Case Study On How To Increase SEO Traffic 226% In 60 Days

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Canva_LogoOften we see people who are in a great hurry, to increase the number of visitors. They don’t want to go through the long tidy process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Although, it is true that in order to get the best results of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you need to wait for atleast 3 months. But, the process is not that long. Those 3 months are for the sake of analyzing the behavior over the clock to apply the best possible strategy in order to get best possible results. But, if we are using the right strategy, the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) won’t take long.

Here goes one wonderful case of a company name Canva. You will be surprised to know that this company, named Canva literally increased the Design School blog traffic by 226% in just 2 months. Isn’t it amazing? This is done just by taking care of few points, while using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Let’s walk you through the details of the case.

Problems Faced

Canva was facing a problem regarding the number of visitors. They can just see a flat line in the audience report of Google analytics, which was pretty discouraging. The main problem was in their blog of Design School. The strategy that they were using for their blog was not holding fine. So, they had to totally change their blog strategy approach, and replace it with a new strategy. This new strategy has brought them an incredible change in the number of visitors. It took just 60 days to see the effectiveness of the strategy. Let us look into it.


Strategy Used

In order to make some changes in the flat line of the visitor curve of the analytics report, Canva had to take a series of actions. They SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy that they used in order to increase the number of visitors, indeed worked well. The process of attracting the readers for their blog is not an easy task, people needed proper series of steps to undergo and make their content likable by the readers.

#1 Keep a Track of your Competitor’s Content

Now it is something that you need to keep in your mind, that you are not the only one to blog. There are many and among them are your competitors. So, what makes you different from your competitors that will attract more number of visitors? Canva’s blog, the Design School, also did tried to look closely into the matter of bringing their content up above their competitors. One of the main reason of a flat line in visitors curve is due to a freeze in number of contents.

It is true that the number of pages and contents in website helps in improving the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking, but focusing on getting more and more number of contents in a very short time, also have a tendency to decrease the quality of content. This fact was well known while working on optimizing their Design School Blog. So, they focused on quality content.

They started looking out to their competitors, and tried to figure out which type of contents are trending and have more number of visitors. This led them to make use of Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is a wonderful tool for figuring out which Content is making much over different social media platforms. In this process even Quora was also a great help in figuring out the trending contents.

Next thing, what they did is to check the keywords of the best performing contents of their competitors. In this process Google Keyword Planner was of great help.

#2 Figure out what Readers Seek

When you are planning for creating a quality content, it is very necessary to observe your readers behavior towards your content. Finally they are the one which will help you improve the number of visitors. In order to take care of this end, Canva analyzed there blog post which have more number of visitors. And figured out the elements which is attracting them to those pages.

News letter

The next Smart move that they took for improving the number of visitors in Design School blog is that, they put a newsletter. And it’s not just a newsletter that they put up, it was a means for them to communicate to their reader and learn their interest. Along with the newsletter they put up a form for their customers, asking their biggest challenge. They indirectly asked what their readers are actually looking for, and it worked. As soon as they learn about the interest of their readers and what challenges they are facing, they immediately started posting those type of contents in their blogs. This attracted many reader, for they have a common interest in it.

#3 Make a Quality Checklist

Another amazing strategy was to get a list of all the elements that really affects the flow of contents. When they started analyzing the readers behavior towards blog. They realized they have a list of concern elements that directly or indirectly impacts the flow of visitors in the blog.

They saw a significant number of visitors dropping in the content having more number of words, say 2000-2500 words or so. Yeah, it is hard to believe people actually go through that long contents but when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google’s unique Panda update, they love to show long and quality contents at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). So, if you want your content at the top you will have to produce top quality contents and long contents.

Next thing they noticed is that most people seeks case studies rather than boring long advices given by the author. It is because, they might find it more ease to trust case studies rather than a long advice. So, they focused on more number of case studies.

All such observations are listed down as a checklist and those were taken care of while producing a content in Design Blog.

#4 Title Tag Matters

Titles, Headlines, matters a lot. In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is very important to check the Title Tag, Headlines tags, description tags. Those are the one that helps a Google Spider to index your page in the database. Most important among them is the title tag. It matters what title tag you are using. Design School Blog have witnessed a large variance in the number of visitors in same content with different title tags. After all, your title tag is the one which will be the first to match with the query made by the reader in Google Search Engine.

#5 Concrete and Credible Content

After the Google Panda update, all those content with just words but of low quality were thrown down the rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). This is why best quality contents were used for Design Blog. Earlier Design Blog was full of contents which gives tips on designing and mostly they used to focus on tutorials. But for optimizing using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, they started delivering credible contents, i.e. more of the case study types.

#6 More Use of Images

People always loved and will always love color. No matter what you argue, you must have to agree, a content without an images really makes it dull. And dull means, less attractive. Which will ultimately give you less number of visitors. But, you must make sure that he images that you are posting along with your content must be relevant enough with respect to the topic. Design School Blog saw a great difference when they started using relevant images for the explanation of their content.



Canva witnessed an incredible outcome in their Design School Blog. Within a span of just 60 days from January to March, 2015, there was an Increase of 226% in number of visitors in Design school blog. This was more than they have expected. It was not just the organic traffic that increased, even the traffic from social media increased by 500%. Best part was that their content was so, relevant to the readers that they shared the content into various social media channels.


One of the best thing that you can learn is that Google Panda is not a fool to focus on the quality of content. Earlier, there were lot many promising content floating at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) but let me tell you there were very few which has something relevant cooked in it. It’s good that now they are no more, thanks to Google Panda for focusing on high quality contents. Now, if your content is credible enough and of high quality the number of audience will flow in by their own.

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