Elixir Systems Leveraged SEO And Achieved Increased Revenue Of 200%

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Elixir systems

About Elixir Systems

Elixir Systems have been providing Search engine optimization services since 15 years. They help their customers by higher visibility for their web pages, increasing traffic for the site, carrying out Conversions, ORM and raising Brand Awareness. Their clients include Gymboree Play and Music, Dictionary.com, Snell & Wilmer, Contact Tracking Software, Haynes Manuals etc.

Elixir Systems’s Business Objectives

Organic increase in the search engine ranking to gain high revenue. -Less dependency on PPC Campaigns

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Elixir Systems

For an eCommerce site, search engine ranking is essential. And nowadays, there is a great need for  specific techniques through which eCommerce sites can be served organically. So, Elixir Systems thought out of box techniques which will increase their revenue. Given below are a few techniques adopted by Elixir Systems:-

  • Reconfigured product title and meta description.
  • Introduced sitemaps which helps search engine and user to find all the pages.
  • Carried out deep research and analysis for each and every product from the user’s side.
  • Focused on Google Analytics for reports, traffic from different source and conversion rates.
  • Generated product feeds on Froogle, Yahoo shopping etc.

Results Achieved By Elixir Systems

With the help of the above techniques, Elixir Systems noticed a high impact on website traffic and profitability. Within three months, they achieved high ranking in the search engines and their revenue increased by 200%. Furthermore, using SEO (search engine optimization decreased their PPC sourced revenue by 30%.


  • Implementation of an organic strategy increase traffic and profit. -Dependency on PPC campaigns solely should be avoided as they are short-sighted solutions.
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