Google Play Family Library: Now Share Your Purchases With Family

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The pending launch of Family Library had been rumored for several months now and it witnessed a false start earlier in July. However, Google today officially announced the launch of ‘Family Library’.

What is Family Library?

This is a program that allows family members to share their purchases from Google Play across devices. Up to six family members can share up until now. This includes the ability to share games, apps, books, TV shows, and movies across Android phones and tablets, and in some cases, across iOS, the web, and other connected TV platforms like Smart TVs, Android TV, Roku, and more.

With Family Library, family members can share the purchased content with each other without the need to pay for additional copies.

Whereas music can be streamed by up to 6 family members through Google Play Music’s family plan.

Countries where Google Library is available

With finally going live today, it will begin rolling out over the next few days to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. There is no doubt that other countries will surely join the list in time.

Few restrictions on sharing

  • Said that, there are a few restrictions on what can be shared and what can’t be.
  • Only books, television shows, movies, games, and apps are currently supported. However, some items show a note that they can only be shared if purchased with certain payment methods. Also, rentals are not allowed at all.
  • Few of the countries are missing support for book sharing. Some of them are Mexico, Japan, Italy, and Germany.
  • Also, books, TV shows, and movies in the Family Library can also be accessed from iOS.
  • There are additional restrictions when it comes to games and apps. Anything that is purchased before July 2, 2016, is not necessarily eligible for sharing.
  • The In-app purchases via the Family Library have no support for sharing.
  • Non-subscribers can’t share individual songs as well as content from the Newsstand section of the Play Store even though there is a monthly subscription to Play Music with a family plan.

How to set up Google Play Family Library

The following steps will help to set up the Google Play Family Library:

1st Step: Sign up

To get started, you need to sign up either on your desktop or phone. You will be taken to a page that looks like picture 1 (on the desktop) if the option for a Family Library is live for you.step1 googlelibrary

This allows you to walk through the entire approval process for signing up. This includes information about who can be part of your Family Library, how they can pay for stuff, and how you can limit the buying books, TV shows, movies, games, and apps by family members.familylibrary2

2nd Step: Setup a family payment method

You will need to designate a ‘family payment method’ in order to allow you and your family to buy items on Google Play. To do this, you will have to swipe out the Google Play side menu, choose Account, and then Payment

After setting up, your current family payment method should have the Family Library icon attached to it like the image below.

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3rd step: Setup a Family Group

You will need to setup a Family Group (a group of people you have given access to) in order to share stuff with family members. You can access the Family Group screen by swiping out the Google Play side menu, choosing Account, and finally Family.

There will be two options for you and you want the “Manage family members” category. From within there, you will see that you are the “Family manager” and you will be able to “Invite Family members” with a “+”

You can send invitations to up to five people to join you and the process is exactly the same as you sign-up for the Google Play Music family plan.

4th Step: Decide if you wish to auto add new purchases or not

After having signed up, choose a family payment method, and setup a family, you will have to decide which content is going to be available. If you swipe out the Google Play menu, move to Account > Family > Family Library settings, you will see options for Books, TV, Movies, Games, and Apps.

The auto option is a good one. For instance, if you buy R-rated comics or films or play games your little children shouldn’t have access to, then you can go with the “Don’t add automatically” option. google-play-family-plan-screens-8

Here’s a YouTube video to make you understand the concept of Google Play Family Library…

Google is number 1 in taking care of its users and with each such steps, Google ensures smooth user-experience.

How do you feel Google Play Family Library will be useful to you?

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