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Top 8 Mistakes That Can Crash Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Online marketing is the latest trend in business. Now-a-days every company wants its online presence through different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. There are various ways to do online marketing. But one of the most effective methods is Inbound marketing. It can help to attract new customers and keep them for long time. It is the process of creating right content for right people at the right time. It is the customer centric marketing method. Instead of wasting valuable resources on individuals which are non relevant to business, inbound marketing focus on prospect customers only. It is the cost-effective marketing method. It also helps to build long-term customer relationship. But while implementing inbound marketing marketer often do some mistakes which may result in negative result. Common mistakes done by marketers are:

1- Not having plan before getting started

Online presence through various social media channels is need of today’s business. But many marketers make the mistake of working on all social media channels at one time. This may result in inconsistency in online presence. Also, they share content or information via blog or other social media without having any proper plan. This can result in wasted time without getting any return. So, it is advisable to focus on one or two channel at a time. Try to find out most suitable channel for your business and prepare plan for it.

2- Not setting realistic goal, measurable goal

One should keep in mind that online marketing may not have the best result in every industry due to customer’s different demographics. Without measurable goals nobody can work efficiently. Marketers often set unrealistic goals. To get good return it is important to set realistic and measurable goals. In short goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and followed timely.

3- Using outdated poorly built website

Website is the mirror of any business. It helps to build credibility of your brand or service. But poorly managed and outdated site creates bad impression about your business. The big loss is it can also prevent you from capturing critical contact information from qualified leads that visits website. To avoid this build your website with the help of professionals. Website must be attractive and informative. Make sure all guidelines are present on your website to guide audience. Contact information must be correct and complete. People love new things to read and watch. So, update your website regularly with proper content and videos on regular intervals New blogs relevant to your product or services enrich your website. It will not only create good impression about your brand but also helps to get new customers.

4- Allocating an inexperienced team members to handle social media

Team  members who are responsible for online marketing must be talented, experienced and smart. They must have knowledge of various marketing techniques, software tools, latest trend etc. Youngsters, inexperienced people may not create result as you expected due to lack of practical knowledge and experience.

5- Calling every prospective customers that visits website

Contact information of online visitors can be collected through landing page. This information is useful to convert prospect into future customers. But in hurry, often marketing or sales people call immediately to prospect as soon as they get information from landing page. It may be a big turnoff for prospects. Instead of calling every prospect, it is also essential to classify potential prospects by observing their behaviour on website. Preparing information, for this potential prospect according to their interest and need is a good inbound marketing strategy.

6- Neglecting to follow-up with leads

It is important to follow-up new customers. New prospect or new customers often face some difficulties in sales process. It is essential to provide them relevant information or guidelines for what they are facing problems. This will create positive image about your company and results in repeat purchase. Neglecting them may lead to loss of valuable customers.

7- Not creating engaging content

Creating user specific content is the backbone of inbound marketing strategies. But, creating content without planning or strategy often disappoints people. So, it is important to analyse what content you need to create on website to attract people who want to buy your stuff. So, one should keep these guidelines in mind.

Create a buyer personas and map out buyer lifecycle

The process of creating buyer personas and mapping out buyer life cycle is called content mapping. Say for example you sell electronic devices such as laptop, desktop, notepad etc. Someone who are looking laptop for children will have different questions than who are looking it for business. Both of these persons may be searching for the same product but for different reasons. So, it is important to create content which appeals to each audience.

Make a keywords list

To improve search engine ranking, it is important to use relevant keyword in content. Preparing list of relevant keywords  before creating content can definitely improve search engine ranking.

Ask your customers

Running content survey is the best way to get content ideas from customer. This will help to design content according to customer’s interest and specification.

8- Not utilizing analytics to measure success

Neglecting to measure how your inbound marketing strategies are performing and updating them when necessary can cause negative impression on business. Marketing campaign must be transparent and measurable. It allows your company to track areas of improvement. It is important to track the metrics and to compare result against your goal set. This analysis can be weekly or monthly basis depend on what you are focusing. Instead of focusing on all the metrics at one time, focus only on one or two metrics at a time. Say for example your marketing focus is on writing and optimizing blog then track blog post views, click through rates (the percentage of visitors who clicked on CTA’s), leads generated etc. Try to analyse traffic sources to your website. Whether it is by organic search or by referrals or by social media? Replicate the things which are working good and avoid something which is not working well.

By avoiding these mistakes one can definitely implement good inbound marketing strategies and get good result.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Inbound marketing is all about attracting people to a particular text or CTA or link so that it gets a click and thereby prospective leads are generated. It is very important to plan the course of action before taking any step. The above mentioned tips would come really handy to avoid any mistake.

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