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The much awaited ICDL 2016 mega event is here!

Digital development has gone so far to simplify the processes of our lives. For instance, ordering pizza or asking to unlock your home lock through a click or voice command. Undoubtedly, smart future is near.

But what is smart future?

It is understanding, visualizing, and exploring the possible trends of the future today. This will help in designing the future on the basis of set goals. Since digitization is growing too fast and the society today is a knowledge-driven society. Therefore, it is even more important to know the possibilities for future development. With this aim, ICDL 2016 conference is taking place at Delhi.

What is ICDL 2016 Conference?

The main objective of this conference is to enlighten people about possible future trends in order to manage present risks and convert challenges into opportunities.

Theme of ICDL Conference 2016

  • This will help to create a roadmap to guide people through what is going to come next.
  • This conference will help you prepare yourself for new risks and opportunities.

Smart Future: Knowledge Trends that will Change the World

Why Should I attend: Objective of ICDL Conference 2016

  • Reducing the gap in the digital industry via collaboration.
  • Creating frameworks for futuristic digital strategies.
  • Strengthen smart skills to implement in a digital library environment.
  • Formulating recommendations on innovation, digitization, and management of technologies and policies.
  • You will witness more than 100 globally eminent international speakers who will share their views.
  • You will be to enhance your knowledge on new information products on display at the international exhibition.

Who Should Attend?

  • Publishers and Vendors
  • Corporates
  • Researchers
  • Data Scientists
  • Academicians and Students
  • Information and Knowledge professionals

Events at ICDL 2016

There will be thematic sessions, workshops, and special events to help attendees explore the digital world in a better way.

The conference will stretch for 4 days whereas workshops will last for 3 days. This mega event will happen from 13-16 December 2016.

Special Session: Smart Ways to Publishing and Digital Marketing

Among topics like Collaborative Knowledge Creation Crowdsourcing; Digital Curation & Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge; Information discovery using search by image; Digital Library development, architecture, management; Digital Literacy: Standards and Policy, there will be a panel discussion on ‘Smart Ways to Publishing and Digital Marketing’.

In 2016, the average firm allocated 30% of their marketing budget to digital platforms, this rate is expected to grow to 35% by 2019. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that digital marketing is a booming industry and will continue to grow.

This session will explore different perspectives on digital marketing including corporate and academic scenarios. You will learn about innovative approaches to customer engagements via web and social media platforms.

Herein, Mr. Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya will be one of the panelists. Other panelists for this special event will be Adam Koszary, Project Officer, The Museum of English Rural Life & Communications and Social Media Officer, Bodleian Libraries, UK; Seshadri Chatterjee, Asia Pacific Business Programme Manager, Microsoft Corporation; Dinesh K. Gupta, Prof & Head, and Director Research, Varthaman Mahaveer Open  University, Kota, India.

The lead speaker will be Lead Speaker: Heather Devereaux, Sr. Director of Customer Engagement – Marketing, R&D Solutions, Elsevier, The Netherlands and the session will be chaired by Chair: L Subramaniam, CEO, Trivone & Former Editor, Data Quest.

The venue for this special event is Silver Oak, India Habitat Centre.

Workshop at ICDL 2016

The 3-day workshop will witness topics like ‘Innovation and Knowledge Management”, “Big Data and Analytics”, and “Social Media and Analytics”. 

On day 3, one of the most debated topics, “Digital Marketing Trends to look forward to in 2017” will be taken by Mr. Prateek Shah, Founder, Digital Defynd who will share his views and experience of Digital Marketing industry and the possible trends that will shape the year 2017.

Where Can I Attend ICDL 2016?

You can attend this 4-day event at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India. The much-awaited event organized by TERI will be huge. Register yourself to experience this mega event!

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