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Top 4 Relevant Rules Of Web Analytics That Revolutionize It

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Every small and simple thing that comes into existence goes under revolution. Enhancement is very obvious process whether it is for micro-organism like amoeba or human being or technology. Then why analytics will remain behind the bars. It have to come up with revolutionary changes that will give more focused result that can give a push to your business. So, here are some successful, revolutionary Web Analytics approaches that you can follow:

1. The 10/90 Rule: Most of the people have a goal that they’ll get lots of value after implementation of web analytics. But according to this rule, if you have suppose $100 then spend $10 as a cost of implementing analytics tool and spend remaining $90 on intelligent resources/analysts like people. The web is extremely complex, there are more random people on your website trying to do more weird things that will cause your data to look funny. It’s really important that if you want to get serious about analytics then instead of focusing on tags in your website you need someone intelligent who’s going to analyse data according to your goals. Tools provide data, sadly no information or insights and normally business acumen & common sense are hugely underrated. No matter what web analytics tool you use in the world but the differentiation between success and failure for your business is actually your instinct. Company invest million dollar in tool and they give it to the admin. It’s very imp to invest on good people to analyse data and understand business needs.

2. Reporting Is Not Analysis. Some people assume that if reporting is done nicely then all things will get sort out and they spend all their time only on reporting forgetting about the most important aspect of it which is analysing. Both this activities take lots amount of time. One can do either reporting or analysis. Take a note of this:



Excel files……gigabytes

PowerPoint files…..megabyte

Based on data one business decision…………..priceless

Always make a conscious choice between:

1.      Reporting = providing data which is time consuming

2.      Analysis= providing insights again time consuming

For simplicity, make use of “80/20 Rule” which says, “Analyst must be doing 20% of their work on reporting and 80% of time can be spend on various other processes related to analysis.

3. Avoid The Data Quality Trap: People get confused that if data quality is good then only decisions can be taken. Well this is true but not 100%. The web is changing at a very faster rate and probably, it is the most perfect way of collecting imperfect data. But interestingly, web can also provide valuable data than any other medium on this planet.People believe that ads in magazine will drive them more subscription. Let’s say some xyz magazine has 100 million subscription every year but that is faith based initiative. On other hand if you make use of Web you can perform better with less cost. Suppose you are an analyst, you have more confidence with data, suppose you have 80% confidence and the person in front of you don’t know so much about web and he says he has 40% confidence on data then don’t argue with him. Because no matter what your comfort level with data is, you or he can take decisions. The important thing is to make a decision. Don’t argue with quality of data. If you have only 10% confidence with data still you can take decision on the basis of it. So avoid quality trap, at initial because the quality of data also going to increase but gradually.  It can’t be 200% because it can’t but it will be 30% then 40% then 50 % and so on…

4. Got Process? Always remember Report Publishing or Emailing Schedule is not a process. Similarly, decision making is a journey not a destination. In a data driven organization you have a proper process. Most of people says, we have a report publishing schedule and there is the problem because that is not the process. The process is defined as cycle of five keywords i.e. Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control.  It’s very important for a business to figure out what the process is. For example you want to improve merchandising capabilities on your website and take decision based on it. So here lot of people think that it’s all about flowcharts, graphs and excel charts and will take huge amount of time to prepare but actually it takes 15 to 20 minutes to analyse and make decision.

Either you can do Experiment or Go Home. Basic assumption is most web experiences are created by HIPPOs i.e. “highest paid person’s opinion”. But good thing about experimenting and testing with web is that you don’t need to depend upon HIPPO all the time. You can now get a multivariate testing tools. If you can say any 8 creative ideas about what your page should look like or what kind of promotions should you run or what is the best creative AdWords for an ad that’s it. Why should you let decide your HIPPO to decide and make working more cumbersome.

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      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Your post is presented in a very understandable way. The second point could have been explained in a better way. But overall a good presentation and a very informative post..

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        Apurva   /   Reply

        well all I want to thanks…

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