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Inbound marketing is considered the quickest and most powerful way to start generating more and better leads. An Inbound Marketing Consultant helps e-businesses in turning their sites into lead generating machines that let salespeople get more quality appointments.

It will give more powers to salespeople because an Inbound Marketing Consultant does the integration of sales performance with inbound marketing strategies and allows the salespeople to comprehend- the right time to call, behavioral preferences of prospects. Hence offers an X-ray vision to the sellers. An Inbound Marketing Consultant would give super strength to move the sales process along and close more deals with great precision.

Below given 5 steps will help you understand what is Inbound marketing and how to become Inbound Marketing Consultant to communicate with your prospects in the most convincing way possible to attract and close new businesses-

5 Steps to be an Inbound Marketing Consultant

1. Know what is Inbound Marketing & why you Need It

Inbound marketing can be understood as a strategy that uses different forms of pull marketing techniques such as content marketing, social media, SEO, events, blogs and more for creating brand awareness and attracting new business. It simply opposes the outbound marketing in which marketers try to find customers, as in inbound marketing, marketers earn the attention of customers via some pull marketing technique that makes the company to be found quite easily and emphatically.

Know here what makes Inbound Marketing better than Outbound Marketing.

“Inbound Marketing is so powerful because you have the power to give the searcher/consumer exactly what answers they are looking for at the precise point that they need it. That builds trust, reputation, and authority in whatever niche you are practicing this form of marketing in.” ­Joshua Gill, Inbound & SEO Marketing Consultant, Inbound Authority

Why You Need Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing offers a variety of benefits to e-businesses and some of those are-

  • Inbound Marketing can shape a brand preference and influence future purchases, plus it can generate social media shares and inbound links
  • Inbound Marketing can put customers in the driver’s seat and can fuel search engine optimization efforts in a result driven manner
  • Inbound Marketing increases brand awareness and enables customers to engage with your brand at their point of need, 24/7
  • Inbound Marketing generates qualified leads for online businesses and helps in empowering and optimizing conversions

Let us now understand what you would need to do if you want to become an Inbound Marketing Consultant in the next section-

2. Know Inbound Marketing Consultant Job Description

An Inbound Marketing Consultant would break up the project into below given components-

  • Client meetings
  • Inbound strategy
  • Project management
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Updating web content
  • Client reporting

Client Meeting

Inbound marketing consultant role includes meeting with clients and discussing their analytics about how much traffic is coming to their website and from where that is coming from. The consultant would also discount what parts of their website are receiving the most traffic or which sort of blogs are receiving more attention and channelizing conversions. They would discuss the progress of any specific projects and brainstorm how the marketing team can boost their inbound results. In the process, the content writer also plays a significant role in order to interview the client to formulate that kind of articles need to create.

Inbound Strategy

Making of an inbound strategy revolves around the immaculate integration of following categories-

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) projects
  • Keyword research
  • Off-site projects
  • Content calendar creation and management
  • Analytics

“Inbound marketing can’t be segmented into separate categories, with each section holding independent power. While we rely on SEO to draw in visitors from organic search, that SEO does not work if there’s no content. Without social media, blogs don’t reach new, interested people. And SEO, content, and social media are all completely useless without a lead generation process in place.”- Bill Faeth (@bfaeth), CEO, Inbound Marketing Agents

Project Management

Below given 5 things come under project management-

  • Task management
  • Content calendar adjustments
  • Design feedback
  • Meeting preparation
  • Email communication with the client

An inbound marketing consultant would assign tasks to different members who need to work on projects for the client and then the consultant would work with the project participants and the client, for maintaining and managing the creation, editing and approval processes and to let them move in a mesh-free manner.

Copywriting & Editing

This section of Inbound Marketing job deals with-

  • Creating & Editing blog posts
  • Writing workflow emails

Inbound consultant reviews the content created by a writer to make sure that it exactly matches the client’s demand and the needs for online marketing.

Updating Web Content

It revolves around-

  • Optimizing content according to strategy plans
  • Creating content in HubSpot or other Automation Platform
  • Creating landing pages
  • Building workflows in HubSpot
  • Posting blog articles
  • Adding new offers to the website
  • Updating lead scoring

Inbound consultants create landing pages and emails within the marketing automation platform that offers prospects a valuable piece of content in exchange for basic personal details such as name, email address, company, etc.


Inbound marketing consultants spend time crunching numbers and pulling metrics so they can provide clients valuable feedback. He or she would be responsible for compiling data that turns into a lead score or recent conversion or referring site etc. Inbound marketing consultant would provide-

  • Monthly reporting
  • Weekly lead updates

3. Inbound Marketing Consultant Skills & Roles

Inbound marketing consultant skills include the basic information of-

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Live Event & Webinars

Inbound Marketing Consultant role includes-

Goals & Analytics

Immediate setting of measurable goals and constantly reviewing analytics and results along with adjusting marketing strategy and tactics as per the specific needs of particular businesses

Lead Nurturing

Development and implementation of lead nurturing campaigns by using the blog and premium content that moves leads through the sales funnel in the conversion driven manner

Social Media Posting

Setting up Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts for the clients and posting to their pages along with developing special landing pages and designs

Blog Writing & Posting

Creating and posting SEO optimized blogs on behalf of the client as per the best-suited number of monthly blog posts within the service level

Premium Content

Creating premium content by involving researchers, writers, and graphic artists to develop and create premium content items such as whitepapers, research papers, e-books, and more

Keyword Research & SEO

Researching and developing a keyword/SEO strategy for clients for ensuring effective optimization of blog content to increase blog traffic and ensure qualified leads

Lead Intelligence

Providing recommendations and processes for effective lead follow up based on where the lead is in the sales funnel for a particular business 

Inbound ROI

Assisting clients in comprehending how inbound marketing is transforming every area of their business and boosting returns on investments

4. Know the Inbound Certification

To become a certified Inbound Marketer, you need to learn inbound marketing first and then you have to take the HubSpot exam. To give this exam, you are required to register yourself in the HubSpot Academy.

Inbound Marketing Consultant

How to get HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certifications

The steps involved in the Inbound Marketing Consultant Certification process

  • You need to click on the Get Certified button
  • Then you should sign up for a HubSpot account
  • You can also use the learning resources of HubSpot and prepare for the exam
  • Once you are well prepared, you are ready to attend the exam
  • You are not required to pay any charge neither for the inbound marketing lessons nor for the exam

5. Know Inbound Marketing Consultant Salary + Freelancing Opportunities 

The average Inbound Marketing Consultant Salary is $44,899 per year and to get better high paying inbound marketing jobs, you need to focus on Branding and Marketing Administration skills.

inbound marketing consultant

Inbound Marketing also offers different freelancing opportunities for efficient Inbound Marketer and the steps that will help you get best freelancing opportunities in Inbound Marketing are-

  • Start your own blog for showcasing your content and inbound marketing skills
  • Build up an active presence on Social Media channels
  • Regularly follow Copyblogger, Content Marketing Institute & Inbound.org blogs
  • Learning basic Photoshop skills would be a plus
  • Learn SEO & SMM
  • Understand the right use of Lead Nurturing Tools such as Customer.io
  • Do the HubSpot Inbound Certifications
  • Follow sites like Upwork, Guru, Truelancer, Peopleperhour, etc. to find best Freelance Inbound Marketing jobs

Master Inbound Marketing Consultant Skills Now!

Inbound marketing is not only an effective mechanism for driving growth but also a more cost-effective online marketing tactic than other marketing methodologies.

In case you are struggling to get all the pieces of your inbound strategy moving then learning Inbound Marketing would for sure be a smart play, as this will also help you get certified. Joining Inbound Marketing Training would help you acquire that level of expertize that companies expect when they hire Inbound Marketing Consultant.

Share your experiences with the inbound marketing below in comments, so professionals who want to make a career in Inbound Marketing can get the right motivation.

You can also broaden your skills & undertake the entire landscape of marketing by becoming a marketing consultant.

If having any doubt about Inbound Marketing Careers in India then ask us in comments.

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