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It’s an advertiser’s dream to find a marketplace which is affordable, has a large interactive audience and it lets the advertiser invest in target marketing. If you are a marketer specifically a marketer on budget then a platform such as Quora Ads would prove to be one of the most effective platforms for marketing. Why Quora Ads could be the opportunity of growth you were looking for? Quora is one of the leading community engagement platforms with high quality highly interactive audience and when you advertise on Quora because of their real and interactive large audience you’re guaranteed conversion. Moreover, Third party advertisement has become an essential part of digital marketing. Quora is known for community engagement and providing answers to different questions. In addition to being a great place for finding answers, Quora has recently introduced Quora Ads. Although Quora advertising is not very popular yet but ever since its launch in April 2016 known companies such as Mulesoft and Shopify have invested in advertising on Quora.


Quora’s main domain is self-serving question and answers and provision of information. For example, people visit Quora to search for information on companies, products, competitors and industry. The information pool on Quora could vary from healthcare, to academic help, to mundane topics and to topics on business. Since, it’s a broad platform any information can be easily found on Quora. Quora initially launched itself as a self-serving ad platform to the public and the benefits of advertising on Quora are visible from its net income of $85 million in just around a month. The valuation of the ad platform was $1.8 billion, reaching the unicorn status in just a month.

How to Advertise on Quora?

Before talking about benefits of advertising on Quora we will provide you with a step by step guide on how to advertise on Quora and use Quora Marketing.

1.) Create an Account

The first step to advertising on Quora is to make a Quora account. Once you have created your account you will get an access to Quora Ads Manager and start posting your ads. You can create an account on Quora within few minutes and start posting ads.

2.) Create your Ad

The second step towards advertising on Quora is to create your ad. You will need to choose your headline/tagline, write a description text, add your landing page URL, and call to action and the content of your ad. It is recommended to create and target your ad on the basis of topic, location and platform and then post it. In order to create an ad on Quora you can choose from two options, you can either import a pre-created ad or you can create a new ad. If you are creating a new advertisement on Quora then as depicted in the picture below you will need to add an Ad name, your business name, headline of the advertisement, description of your Quora Ad, your landing page URL, your display URL and a call to action. Once you have created an Ad, you can preview it from the option of preview ad, and then edit as per your requirements.

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3.) Select your Target Audience

One of the biggest benefits of using Quora is that you can select your target audience on the basis of locations, topics, platforms, devices i.e. mobile users or laptop users and you can exclude locations and advertise without a location. Setting the filters for targeted audience is extremely easy and is depicted in the picture below:

  1. In order to set targeted ads, you need to choose select targeting option.
  2. You can either import from an existing ad set or you can create a new ad set.
  3. If you want to create a new ad set, you will need to add tags in the form of topics, location, choose platforms, and then exclude locations and questions if you want to.

Once you have added your topic Quora will also give you suggestions on different topics you can choose from, you can choose from the list of existing categories available on Quora ads and start your campaign.4.) Budgeting & Launch

Quora Ads run on the basis of a CPC-model powered by a real-time auction. So, before advertising you should set your budget and choose your CPC bid according to your budget and then launch your campaign.

Once you have created a campaign, you will need to name your campaign then set a budget and then add Quora conversion pixel to your website. It is important to configure your conversion pixel to your website so that you can view your performance. You can then set your campaign to be posted immediately or you can select a start and end date of your campaign. You can set a maximum budget of daily according to your preference or even choose a full campaign budget, as depicted in the picture below.

5.) Measure your Performance

Once you have launched your campaign then you can measure your performance with the conversion metrics. You will have the tool of reporting available using which you can measure the performance of your ad and your conversion rate. You can measure your performance in Quora Ads through the conversion pixel. It is important to configure the Quora conversion pixel with your website to measure performance. You can choose to add the conversion pixel to your website as following:

  1. As depicted in the picture below you will need to go to ads manager and then choose the conversion pixel option.
  2. Once you have chosen conversion pixel choose the option of install the pixel. As depicted in the picture you will need to add tags of your website pages where conversion occurs. If you have separate conversion events pages you can add the tags and links separately but Quora ads does not give the option of measuring the performance separately. So, you will only be able to see overall performance.

You can check your performance within 15 minutes of installation and the referral links are updated every 5 minutes. You can view the URLs in the recent pixel views and if there are no URLs your Quora pixel might not be installed correctly. In that case contact the technical support to measure your Quora Ad performance.6.) Pay for the Results

The best part of your ad campaign is that you only pay for what you get. It’s a pay per click based model so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Therefore, even if you are on a limited budget you can pay on the basis of your performance and as per your needs.

Since it’s a cost per click model, you can choose bid per Quora ads. You can start your bid from $0.04 for Mobile and $0.1 for desktop.  The picture below shows the bid you can put per ad. You can either start your bid yourself or you can choose the bid Quora suggests to you. Generally to start most companies start with a $1 bid.

Quora Advertising

In terms of Quora advertising although both large and small scale companies are using quora for advertising but it’s not very popular yet. However, advertising on quora is extremely beneficial and easy since nonintrusive ads can be created and published on Quora directly from mobile apps. Therefore, Quora advertising can be simply defined as easy and simple advertising which can be both text-based and picture based ads.

Benefits of Quora Advertising

In terms of advertising the most beneficial advertising is targeted advertising, and Quora can be a leading platform in providing targeted advertising. As an advertiser you can advertise on any topic ranging from science to politics to finance. In addition, demographic based advertising can also be done on Quora. If you are wondering how you can benefit from Quora advertising please read below:

It’s all about Numbers

The basic rule of advertising is to reach as many people as possible. When you advertise on Quora you have a large and diverse pool of people visiting Quora. According to recent statistics Quora has more than 200 million unique monthly visitors. Therefore based on its diverse and large audience you have a large pool of people to advertise it to all in one place. The picture below shows the overview of the domain. The number of organic searches on Quora are more than 3.4 million and there are more than 25.5 million backlinks posted on Quora. The statistics show that Quora is a highly interactive website and advertising on Quora would definitely be beneficial.

Targeted Advertising

Advertising on platforms with large number of audience is beneficial but not as beneficial as advertising to the right people. Quora has a diverse pool of audience which visits different sections according to their niche. So, when advertising on Quora you can actually opt for targeted advertising. For example, if your advertisements are for science related products you can browse for the science section and advertise there. Quora Ads option of targeted advertisement is great for people who are looking for engaged and active audience to market their products and service to.

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Engaged Audience

One of the biggest benefits of Quora advertising is that you will be advertising to targeted and engaded audience. Moreover, users on Quora create their profiles with their real identities and Quora has a strict moderation policies. The strict moderation policies ensure that your posts and ads show up alongside the high quality content only. Research on Quora Ads and user experience shows that focus on ads content is very critical for Quora which means you can modify your content on the basis of the audience you want it to be marketed to and audience are very likely to interact with the content.

Easy to Measure Results

Quora advertising is based on the idea of increasing return on investment. Therefore, the quora ad platform has standardized metrics that can be used to track conversions. Return on investment on Quora can be measured using their ads manager feature which enables users to track conversions through conversion pixels. Moreover, the conversions can also be measured by integrating the conversion pixel with measurement partners.

Quora advertising has been simplified unlike other platforms which offers a lot of metrics, Quora is very simple and convenient to use. However, there is only one con of using the Quora ads which is its limited performance metric. You can only use one performance metric to measure your performance and if you have multiple pages for measuring performance you cannot track their performance separately. However, the platform has just been launched recently and companies advertising on Quora such as Shopify have seen massive success. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large business Quora advertising is a market place for all sorts of businesses and can enable you to target high quality traffic for any topic and location.

Although Quora has been around for around 7 years it was not offering any option of monetizing through advertising. However, the recent launch of Quora advertising platform has been a great advertising initiative from Quora. When compared with advertisement on other platforms such as Facebook Quora advertising can be more targeted than Facebook. Since, users are registered or active in different categories and you can target according to the content category. The launch of Quora advertising is a huge success for Quora as well as they no longer have to hire manpower for targeted advertising. Since, it’s a self-serving platform businesses will advertise for themselves.

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