Gerald Online Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Gain 2.5 Million Timeline Deliveries

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About Gerald Online:

Gerald Online, is a leading jewelry brand based in United Kingdom. It is renowned to be the world’s largest jewelry retail brand. It has recently made an entry in India under the brand name “Gerald Online India”. Mr. Gerald Ratner,  founder of Gerald Online, promises a happy and exciting phase for the jewelry lovers in India.

Business Objectives of Gerald Online:

As it is a new brand in India, the company wanted to create a buzz amongst the jewelry lovers about it. The brand wanted to spread awareness to the masses about its presence in India. It chose the International Family Day i.e. 15 May to launch its very first hash tag contest linked with social media (Indian).

Strategies/ Approaches Adopted By Gerald Online:

It smartly implemented its strategy by building the hash tag #FamilyLove which performed well in gaining the attention of the visitors on Twitter, developed an online community and encouraged people to talk about family and love but focused more on jewelry and diamonds. The contest on Twitter survived quite well in the environment of tough competition and gained an edge over popular things like Madhuri Dixit’s birth day and IPL etc.

The masses were attracted to buzz about the ‘Family Day’ but the main crowd puller was the attractive price of the Diamond jewelry offered by the brand. The brand ensured a two way communication by responding to the tweets of the visitors which actually fueled the conversations and multiplied the buzz.

Results Achieved By Gerald Online

The results were magnificent and the brand was able to attract audience from all over the country. The main results were as follows:

  • The brand reached out to a total of 6,92,498 people.
  • The number of tweets with a mention of GOL India were 823.
  • The total number of posts on the hash tag were above 3000.
  • The number of original tweets were 1105.
  • The number of re-tweets were 113.
  • The Timeline deliveries reached approximately 2.5 million.

The contest designed by Gerald Online India where the base was International Family Day, is a smart idea to say the least. The readers were attracted to talk about the ‘Family Day’ and more and more readers were excited to share their feelings about the concept of family and its importance in a person’s life. This human feeling was well en-cashed by the brand to attract the initial flow of customers.

The contests on social media platforms are one of the most promising things in terms of engaging a wide audience through social media marketing. This platform for communication and socializing with the masses or the potential customers is a great tool not only for creating a buzz in a short span of time with varying levels of intensity as per the brand’s requirement and the readers’ responses, but also to educate the audience about the brand’s uniqueness and philosophy so as to generate business more effectively.

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