10 Best Google Analytics Case Studies

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Best Google Analytics Case Studies

Google Analytics has various products under its umbrella such as Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager, Google Big Query etc. These products have assisted many big brands to achieve their milestones with their new and innovative approach. The power of these platforms has been beautifully captured in these best Google Analytics case studies.

1. Revenue shoot-up of Dominos

Google Analytics case studies


Ordering a pizza nowadays is a piece of cake, isn’t it?

Well, it is for end users. Let’s say, you are browsing your Facebook feed, you see Dominos has 1+1 offer for Wednesday. You are like whatever, I am not ordering today. Then you are watching a video on YouTube, Dominos shows its mouth-watering cheese burst pizza, you are tempted, but you still are saying no. Finally you meet your friend in the evening and decide to have dinner outside. Now the place on top of your mind is dominos and you hit the store. Well, Dominos got you!

There were multiple influencing stages in your purchase and there are millions of people out there who follow numerous stages. It is crucial for Dominos to connect and analyze users’ cross-channel & cross-device behaviour and also connect online and offline behaviour.

That’s what they did with Google analytics 360 product and partnership with DBI (Digital Business Intelligence) company. This Google Analytics case study has captured the essence of Dominos strategy.

Though Dominos has word class analytics solutions to measure their every marketing effort, these were in silos. Dominos knew there is a big ocean of opportunities available once they eradicate these silos and merge them. That’s what they did with Google Big Query. DBI developed a custom BigQuery Solution for Dominos to store and fetch massive data of Dominos. It also helped Dominos to connect their analytics and CRM data seamlessly to connect online & offline data.

The result says it all;

  • Increased monthly revenue by 6%
  • Reduced ad spending cost by 80% year on year

2. Donations flow in for Cancer.org

Google Analytics case studies

American Cancer Society

American cancer society has worked for 100 years to make the world to eradicate cancer. The company had realized the need to know how users consume their website and their purpose. This would help them to channelize their marketing efforts and reach their revenue goal.

The organization tied up with Search Discovery agency which is an authorized reseller of Google Analytics.

The first step; they created 3 types of users on their website; Information seekers, Event Participants and Donors. Next step was to understand each segments’ goals using Custom Dimensions of Google Analytics. Once the goals of each segment were known, they created a scoring system for each dimension using the custom metric to check whether they have met their goals. They also designed remarketing campaigns for these audiences and customized the content for them.

End Result: Revenue jumped by 5.4% year on year.

3. Brian Gavin Diamonds increased Customer Acquisition

 Google Analytics case studies

Brian Gravin

Brian Gravin Diamond are Texas-based Custom diamond jewelry makers. Most of their sales come from their e-commerce website. They had a goal to improve their online sales by understanding user pre-purchase behaviour.

Along with Google Analytics, they decided to implement Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce to achieve their goal. One of the best find out was that their new line of designs has cropped up an interest in their website visitors which contributed to 6% boost in sales. They decided to launch a new line of similar inventory in the fall.

Pertaining to their cart abandonment trend, they learned that they have lost around $500K. They identified there is no proper way to bring back card abandons. They build a guest checkout flow for these users to complete the purchase.

End Result: 60% increase in checkout to the payment page.

4. Revamped Social Media Strategy of Fairmont Hotels

Google Analytics case studies

Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont is a luxury line of hotels having 60 distinctive hotels across the world. The company generates a lot buzz on social media channels especially twitter. Generating buzz is one thing and measuring the effectiveness of the buzz is other. This one of the top Google Analytics case studies explains Fairmont’s strategy.

The company decided to track the quality of traffic from Twitter. Normally traffic from third-party sites including social media is shown as a referral in analytics. So if anyone clicks a link of Fairmont on the Twitter platform, it is reflected in the referral traffic of Twitter in analytics, but if this link is copied and shared to others platforms like email, WhatsApp etc., the source would be shown as direct.

To make sure the aggregation of the source is accurate, the company decided to use URL builder, in which a link can be given parameters like source, medium, campaign name etc., which lets the company track the source of twitter traffic irrespective of where the link is clicked on.

Result: Better understanding of social media traffic.

5. 10X higher conversion rate for Marketo

Google Analytics case studies


Marketo is a leading marketing automation company associated with numerous B2C & B2B companies. The company had a goal to improve their conversion rate with the aid of their Real-Time Personalization product and Google Analytics.

Marketo merged the data of their website visitors’ characteristics like industry vertical, the product they are interested in etc. by sending the data to Google analytics in the form of events and the demographic and behaviour data from Google Analytics. This led to the creation of detailed audience segments based on product interest and demographic data. They created awesome remarketing campaigns in ad words and served the audience with most relevant data.

Result: Conversions improved by the rate of 10x compared to traditional display marketing.


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6. ROAS improved by 30% for Panasonic

Google Analytics case studies


Renowned brands have realized the power of digital marketing and so is Panasonic. Panasonic decided to integrate all their marketing data of all the websites to a single platform which is Google Analytics 360 along with the agency NRI Netcom. With this one platform to view all their marketing data, they soon got two powerful insights;

  • Most of the purchases of their products happen during life-changing events like marriage, moving to a new city etc.
  • The most commonly purchased combination of products

They created audience lists based on the products the users showed interest into and put this data across ad words, double-click, Google display network to remarket with the relevant content. With the insight of the popular combination of purchases, they started remarketing the other relevant products for the user in a particular segment; eg; users were marketed with speakers who previously showed interest in TV.

End Result: Improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 30%.

7. 130% increase in conversion rate for Top Tarif

Google Analytics case studies

Top Tarif

Top Tarif is a price comparison website of Germany. The objective of the company was to increase conversion by maintaining the same cost per conversion. They chose to fine-tune their remarketing approach by making the lists more granular.

They built remarketing lists based on the users’ previous web usage, depth of price comparison, keywords used to reach the website, the date of last visit etc. They focused on users who would more likely convert.

Result: 130% growth in conversions and 31.5% improvement in conversion rate.

8. Top Talents flow to “Teach For America”

Google Analytics case studies

Teach For America

This is one of the best Google Analytics case studies.

Teach For America is an organization focused on providing quality education to underprivileged children of America. Their main resource is the young, educated, passionate and responsible citizens of the country. To accomplish this goal in the competitive market, they tied up with LunaMetric to leverage on the power of Google Analytics.

They created remarketing lists based on the initial information provided applicants in terms of their GDP, educational stream, career status etc. and imported the data to Google Analytics in the form of dimensions. They then advertised to these audiences on search platform when they research anything related to their stream, career etc.

Result: 57% increased conversion with audience targeting.

9. Remarketing yields 1300% ROI for Watchfinder

 Google Analytics case studies


Watchfinder is a UK based retailer of premium pre-owned watches. Considering the fact that their average order value is more than 3,500 Euros, the company was aware of the fact that the purchase lead time would take weeks to months. Also, less than 1% of purchases happened on the first visit. There was a need for Watchfinder to convince users who showed interest in this meantime.

Watchfinder collaborated with Periscopix, a Google Analytics Premium Partner and created remarketing campaigns to do the magic. They created 20 remarketing lists based on the user location, stage in the purchase funnel and also the brand they showed interest in. They remarketed to these audiences and improved their results.

Result: 1300% ROI and 13% increase in average order value.

10. 200% transaction rates for Alfa Strakhovanie

Google Analytics Case Studies

Alfa Strakhovanie

Alfa Strakhovanie is Russia’s largest insurance company in the travel and auto sector. Their goal was to know their most valuable customers and decide how much to spend on them. The catch with insurance companies is they will know the real value of user once the policy expires without any claims. Their objective was to revise their policy pricing based on the segment of the user, eg; a person of 18-24 age with speedy cars and a new driving licensee is riskier.

The company partnered with AGIMA analytics agency. They used Enhanced E-commerce solutions and custom metrics to analyze the segment data and drive the results.

Results: Transactions rates were doubled.


These are some of the brands which are boosting their business with the aid of data provided by Google Analytics and its products. These Google Analytics case studies give a ready reckoner for beginners. One can also derive many strategies by following the ideas used in these case studies.

Remarketing is the one unmatched feature in the world of Google Analytics. Most of the case studies mentioned here have capitalized on this feature. Use it wisely to deliver the best results.

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