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Comprehensive Guide on How to Earn Money from Google

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How to earn money from Google?

This is one of the most popular questions asked by a majority of people.

Google is indeed a great opportunity to earn money at your convenience. If you are following the right things and doing them correctly, you can earn well from Google, sitting at home.

This article is all about that where we are going to tell you how to earn money from Google.

Do you also want to work at Google? No, I am not kidding, I am asking this seriously.

Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable is one of the richest bloggers who make around $560,000 to $800,000 per month.

Often people ask how to earn money from Google at home. There are a number of options and they are unable to pick the best ones for them.

Google is the king of all search engines. It is the one that enjoys the highest number of visitors, and there is no questioning the fact that advertising your brand with Google is going to help you a lot.

Google has an advertising program by the name of Google AdWords, wherein they allow the advertisers to create their own ad campaigns and set their budget and search keywords so that whenever people search for something relevant to their service or product, an advertisement of their product is shown along with the search results.

This targeted marketing strategy ensures that the right audience is reached and the concerned business gets the required exposure and attention.

Earning via Google direct in your Bank Account 

AdWord and AdSense are the famous modes of online money-making. This can also be done in freelancing. Here we are going to discuss more about earning via Google.

Google AdWords is a leading advertising tool which allows users to get their ads placed on the most powerful search engine. Advertising with Google helps you in getting a lot of attention for your product or service and this, in turn leads to more and more customers and sales for you.

As Google is the leader in search engines, advertising with Google is on the agenda of almost all the big companies in the world. You must have come across a lot of ads by Google during your search engine visits and you must have also noticed that ads are related to your previous searches.

However, setting up an advertising campaign is not as easy. In order to reach a targeted audience and promote your business efficiently, you need a well-crafted advertising campaign. SEO companies offer a comprehensive Google AdWords package to assist in online money-making.

This will help individuals as well as many small businesses in setting up and reaching new heights with our comprehensive advertising campaigns which provide them with the necessary exposure.

This will help you set up your goals and objectives, and earn online to build an effective and targeted keyword list, create a campaign for AdWords, track your progress and reach your goals.

There are experts who ensure to present the best results for the money you spend and zero investment.

Here, we’ll simplify your tings and let you know how to earn money from Google without investment.

How to Earn Money Online With Google?

Earning money isn’t difficult when you have the right skill-set and dedication. Target mastering SEM skills and becoming an SEM specialist.

You get a number of opportunities for working at home with Google and make good revenue.

Why go for 9-5 jobs if you can earn more than that by sitting at your home and working with Google?

Let’s find out the ways in which you can actually make good revenue from Google

How to earn money from Google

You need to pick the best way to earn money online. Here, we have a list of things that will help you with the best money earning options from Google.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the perfect tool for mastering how to earn money online with google.

Do web research on how to earn money from google and you will get google AdSense as your favorite answer. The reason behind its popularity is that it is easy to use and one can even earn lakhs from it.

There is simply not a single speck of doubt that Google AdSense is one of the most amazing tools. It allows users to earn money by posting some ads on their websites and blogs.

Every single time a particular visitor is interested in these ads, the person making the ads would get a commission. So, the more people visit your website and watch the ad, the more money you are going to earn. Doesn’t that sound like a simple and easy task to do? So, make use of Google AdSense right now and have the best results.

You can use this tool to run ads on your website or on a blog. You will be paid for each and every subsequent click on those ads.

Every time a user clicks on your ads on the website, you will be paid for that.

The ads that you publish on your website are actually from the business entities that use AdWords program to publish ads on Google.

You can use AdSense by following simple methods –

(i) You must have a website or blog to use Google AdSense. Publish contents on the website regularly.

(ii) There are a few basic requirements to join the AdSense program of Google. You need to fulfill all those basic criterions to apply for the same.

(iii) Join Adsense for search program by Google to publish relevant ads on your custom search engine’s page.

(iv) There is a standard Cost Per Click (CPC) for ads that is determined by the advertiser itself. The competition of ads will also impact a lot in deciding the CPC on ads.

(v) After your account is approved you can publish Adsense ads on your website. Start placing ads on your blog or website.

(vi) You will earn money when users will click on the Adsense ads published on your website.

AdSense is undoubtedly an awesome way to earn money from Google but it also comes with certain drawbacks that are discussed as follows –

(i) Since there is a huge competition on the Google search engine, you require huge traffic in order to make money. Getting traffic is again not an easy task to do, it requires consistent efforts with dedication.

(ii) If you are found breaking any Google rules then it may terminate your account at any moment and you can’t expect any forgiveness. Hence you have to be very cautious at every step.

(iii) You will earn money when users will click on the ads published on your website but at the same time, they are leaving your website which eventually decreases the chance of a conversion. Though this is not a major drawback certainly it will affect.

(iv) Again, the pay is not that much. If you want to earn well through Adsense then you will be consistent with your efforts and focus on earning 10 from 100 users rather than 100 from 10 users.

Meanwhile, you must keep one thing in your mind that you won’t be able to post the AdSense ads on a WordPress website. In order to use the Google Adsense program on your website, you must possess a customized domain.

2. Google App Engine

Google app engine image source - scotch
Google app engine

It is again a very effective method to understand how to earn money from Google without investment.

This is undoubtedly one of the best answers to how to earn money from Google at home as well. It is an awesome earning method for those who are app developers.

It is a platform where you can host web applications using Google-managed data centres. You can automatically scale for web applications.

Though this platform is free to use you will have to pay for certain additional features like extra storage and so on.

You need to build scalable applications on this platform and you can earn a good income with ease without any heavy investment.

You must keep in mind that earning through this platform entirely depends on a number of installs and signups that are taking place on your newly developed app.

You must have the knowledge of Java and Python programming languages in order to write codes for your app. You can further use Google query language to build your apps.

3. YouTube Video Creator

Youtube video creator image source - animaker
Youtube video creator

Ask any person out there about how to earn money from Google at home and most of the answers will lead you to YouTube. Yes, it is a great platform to earn money from home and without any heavy investment.

The advertisement served on your videos and the YouTube Red subscribers will help you in making money from it. Undoubtedly, you can earn a good income from this platform if you are able to keep everything on track.

In order to earn money from YouTube AdSense, you will have to make sure that your users are watching ads for more than 30 seconds or they are clicking on it. You can further use Google Adwords to manage this user engagement.

YouTube ads are basically of two types –

(i) Cost-Per-Click

These are the ads where you earn money when users click on the ads mentioned by you in the lower part of the screen while video buffering. These ads work in a similar way to Google AdSense.

(ii) Cost-Per-View

You earn money when a user watches ads on your videos for more than 30 seconds or half of the video ad.

YouTube ads are a great way to promote your affiliate marketing. You can earn heavy income through this method. You can even make a video that is totally oriented to the product that you are going to sell through affiliate marketing.

4. Blogging

Blogging image source neil patel

It is undoubtedly one of the favourite methods to learn how to make money from Google at home. A majority of people who are earning money online are actually doing it through blogging or website.

You can create your blogging site through WordPress Blog. You will have to publish regular and quality contents on your website and build a good fan base. You can also use domain hosting to build your website.

In order to earn money from this blogging site, you can take help of Google AdSense or learn affiliate marketing.

This is undoubtedly one of the best methods to earn money from Google and with minimum investment. I have seen people making millions from just their blogs.

Blogging is considered to be a very common and popular activity amongst the users and that is one of the main reasons why it is easy to earn money from it.

There are different blogging websites that you can search on Google and then share your knowledge and experience there to have some money. This is one of the easiest and the best ways to earn money with Google.

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluator image source slideshare
Search engine evaluator

Google uses search engine evaluators to evaluate websites, ads and other stuff that are active on Google. These ads and web pages are evaluated on the basis of a set guideline.

As a search engine evaluator, your job is to evaluate these stuff on the basis of guidelines that are provided to you. Check for the relevancy of the content and look out for the flaws if there’s any.

Google is equipped with algorithms in order to evaluate the relevancy of the content. You can create your own algorithms that are better and complex in order to evaluate the content.

6. Google Opinion Reward

Google opinion reward image source - google play
Google opinion reward

It is a survey tool that pays you with the money for every survey that you take for Google online. You are required to answer a few questions in brief after which Google pays you accordingly in your Google account.

You will have to download the app from the play store and sign up with your Google account to continue.

7) Google AdWords

Image result for google adwords

Now, this is basically the brother of Google AdSense and this tool is a bit different when it comes to the services. The Google AdWords tool might not provide you with money directly but it will make sure that the people are attracted to the website and the business that you have.

This will make sure that your profits are increasing as well. One of the best things about the amazing tool of Google AdWords is that you will be able to present your ad to the users who want to search on Google with certain keywords.

Wrapping it Up!

Obviously, if you were confused about how to earn money from Google without investment, so these are a few of the best methods to do that. These are all tried and tested methods and you can rely on these.

Develop a proper skill set for a few of them and you can earn much more than your current office job. Work at your own convenience with Google and earn well.

These jobs are easy to do and you just have to make a little bit of effort in order to have the best results for sure.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to earn money from Google, why don’t you just give it a try and see the results for yourself. This is for sure going to be highly exciting and profitable for you.

To learn and master how to earn money from Google at home or without investment, you can join SEM Certification course that will help you understand all the important concepts of making money from Google along with their practical implementations as well.

Still having any doubts about the different options shared in the post to learn how to earn money from Google? Then feel free to share your queries in the comment section below.

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