages, TV and even Email are declining fast. The reach of social media is immense. 96% of the Millennials have joined a social network. Just 14% of the people trust ads whereas close to 76% of people trust consumer recommendations for purchase decisions. 81% people prefer advice […]

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Tweet Me – Like Me – Buy Me

Interested in leveraging Social Media to make a real impact for your organization? Want to separate the hype around No of Fans & Followers from the real value of genuine Fans & Followers on Social Media? Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you will this interview relevant and useful. Explore the […]

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Essential constituents of your Social Media Policy

Can you imagine a country without rules and laws? If at all such country exists, then it is sure that it would be on verge of extinction, because if everyone starts doing whatever he wants then life will be full of chaos, fights …….isn’t it. Similar will be situation if your Social media team will […]

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5 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback in Social Media

Social media is a sea looking at the amount of content being generated by millions of users worldwide on various social networks as well as on forums & blogs. Apart from your own online properties it’s not possible to control the information being generated elsewhere and which is consistently being shared by the users on […]

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Handling Negative Conversations in Social Media

(This blog is adaptation from Digital Vidya’s  Facebook fan page question “ How to handle negative conversations about your brand?” You should also join this vibrant community of digital marketers if you haven’t already done so) POLL : How do you handle negative conversations about your brand? Especially the ones that are unjustified and some people […]

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