Adventure Island Amusement Park Used Facebook To Get 28K Check-Ins In 8 Months

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2About Adventure Island

Among the various amusement parks in India, Adventure Island is a famous one located at Rohini, in the city of Delhi. It was launched in the year 2006. It is very famous among the youth for its rides and location. At this park, a large number of famous songs in Bollywood Movies have been shot. One of them is the song from Ladies Vs Ricky Behl, Jigar Da Tukda. It provides different types of rides which are enjoyed by a large number of children and youth. The amusement park is spread over 62 acres of land. It claims to be India’s only world-class amusement park with latest rides and attractions. It is able to attract people from all walks of life through its sophisticated features and attractions. They have fantastic rides, a very beautiful lake, shows like rain dance, magic shows, etc. It hosts a large number of events during the festive season to attract more crowd. They aim to grow their business to a larger audience and fan base by regularly launching new rides and attractions.

They claim to give utmost importance to safety and every ride in the park is taken through a rigorous certification process by a third party German audit agency named TUV, which evaluates and certifies every ride from its inception through its installation on complete safety aspects. They also audit the training of the staff for the same.

  • They qualify if every operator who is deployed on the rides is technically qualified to operate the same or not.
  • They check if Adventure Island conducts regular training programs and ride drills to keep the complete setup maintained.
  • They also check if all the personnel managing and operating the setup receive regular practical training for the same.
  • TUV is responsible for conducting daily inspection of the entire setup.
  • In addition to the above, TUV also conducts monthly, quarterly, and annual on the complete working and management of the setup to ensure operational excellence.

Business Objective of Adventure Island

1One of the main business objectives of Adventure Island is to be able to reach the right audience in their effort of online advertising. Their main intention was to make the fans aware of the park and its features. In addition, they also intended to notify them of the different kinds of fun filled activities offered at the park. With their online marketing campaign, they aimed at advertising their famous rides, the new ambiance offered at the park and other features of the park. They regularly came up with new offers and events at the park which had to be advertised to attract more audience and fans to the park. These events were mainly hosted during different festivals and holiday period and advertising of the same was essential to keep the fans aware of the same on a regular basis. With this they also wished and required that the fans who have visited the park repeat their visits. Also, by ensuring that their fans remain entertained, they are able to build goodwill for their brand.

Approach / Strategy Adopted by Adventure Island

With an intention to reach out to the right fans and audience, Adventure Island launched various campaigns and contests to attract attention of fans. With the help of these campaigns on various social media sites, they also could make people aware of its famous rides and attractions. This helped them to accomplish their objective of bringing about engagement and effective interaction with the fans. In this manner, they were able to drive a significant amount of entries in period of about 8 months. They also conducted contests whose winners were offered gifts. In their marketing campaigns, they effectively made use of catchy visuals and interesting content. These campaigns were designed with an intention of reaching out to their existing fans and also increasing their fan base.

Initially, when they had just started working on the Facebook page of Adventure Island, they had a very meager number of likes, however, they were able to convert and increase the same to five times within a period of 8 months. All this was achieved without taking the help of any paid campaign ads. This was made possible purely through a natural growth process. It was truly a remarkable achievement.

For this commendable achievement, Adventure island was awarded with some prestigious awards under the category of best social Media Activity, best human resource management, for radio ads, print media, etc.


  • With the help of the campaigns and contests run by Adventure Island, the number of likes on their Facebook page increased significantly to 36,575 Likes.
  • Their constant efforts and creative thinking helped them achieve 4 star ratings (6,109 Ratings).
  • They were able to spread the word and get more and more people talk about their offering. Approx. 1,433 fans were talking about Adventure Island at the end of the campaign and contents.
  • Adventure Island also a good increase in the number of their check-ins, approx. 28K within a period of 8 months.


In this case study we can see that the objective of the marketer was achieved without using any paid advertising campaign. The marketer had a clear understanding of its goals and came up with creative, economical and constructive ways of achieving the same. It continued with its efforts and was successful at bringing about significant awareness of its offerings to its fan base. Simple techniques like running contests and catchy online campaigns were used to achieve success. One can look at using similar tips and techniques to meet our business objectives and do not always need to rely on expensive and complex methodologies.

Image Credit: Flickr, Travelmasti

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  1. Shital Kalamkar

    Interesting case study!! It is true that creative thinking and creative content always attract customers. The use of heavily paid software, ads will not always work for business. Sometimes small changes in the process and thinking can change the ROI.


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