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Ways to improve Social Mobile Marketing

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Nowadays customers and prospects wander around with smart phones. Thus leveraging the power of mobile apps that are already installed in many people’s smart phones, allows the marketers to connect with people they may be overlooking.
But a question arises here that why mobile? Mobile is unavoidable- that is much clear. So leveraging these mobile social networks can be challenging because now many people own a smartphone or tablet, and around half of those use the top social media apps available on their device.
Below given are ways to discover engaging mobile apps, and how the marketers can leverage their mobile presence to generate both brand awareness and new customers.
1. Facebook activities should be modified for mobile users
Facebook is at first position in terms of mobile social network. However Facebook mobile is a tough area for marketers and advertisers. Native advertisements are always available for desktop users, but never for mobile users. So companies should focus on their pages or ads to be noticed by mobile users. But the two Facebook newsfeed features- Edge Rank and Story Bump makes it more difficult, which determines which story is seen first by the users as they open Facebook. But if the marketers want to stand out of the crowd and make the most from this popular app, they can follow these three tips:
• Valuable page content should be created
• The content should be posted at the right time of the day
• Should use native ads

2. Should think differently with Twitter
Twitter contains 420 million tweets per day. Most of its tweets are from mobile. About sixty percent of twitter users are on mobile and they are far more active than the desktop users. Thus this indicates that the marketers who use Twitter should try to make best of their campaigns for mobile.
Here are three tips to do this:
• Rooms should be left for retweets
• Hashtags should be used appropriately
• Twitter should be leveraged for big events
Twitter was born from mobile, and its mobile users are still a livelihood of its network. These tips can be used by the marketers to gain followers and build an exposure for their brand.

3. Instagram presence should be created
Instagram has been one of the most popular app because it is easily integrated into Facebook and Twitter. It also provides users with visual stimulation that Twitter and Facebook lacks. It’s a mobile only network. So to stand out on Instagram, the marketers should figure out how to leverage mobile with social that is crucial for their businesses. Four tips to accomplish this is:
• Picture should be made to stand out
• Hashtags should be used appropriately
• It should be made sure that videos are professional
• Instagram should be integrated with other platforms
Instagram adds an important visual piece to the mobile networking puzzle, so it should be given extra attention. These tips should be followed to make most of the Instagram presence.

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