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Getting started as a Freelance blogger is easy and satisfying only when you have enough blogging jobs in your hand.

Consistency in freelance jobs is the main problem that freelance bloggers regularly face.

Sometimes they get tons of articles request in a month, but other time, they may not get any new blogging jobs online. That is why it is prudent to not keep your eggs all in one basket because if you do so, dipping of that one source will lead you lose a large chunk of your revenue.

Below given is the list of 10 tips that will keep you busy with new quality blogging jobs in the most consistent way possible. These tips will be useful for you whether you are just beginning or well into your freelance blogging career. So, let us look through and know the tips that work for successful high earning bloggers-

10 Tips to get Blogging Jobs

1. Do cold pitching

  • Cold pitching is one of the most effective ways to get best blogging jobs. In Cold Pitching, you contact clients directly and because of much less competition in this, there is better chance that you would find a best suited paid blogging jobs
  • In Cold Pitching, you can contact entrepreneurs, bloggers, companies, startups or any other kinds of small businesses. You only need to let them know that you are available to hire as a blogger and can assist them multifold their business
  • The process of cold pitching is quite easy and you should start it by locating businesses to cold pitch to. You can analyze websites or social profiles of such companies and can guide them how your content can help them optimize their online presence
  • Once you finalize such companies, you should draft up a cold pitch and send it to them. Different things that your cold pitch should include is-

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  1. Who you are
  2. How did you find about them
  3. How can you help them

2. Do Warm Pitching

blogging jobs

Warm Pitching

  • For maximizing your chances at landing quality blogging jobs, it is important to utilize direct and indirect approaches. While cold pitching was direct approach, warm pitching is indirect approach and it is also quite useful in getting good blogging jobs
  • Warm pitching centers around creating relationships with brands and businesses and you can do this by following different influencers, start ups, and businesses in your niche on social channels and responding to their posts
  • For instance, when you find a business in your niche, you can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn or on Twitter. You can like their various types of Social Media Fan pages
  • This will help you engage with their posts when you can, which will automatically influence them to have a look on your profiles
  • You should also make your social profiles effective enough so if they come back to your profile they find you adept enough to handle their blogging projects

3. Do Job Board Ad pitching

  • Next tip that can assist you land best-suited blog writing jobs is Job Board Ad Pitching
  • In case you are a novice in freelance writing and you want to find quality freelance blogging jobs for beginners, you should respond to job ad. This will also help you in finding consistent work.
  • The best part of these job boards is there is no any bidding involved as you would be seeing in freelance market places such as Upwork or Guru
  • Actually startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs post job ads to freelance writing job boards and then you as a freelance blogger pitch to these ads
  • While doing job board ad pitching, sometimes you will be asked to give a quote about the rate that you would prefer, other times the job ad itself updates you about the starting rate
  • Here is the list of some of the job boards you can start pitching to:
  1. Problogger
  2. STC India Jobs Boards
  3. Blogging Pro
  4. WorknHire
  5. All Freelance Writing Job Board
  6. Contena

4. Use your Website

blogging jobs

Website of a blogger

  • Want to attract high-paying clients then having a website is must for bloggers
  • To get top blogging jobs, you need to have a professional looking website but in case you want freelance blogging jobs for beginners then you may avoid this option
  • You can invest in a self-hosted WordPress Blog for creating a professional looking writer website that convince high paying clients about your class and quality
  • Going through some top freelance bloggers’ website will help you find out the type of copy that attracts prospects

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5. Follow Job Board Tweets

blogging jobs

Blogging jobs via Twitter

  • Power of social media is constantly booming and it is just ubiquitous nowadays and it can be a goldmine for landing great blog writing gigs as well
  • Twitter is one of the greatest places to find freelance writing jobs quickly, plus, it will also help you build relationships with potential clients in the easiest yet most effective manner
  • Best tips to find freelance blogging jobs are-
  1. Share useful stuff
  2. Get to know your followers
  3. Target prospects
  4. Troll the job listings
  5. Check the hashtags
  • Some of the notable Job Board Tweets that you should follow-
  1. @Write_Jobs
  2. @WahJobAgency
  3. @WhoPaysWriters
  4. @JJobs_tweets
  5. @TweelanceWriter

6. Do Networking with Freelancers

  • To get online blogging jobs, doing networking with other freelancers is one of the most important tips to get blog writers job in India
  • You should try to reach out to a few freelance writer and ask them their opinion on working together and having a starting rate
  • This will help you have freelance writers who would refer blogging jobs to you that suit your skills and expertize
  • In the cases when you get bulk content creation and blog writing jobs that you cannot handle alone, you can take services of other freelance writers in your network
  • Having freelance SEOers, Developers and Designers in your network will also help you have content creation projects related to different digital marketing projects that they are having in their kitty

7. Join Social media groups

  • Joining different social media groups is another notable way that will help you get some of the high paying blogging jobs online
  • You can find different writing gigs on Facebook; the only important thing is you need to know the right groups to join. This will also aid you find consistent work
  • This will help you build relationships with potential leads. Having connection with different entrepreneurial Facebook groups by involving in the conversations that are occurring there will help you in getting best blogging jobs
  • You can ask questions like ‘what are the services in your business you want to outsource’, and then you can have a look at what people answer
  • Later, in the same thread, you can respond, “if you ever need freelance blogging service, I’m the one for you!”
  • Some of the top Facebook Groups for you are-
  1. The Smart Passive Income Community
  2. Blogger2Business
  3. The Entrepreneur Incubator
  • There are business owners and entrepreneurs who are not aware of the freelance Job Boards or do not have enough time to go through different pitches, so when you put yourself out, there would be the bright chances that you will well end up with a befitting blogging job
  • LinkedIn also has Job Board, you can use that as well by putting in your job (“writer”)
blogging jobs

LinkedIn Job board

8. Do Guest Posting

  • Guest posting on popular sites lets thousands of people see your writing and hence establishes your presence as a writer in the market
  • This will also help you build your portfolio that will eventually land more clients for you
  • Guest posting lets bloggers have published pieces of content that quality clients always want to see and go through, before offering a job to the bloggers
  • By doing a quick Google search- “niche + write for us”, you can see different Guest Posting opportunities. Below given is the example of a search- “parent blog + write for us”
blogging jobs

Guest posting jobs

  • Spending a few minutes for creating your author bio will establish a connection with your readers, plus, it will also convince them about your expertize and they will prefer coming over to your site repeatedly
  • You can Guest Post on different kinds of sites, for each of the sites, you should use several different author bios as per the idiosyncrasies of that kind of site

9. Use a local Content Agency

  • Meeting local content agencies and working for them is another important way to get blogging jobs
  • The benefits to working with a local content agency are:
  1. Usually better pay
  2. Convenient Working Mechanism
  3. Better training
  4. 1:1 support
  5. Consistent Work
  6. Networking with other freelancers

10. Know the sites that offer Blogging Jobs

So many freelance job sites offer over 100 different available types of blogging jobs for freelancers. If you have the skills, you can bid on those freelance sites and start by getting massive jobs. Some of the top freelance sites for best blogging jobs are-


  • ContentMart is one of the most popular websites for outsourcing online blogging jobs
  • To bid here for different jobs, you need to register and go through the details of the site
  • You can also participate in ContentMart community that is very mature and helps in bridging the gap between clients and blogging job seekers


  • Constant-Content is one of the top rated article marketplaces that is considered best for serious freelance writers to get high paying blogging jobs
  • Because Constant-Content is best in the industry, bloggers can get really good amount of money for their articles
  • This portal has a strict editorial process and you have to be immaculate with your writing
  • However, this is the large marketplace and you can for sure get some of the best bulk blogging jobs here


  • It is one of the most famous freelance job boards that offers more that 100 different available types of  freelance jobs
  • If you have the skill then Freelancer can aid you find good blogging jobs online
  • It is very useful for bloggers to get started by providing massive jobs online


  • Like Constant-Content, UPWork is another top rated contender for major freelance blogging jobs
  • This is one of the best places that offer a wide variety of jobs that freelancers can accomplish online
  • Payment mechanism is also quite accommodating and it is guaranteed that you will always get something to do


  • Craiglist is known as the best freelance platform where you can get blogging jobs in the easiest possible manner
  • Here you can find thousands of companies and individuals who regularly post jobs related to articles, blogs, and websites’ content writing.

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Final Words

If you are in search of freelance blogging jobs for beginners or you are a pro blogger, previously mentioned tips will help you get good quality freelance blogging gigs.

Stalking other freelance writers, going through their websites, and finding out where they are writing, you will comprehend the practical aspects of freelance writing career and eventually, you will know the tricks to attract high paying clients.

In case you want to understand how content marketing works, then digital marketing training programs include content marketing module as well, and you can enroll in that to polish your skills and get best blogging jobs available in the market.

If you know more such freelance blogging sites that can help a freelancer to get blogging jobs online? Do share what according to you is the best websites that bloggers should use to find freelance writing work in comments below.

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