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When it comes to internet marketing and blogging, articles are still one of the most powerful ways of communicating with audiences. With the help of the right Article Writing Format, you not only express yourself in front of your audiences but also boost your conversions as well.

We all know that humans are the only species blessed with an accurate way to express.

When it comes to expression, the medium is something that can’t be ignored.

We all indulge in speaking and listening but many mediums have actually gained a lot of popularity over time. Gathering information can be a daunting task if left solely to listening or speaking.

Many ways have popped up for the sharing and presentation of information.

One such popular and common way of sharing information is Article Writing.

As per the stats, 90+ % of B2B Marketers use Content Marketing to reach their target audiences and Articles are their most favorite type of content to inform, engage, entertain and convert potential customers.

However, writing correct and effective type of articles surely isn’t as simple as it seems or comes across.

Articles writing skills can be developed with extensive research and practice. Articles can be of many types and contain various subjects and topics. No one needs to inherit the skill to write an article, writing skills can be polished through enough practice. 

Along with good vocabulary, creative skill, groundwork, one should keep in mind how important it is to remember the article writing format

The article writing format is mainly focused on:

(i) Header or Headline

(ii) Preface or Introduction

(iii) Body

(iv) Conclusion or Ending

Headline or Title

Headline is one of the core components of an article writing format or blogging. The headline of your article should be attractive and alluring to the readers, it must be similar to the article.

Also, you should keep in my mind that the article should contain all your ideas and should definitely not be lengthy. Headline should be catchy at the same time as a dish without good presentation surely fails to impress the diner at the first impression, no matter how good the taste actually is.

Preface or Introduction

Introduction or preface is another important element of the article writing format. The preface of your article should give your audience a clear idea about what points and topics you are going to cover in your article, it should be crisp, but your article should not disclose everything which you are going to cover in your entire article it should appeal the reader to read forward and enjoy your complete article.


The main body of your article should contain at least 2- 5 paragraphs depending on your topic. You can include more but do not end up boring your audience, you need to do a complete groundwork and research to write the body of an article.

The body of the article is very important as the complete article depends on it. The right kind of knowledge and information should be passed.

The body is the main character in article writing format. Usage of subheadings is imperative when writing an article. Each point should define differently in each of your paragraphs and try not to move away from the outline of your heading and article.

Conclusion or Ending

Complete the article with an ending conclusion. The conclusion should also be effortless to read for your audience. It should be an abridgment of your whole argument in the article. It should be a remark of your whole article. Also, it should leave the reader inspired and make them think a while after they have completed reading your article.

It is not necessary that your article has to be descriptive but try to explain every key-word related to your article. This will definitely enable you to write a good conclusion.

Article writing format revolves around these three points; however, these points can also be nurtured a little according to your writing style and trait. We can sometimes develop the article writing format to make it interesting for the readers.

Let us see what we can do it make it more special and attractive to the readers of your article.

If you are planning to write an article which is related to journalism or other media influencers, these points might be of interest to you-

Important Points related to Article Writing Format

Different Article Format:

Many people commit the mistake of regarding articles as simply paragraphs that she’d out information for the reader. Reading merely a paragraph is surely something that no user would fancy.

Also, to break the stereotype that articles are just paragraphs, read on to know about the different formats to write and article and surely many are actually going to come across as a surprise.

Inverted Pyramid Style- Inverted Pyramid style changed the style of writing and made it a much easier approach for the readers. This style includes three basic parameters,

(i) The Title ( most valuable facts and news)

(ii) The Body ( critical facts)

(iii) The Tail ( additional facts)

The context of the story (nut graph) – the nut graph should not be very long and should be factual, nut graph meaning nutshell tells us how well compiled it should be.

Using narratives- Narratives can be used in a very positive way in an article, narratives should be short and crisp, and narratives should only be used, when telling your audience an episode of your personal life.

There can be various Types of Writing Format-

Your type of article writing completely depends on which form of the article you chose to work upon. Depending on the type of article you want to write, here is some explicit article writing format:

Expository Style of Writing

This is one of the types of writing format with the main objective is to describe and clarify the article to the audience. Here, the authors focus on writing about a given theme or topic without expressing their individual and personal episodes, they only provide you with facts and information. It is mostly in a reasonable form. You should only adopt this article writing format when:

(i) Informative and news related articles

(ii) Cooking and recipe related articles

(iii) What, How and When to related articles

Explanatory or Descriptive

This type of article mainly concentrates on explaining a character, an occurrence or an act, or a location. It is more or less dramatic in nature. You should only adopt this form of writing an article when:

(i) Drama

(ii) Journal

(iii) Fiction or Epic


This type of article’s main purpose is to convince and allure the audience. It is mostly used to write complains and advertisements. Influential writing needs to have a lot of logic, debate, confirmation.

Unlike descriptive writing, here the author gives his personal approach and debates with the audience; it is like a conversation with the audience. These articles are used to write:

(i) Cover Letters

(ii) Formal Complaint letter

(iii) Formal Approval Letter

The Narrative Style of Writing

Narrative writing is only used to tell the audience a story or an episode, it can be fictional where the writer/author can build and create new characters telling stories about their lives, influence the readers or entertain them.

Narrative writings need to answer the questions of the readers because they feel involved in the story as it continues. This particular writing style has reasonable beginnings, interludes, and endings. It comprises of activities, action, inspirational episodes and conflicts. This form of article writing includes:

(i) Short Stories

(ii) Novel

(iii) Episodes

(iv) Fables

(v) Tales

(vi) Poetry

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Topics of Article Format Examples

There can be various article format examples and topics on which you might be interested to write an article on, here I will explain a few very popular topics  & article format examples to give you a brief idea of how to implement your article.

Do it yourself articles 

DIY articles mainly comprise of very informative and factual points, there is no need for elaborating your article for the readers, as the readers would like it short and informative. 

Book Review articles

These articles can mostly be found in academic magazines and newspapers, book reviews include proficient and competent insights on books which are published recently or are the center of attraction for some reason.


Columns illuminate the charisma and nature of the author; all columnists strive to create their own unique and different trait and style. These are mostly about the author’s personal thoughts and interpretations. It is very necessary for them to create their own style as it is going to be recognized by the readers later.


Commentaries are not lengthy and they crisp and short articles comprising of more or less 1000 -1800 words. They concentrate on an article; such as book reviews which are already published. These explain why a certain article is interesting or you should read.

Lifestyle Articles

Image result for lifestyle articles

Lifestyle can article are mainly focused on the author’s lifestyle, his health, personal relationships and almost everything about them. They move around in places and describe the happening places of the town; they can also give information about local shops, school, eating places, convenience stores and many more.

Short Articles

The short articles mainly stay in a magazine which provides information in a very crisp way. Short articles do not comprise of many words, the word limit varies from 300 to maximum 500.

Sponsored Advertisement Article

They mostly contain advertisements of companies that are sponsoring the article or the magazine. They are normal to read but are specifically paid to be in that magazine or article. They mostly appear in various famous and popular articles, which get a lot of viewers.

Trend Articles

Image result for digital marketing trends 2019

Trend articles are generally categorized into the trending places, objects, food in the town. They keep changing their content on a weekly or monthly basis.

Here are few most important articles topic covered in this article, like how to write an article, examples of writing an article, different varieties of article writing, article writing in various fields- like magazines and newspapers.

Article writing format is very important and should be followed every time while writing an article, following a few parameters would improve the style of your writing and help you distinguish what to write and what not to.

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You should pay proper attention to the concept of Search Engine Optimisation too. SEO is something that has come across as a really important concept and why not? It is surely one of the leading factors that determines the traffic on your website. While writing an article you should pay proper attention to the determining factors behind a successful SEO friendly article.

(i) You should always pay proper attention to the keyword to target.

(ii) The length of the articles is one thing that should never be ignored. Always try to make the article informative without being too lengthy and obviously too short.

(iii) Always decide what hope of article you need to write and then research the best keywords depending on that.  The idea of using keywords as and when you are writing the article is something that should now be put to rest.

(iv) It is a known and common fact that learning is the main thing while indulging in any activity. Well, this statement holds its ground in the case of Article Writing too. Always analyze your articles for outline. This surely implies the use of existing articles. Indulging in this practice can go a long way in proving you the results that you seek.

(v) If you have viewers you will have questions too. Many people might deviate from your direction of thoughts and may would simply appreciate your work too. In both cases it should be preached that it is for your betterment only.  Even if the reader disagrees with the thought on some point you should try and understand their point and establish a rapport with that use. It simply provides them with a feeling of connectivity that goes a long way in helping to earn the loyalty of users.

It should always be kept in context that the second a reader tends to lose interest; he tends to start toiling with the idea of reading another blog or simply visiting another website.

The fact that all this can take place at a time when a person is actually reading is again something really interesting. The subconscious state of the mind is surely the phenomenon to be blamed for this.

Avoid using heavy vocabulary while writing articles, as it may confuse the readers and distract their attention from the main topic. Try to sound significant with your whole article. Keep your article short, to the point and explain every term well. Follow the rules and examples to build your own article and form characters of your own.  

In Conclusion…

On the concluding note, you need to keep the article informative and factual as well.

Do not drift away from your topic and headline. Start writing your article after extensive research and always use resourceful roots to create your article. Hoping this informative piece will help you and guide you throughout your article.

Keep in mind the types of writing format

Joining SEO Course will help you understand the right article format that can optimize your online presence in a sustainable manner.

In case of any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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