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YouTube is such a platform that has all the reason for people to go crazy about it. Not only does it entertain people around the world, but YouTube has also established it as one of the leading choices of businesses around the world.

YouTube marketing has surely not failed to expand its fan base at a great speed. It won’t be wrong to state that if YouTube Marketing is used proficiently, a business can undoubtedly scale great heights.

One of the major mistakes that a person commits is assuming that YouTube Marketing is more or less the same as other social media channels.

Taking the aid of a YouTube marketing strategy allows businesses to leave the worry about targeting the audience.

It is a common fact that every customer would be induced more by the businesses having videos. Here’s your simplified guide to anything and everything you want to know about YouTube marketing.

The Need for YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

As discussed above, the primary reason for using YouTube marketing is that it offers more chances to the business for generating leads.

With more reach, a business can easily expand its pool of leads and ultimately the clients. You can even upload your videos to various other platforms.

If that’s not enough, embedding your YouTube video in blogs also makes them more inducing.

For all those who don’t know, YouTube is also the second most commonly used search engine. The leader is obviously the giant, Google.

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No marketer would fancy the idea of ignoring YouTube after knowing this. You also have more chances of reaching out to the audience than Facebook.

Taking about figures, YouTube marketing services are being exploited by only 9 percent of small businesses.

YouTube Marketing Tips 

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Tips

(i) Optimizing YouTube Channel

After having a clear idea about the advantages YouTube marketing has to offer, it becomes important to understand the concept of optimization. Many people tend to ignore the idea of optimizing their YouTube channel and hence fail in the long run.

Read on to know about how you can not only optimize your YouTube channel but also about how to make changes to your existing content.

(ii) Create an Account for your Business

The first step in the process of using YouTube marketing is to create a YouTube account for your business. Obvious isn’t it. Start by creating your account.

One of the important YouTube marketing tips that need to be kept in mind is, never show you are a single person. This would help you to get identified as an authority easily.

(iii) Choose YouTube Channel Art

After you have created an account for your business, get started with the choice of channel art for your channel. While using YouTube marketing, most people tend to ignore this part. You should make sure to choose the channel art wisely. This is another 

You’ll have to choose the profile picture along with the channel art. The fact that makes the choice very important is that this is the first thing that the user comes across and interacts with.

“The first impression is the last impression” surely holds its ground here.

While choosing a profile picture, make sure to select a picture which has your logo in it. This goes a long way in connecting with the users and also capturing their attention.

Coming over to the channel art, it should be in relation to your business. Your flower business with a channel art of dogs won’t be that profitable! You may take the aid of text too.

(iv) Addition of Links & Contact Information

The main driving force behind YouTube marketing is to generate traffic for your site. You may also want to send the viewers to other platforms.

Whatever it may be, the concept of YouTube marketing should be used proficiently to achieve desired results. The first step towards this can be the addition of links and the contact information.

To add links, you simply have to click on the edit pen on the top right corner. It would provide you with the option of adding links.

You can provide your email address thereafter. If this is not enough, you can add 5 custom links too which make the contact better.

(v) Adding Description

After you have succeeded in proving the links and contact information, the next task that awaits you is adding the description.

If you think that you can take the liberty of ignoring this part, you are absolutely wrong. Most channels commit this error to see the numbers going down.

By proving a description, you allow the viewers to think about viewing your content. You should proficiently try to explain about your business using description.

With the aid of YouTube marketing, you can also describe your business while adding an email address and links.

After you have successfully created your channel, it’s time to get started with the real work. Read on to know how to master the concept of Youtube marketing.

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(vi) Uploading Video

After you have created your channel, it’s time to get started with the process of uploading your video. To start uploading your video right away, simply take the aid of the arrow pointing upwards. This is available on the navigation bar and can be used from any screen.

After doing this, you simply have to add information about the video. You can add the name, playlist, privacy and even a description for the video.

To make sure you exploit the advantages of SEO properly, you can also take the aid of tags. This would enable your video to pop up in the relevant tag searches.

You can choose to translate the video just by entering the language. After this, you can choose the thumbnail of your video. If you don’t wish to go with the suggested option, you can choose your own thumbnail.

(vii) Editing Videos

YouTube Marketing

Editing YouTube Videos

Many people might think that you cannot edit your video after it has been uploaded. The concept of YouTube marketing allows users to edit videos even after uploading them.

You can simply edit the video by publishing it as private and then changing the privacy to public.

By choosing to edit your videos, you can visually enhance the image, add end screens, place additional audio, add YouTube cards and even create captions. It is always great to add YouTube cards and captions.

YouTube Monetisation

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Monetization

Many people are in doubt about the concept of YouTube monetizing. Going the way of YouTube monetization, might always not be a good idea.

Firstly, you yourself would be responsible for distracting the viewer from your content. By posting ads on your video, you might be testing your viewer’s patience. You might also convince them to go for your competitor.

Apart from this, the money you are thinking about making, surely isn’t that high. To start with, you might earn $1 per 1000 views, but even that can’t be paid to you until the $100 mark is met.

If you seriously wish to make money using YouTube marketing, you should surely give soft selling and lead generation a shot. If you still have subscribers who can wait for your video through the ads, you can start your stint with YouTube monetization.

At the first place, you’d have to accept the YouTube partner terms. In order to monetize your account, you should achieve 10,000 views.

If it gets approved, you can simply start making money when the views hit the 10,000 marks. You should religiously try to follow all the community guidelines in order to earn for longer and simply not go off YouTube.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Advertising

To start with advertising on YouTube, you will have to work with Google AdWords too. The YouTube/AdWords ad creator gives out a different look as compared to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Quora ad managers.

You can simply start by searching the link for the video you wish to promote. After that, choose your thumbnail and add your ad text.

Being produced to act as CTA, you should decide as to where the viewers who click would land. After you are done with the landing part, set your budget straight.

After you have done all these things carefully, the most important part that remains is the targeting concept. You have a lot of options to choose from when we talk about the basis of targeting.

Once you are done with all this stuff, you can enter the bill information after reviewing the ad. All you are left with is submitting.

(i) Promotion of YouTube channel

Now that you have successfully mastered the concept of YouTube marketing and the stuff it carries along, you would want to get equipped with some tips.

Promoting your channel can undoubtedly turn out to be a daunting task. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to know about some tactics to promote your YouTube Channel.

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(ii) Keywords

The most important tactic to equip yourself is with the knowledge of keywords. The more Google-friendly keywords you opt for, the more would be the reach of your channel.

With the aid of Google Ads Keyword Planner, you can master the technique of SEO to a great extent. It should be kept in the context that a great YouTube channel is always backed by a great SEO technique. This is probably the best mantra in Youtube marketing.

(iii) Titles

It is always important to keep the titles catchy. The basic reason that supports this statement is that it helps in attracting the viewers.

What most people tend to forget in this is to keep the title concise and descriptive too. By including keywords in your short and crisp title, you are almost halfway through the way of mastering YouTube Marketing.

You can also take the aid of Youtube to autocomplete feature if you have a hard time with the titles and the keywords.

(iv) Custom Thumbnails

YouTube Marketing

Custom Thumbnails

As discussed earlier, YouTube suggests you with a thumbnail when you are uploading a video. One of the important tactics of YouTube marketing is the use of custom thumbnails to promote your YouTube videos and channel.

By using custom thumbnails, you are neither compromising on the quality nor taking the risk of a bored audience.

Always try to use high-resolution images with texts and colors to induce the viewers to click on your video. Also, the best option in case of a doubt is to go with a stock photo.

(v) Profile

As discussed above, ignoring your profile is a big mistake you can make in YouTube marketing. Never try to jump on to content creation by ignoring the profile part.

It is important to understand that a channel with a better profile surely is more SEO friendly and also attracts more viewers and subscribers. Always be consistent and optimize your YouTube channel proficiently.

(vi) Optimize Descriptions

You should always pay attention to the description of your videos. The main points that you should always keep in context are to

(i) Front load the keywords in the title along with the description.

(ii) You should stick to the limit of 5000 words.

(iii) You should try to add links to the playlist depending on relevancy.

(iv) Always be in compliance with the hashtag rules of Youtube.

(vii) Value

There are many channels that post videos on a regular basis. The main idea behind this move is to stay regular with the content and not giving the viewers a chance to go somewhere else.

The point that is ignored in this thinking is the quality. You should always try to post content that has some real value to offer.

Any viewer would want to come back to your channel if they find your content valuable and informative. Always try to proficiently achieve the target of creating entertaining yet informative and helpful videos.

(viii) Quality

Now that you have learned the importance of quality content, you should also understand that video quality is also a major thing in YouTube marketing.

Always make sure that the quality of the video you are posting is not low. Try to brush up your recording skills, by getting camera savvy and recording clearly.

(ix) Interaction

If you fail to attract even after gaining subscribers, you are surely going to lose on to them. All the fans want to interact with the people or business they are following. Try and make a pact to interact with your viewers or fans.

You may simply do a meet-up with your fans which would increase your respect and would also be a great source of publicity. You may even do a questionnaire or simply go live and talk to fans. Try to answer their comments on your videos.

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(x) Brands

Working with brands would not only increase your appearance but would also leave with you with a broader target area to cover. You might not end up with a partnership with a big brand right away but it all starts slowly.

Try to stay authentic and real. Never fall prey to fraudsters who might bring down your online appearance for their benefit.

(xi) Guidelines

We always recommend you to stay compliant with the community guidelines. You might run into a lot of trouble if you choose to ignore or simply violate these terms. Facing a legal issue can also be one of the outcomes.

Apart from this, you can simply see a ban on your channel or you get banned from using the concept of YouTube marketing.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the information about YouTube marketing and how you can not only create but also earn and promote your channel using YouTube marketing. Good luck for your stint with YouTube marketing and getting more viewers and subscribers.

You can also use these YouTube tricks for better performance.

Are you inspired by the opportunities that these social media marketing channels deliver? Enrol in this Social Media Marketing course to leverage the power of social media.

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