Does Digital Marketing Expert need Programming Skills?

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The digital marketing industry has almost encompassed the entire world. This has enraged the need of digital marketing skills. Programming languages is one of the essentially incorporated skills of a digital marketer. Let’s learn about it in detail.

The patterns so far flag more advancements and popularity of digital landscape in the coming years ahead.

We’re grasping digital channels and needing more and more people who are sound in channelizing different channels of Digital Marketing. Nevertheless, do we really embrace what’s running off-camera of all these digital marketing campaigns? – Code is the thing that lies behind all kinds of marketing campaigns.

Our sites, our mails, our applications, our social networks, and tools that are made to give your client a superior experience- All functions because there are Coders letting them work.

“So a correlated question that many emerge is- Since code is the reason for the greater part of the Digital marketing today, does Digital Marketing Experts require Programming Skills?

 – Frankly (& diplomatically) speaking- ‘NO’.”

While programming languages skill is a value addition, a digital marketing professional does not need to know coding/programming languages. S/he should know HTML and one could learn HTML in ~2 hours.

Digital advertisers do not need any programming abilities or coding background upfront to begin their career in Digital Marketing.

In the ability sets required of a Digital Marketing Professionals, many marketing experts see coding as not very fundamental or the exclusive domain.

Undoubtedly, digital marketing professionals with programming learning are important resources for their company, but still, it is not a must skill for marketers.  Notwithstanding, there are not many marketing experts who have extended themselves to coding for the web.

As Digital Marketers, do you genuinely need to know how to write those codes to be effective?

I would state a Diplomatic No.

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Nevertheless, learning programming skills is beneficial to comprehend the challenges in front of us as marketers. Html, JavaScript, CSS, SQL and scripting languages are great help to explore the digital world in a more efficient and effective fashion.

As Douglas Rushkoff (American media theorist) has appropriately said,” As I see it, code literacy is a requirement for participation in a digital world”.

From SEO, data analytics to website design, content marketing, search engine marketing, email advertising, online networking, client experience, to mobile optimization, we will continually need to manage bits of codes. To design email templates, tweak landing-pages, fabricate small project sites, etc. – Coding is a must.

However, a digital marketer only needs basics of coding to do such things that they can learn whenever they want, within a few hrs. Alternatively, there are developers who do such jobs for digital marketing managers

Experts say Programming is NOT Essential

Amongst digital marketers, there have been contentions whether marketers need to add coding to their skill sets or not. Let’s understand both perspectives-

  1. The experts who are not in support of coding abilities for digital marketers say it is like being a jack-of-all-trades, and that’s why only Developers ought to manage codes.
  2. While those who are in support of coding abilities for Digital Marketers say- it puts the fate of Digital Marketers in their own hands, and gives them more control.

Now, I think you would have understood why I said a Diplomatic NO. 

Having programming languages skill is just a value addition for digital marketers

  • Firstly, you are not unnerved to death when you see the back end or code point of view of a site page.
  • You can change the home page to your slant, incorporate analytics tracking codes, and develop small sites on your own to avoid delay from your developers.
  • When a huge redesign and upgrade is required on your company’s site consequently of new digital marketing trends, you can examine effectively with your development team.
  • You will have the creative mindset as programmers have along with the inclinations towards unordered data, ability to do not-stop work until the job is done- which will ultimately enhance your internet marketing skills.
  • You would be comfortable in handling immense data and separating them to understand customers’ preferences.
  • Some other value-added features of digital marketers with coding are-
  1. To Know The Fundamental Technologies-

  • Figuring out how to code gives us, flexibility and certainty to see precisely how things function and how would we adequately customize it in our digital marketing campaigns.
  • The digital marketing field is moderately new and is changing at a quick pace. A digital marketer with programming skills will have a good comprehension of marketing tools and their backend, which gives an edge over competitors.
  1. To Save Time And Money-

  • Depending on Developers for any little changes important to the site, can cost both time and cash.
  • Digital marketing experts with coding can easily do such little improvements to their site without anyone else’s input.
  • Making customized digital marketing tools would also be easy for digital marketers with programming skills, which will ultimately save lots of time and money.
  1. For Effective Communication With The Development Team-

  • Understanding the structure of code can significantly aid you in communicating with your development team. You will understand the distinction between desire and reality and not trouble your team with doubtful requests and objectives.
  • This thusly builds your certainty and the capacity to comprehend the logic behind some of your marketing campaigns.

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  1. To ensure more Sales-

  • Digital marketers with programming languages skill can tweak greeting pages by utilizing HTML and CSS to ensure growth in sales without being dependent on others.
  • Coding can help in better advancement in the landing and home pages of the site.
  • Landing pages are the most critical piece of the site as they are straightforwardly in charge of producing more deals and subscribers of the site, and a digital marketer with coding skills can easily customize them to his/her advantages.

However, as I said earlier, any digital marketer can learn coding skills in < 2 hrs via some online resources. Let us go through them-

Resources to learn programming languages for digital marketers

I began figuring out how a digital marketer can code by searching bits of HTML codes in Google. It is a brisk and simple approach to discover what a bit of code does and how to control it.

Nevertheless, this technique will not give you the genuine hows and whys behind it. Likewise, it gives you next to no thought of how distinctive pieces fit together- like HTML and CSS.

For something more efficient, I would additionally prescribe you look at one of the numerous online courses accessible. Here is a portion of some of the best places where Digital Marketers Learn Coding-

  • Code Academy

 Best place where Digital Marketers learn coding. As is commonly said, this is about figuring out how to code intelligently and for nothing. Reviews are incredible and I know many Digital Marketers with Programming Skills who utilized this platform.


It is one of the most followed website to learn about all the website development technologies. They have an assortment of classes for development tools and levels. There is likewise a choice to get certified in your development skills so you can flaunt to your associates.

  • Code School

This gives a chance to digital marketers to learn coding from home- from the HTML and CSS to JavaScript and other programming languages. Courses are paid however reasonable, and you will access an assortment of courses for your paid fee.

  • Make It With Code

They are extremely dynamic in the levelheaded discussion on whether marketers ought to code, and they offer great help to marketers who wish to learn programming skills. This is a paid course.

  • Dash:

Dash is one of the best places for Digital Marketers to learn programming skills as it teaches HTML, CSS and JavaScript and other web technologies by conducting projects and hence help students learn the technologies via projects. It is also free.

Programming skill is a piece of the digital marketing DNA, and regardless of the possibility that marketers don’t need coding skills to build sites from scratch, it would be beneficial to know it- just to be more informed about how knowledge of coding can enhance effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

Still Maintaining Distance from Programming Languages is Good for Digital Marketers-

Despite the fact that coding is beneficial, however keeping up a safe distance is vital. The objective of a digital marketer is “Not” to be as talented as the developer is.

Digital Marketers only need to be code-literate instead of become a code-fluent, and they should invest most of their time in developing effective internet marketing strategies.


On a last note, I would again like to emphasize that figuring out how to code for the digital marketers should be for proficiency and familiarity purposes- No need to be an expert in coding.

You are as of now skilled in Digital Marketing; why not to take a walk out of your comfort zone, and learn basics of programming skills just to add more value in planning more result-oriented digital marketing campaigns?

Still, if not interested in coding, you can be a successful digital marketer, just by honing your digital marketing skills.

Therefore, it is absolutely your choice to learn coding or not to learn. Even if you do not, it will never hamper your career growth as a digital marketer.

Have any doubts about digital marketing career? Ask me in the comments.

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  1. Utkarsh Kumar Singh

    I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. As a digital marketer, I also began questioning my domain while learning to code.

    A digital marketer is a marketer in all essence, understanding the HTML is all s/he need to know, as far as code literacy is concerned.

  2. Kishan

    Sir Thank You For Providing So Much Information And your Article Have Cleared All My Doubts .


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