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Twitter’s Greater Revenue Is Due To Its Faster Responses

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In today’s day and age, more and more people are reaching out to brands on social media platforms seeking customer service. On Twitter, people expect businesses to address their issues and help them in a timely fashion. Businesses that make it happen reap significant benefits.

Why Customer Service On Twitter?

Gone are the days when people would call up the customer care department of a company and complain. Now, people are more likely to use their smartphones or laptops to state publicly how terrible a product or service is. This is the reason that customer service is becoming a matter of great concern and significance on social media platforms like Twitter. A study has showed that out of the 99% brands that are on Twitter, 30% of them have a focused customer service handle. The average response time of all these brands was 5.1 hours wherein 10% of companies answer in about an hour and 93% of companies answer within 48 hours. Twitter is a social channel where customers look forward to quick responses. As a result, businesses want to respond to mentions and inquiries as quickly as possible. Many companies assign full-time employees for responding to customers on Twitter.

Quick Responses on Twitter Are a Priority

Twitter recently partnered with Applied Marketing Science to research on customer service. They mainly looked at public interactions between airlines and their customers. According to their findings, when a customer tweeted a complaint or a question to an airline and received a timely response, they were willing to pay almost $9 more on average for that airline. At a time when airline business is a highly competitive industry and fares of one airline are similar to that of others, a single friendly tweet can provide a quantifiable edge. Monitoring a real-time search of your brand name on Twitter is an effective way to respond rapidly.

Some big brands were examined for their ability to respond to their customers and the following picture shows that results ranged from great to completely shocking.


Here are the examples of 2 companies with exceptional customer service on Twitter.

JetBlue Exemplifies Responsiveness


Delay in flight is one of the most common causes of customer frustration. Not only do delays happen frequently, but also people are quite expressive about their anger when their flight gets delayed. Taking this into account, @JetBlue, the company’s twitter handle, ensures they’re responsive to their customers because they understand it’s important for continued customer loyalty. JetBlue is known to be extremely responsive to customers mentioning their brand. Whether they send a public reply or a private DM to answer a question, they are quick to interact. So, make sure your business also has a social media plan in place to satisfy customers. You should also consider having a plan to tackle crisis when the volume of inquiries on Twitter increases more than expected. For instance, in JetBlue’s case, when bad weather delays flights, a lot of people ask about the updated schedule on Twitter and so, others from the company step in and help in dealing with people on Twitter.

Nike’s Dedicated Twitter Handle


@NikeSupport serves as a good example of efficient customer service. The company constantly responds to followers on Twitter, irrespective of whether it’s about their apparel, sports products, Fuel Band or any other products. Every few minutes, their twitter handle responds to some new user. What makes this difficult task possible? Nike is a really big company. It has many different types of lines of apparel and sports equipment that constitutes the brand. While Nike operates a number of Twitter handles to accommodate all those who are interested in specific products or updates, @NikeSupport is solely dedicated to responding and helping customers who post inquiries, complaints or feedback. The images below are a testimony to the same. Nike Support tweeted over 160K times in comparison to the Nike handle that only tweeted about 11K times.

Consequences of Poor Response Times

What happens if your brand doesn’t respond to customers’ tweets in a timely manner? Nothing particularly positive will happen for the most part. In fact, 60% of customers warned of negative consequences for the brand if they didn’t receive timely Twitter responses. More specifically:

  • 29% customers would inform their family and friends about the experience.
  • 26% would spread their concern via other sources of communication.
  • 24% would think of buying fewer products from that company in future.
  • 21% wouldn’t recommend the company’s services/products.
  • 15% would criticize the company on social media platforms.

So how does poor response time to tweets affect people’s perception of the brand? The perception of the majority, that is 49% of customers, doesn’t change at all. However, 38% hold a grudge, as they feel more negativity toward the brand.

How Timely Twitter Responses Are Rewarded

Devoting resources to customer service on Twitter (along with other social media platforms that may be applicable to your brand) is crucial for companies primarily because the payback is good.

Specifically, when a brand responds in a timely manner on Twitter:

  • 47% of customers recommend the brand on social media platforms.
  • 43% encourage family and friends to buy from that brand.
  • 42% praise the company on social media.
  • 38% become receptive to the brand’s advertisements.
  • 34% buy more of the company’s products.

Integrate Customer Service into Your Company’s Social Accounts

All businesses should leverage Twitter to cultivate loyalty by providing timely and helpful responses to customers. Adopt tactics to improve your customers’ experience on Twitter. Try to dedicate at least one person, even if for part time, to address customers’ questions on Twitter. Monitor the outcome to see how you can improve the program. While preparing your social media strategy, pay heed to customer service and how you can make it easier and effective online. Furthermore, apart from losing a customer on the pretext of poor customer service, you could also possibly lose customers if you make things too complicated for them. By keeping a single Twitter handle dedicated to responding to all customer service questions, you will eventually make the lives of your customers much simpler. After all, it’s all about customer satisfaction!

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