Top 11 SEO Analysis Tools for your Website

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What is SEO Analysis

Today, it is possible for almost anybody to make their own website on any topic of their choice; there are several URLs and links all over the place. Looking at the number of websites on the internet, thinking of your own popping up on the first page of a search engine might be almost an impossible task. This kind of situation calls for SEO, a tool for aiding the search engine such as Google, Yahoo search or Bing find your site in a pool of similar niches. But the question is, what tools would be effective for you? Well, SEO analysis needs to be carried out for this using SEO Analysis tools. So, what is SEO Analysis?

seo analysis tools

Free SEO Analysis (Source: Customer Paradigm)

SEO Analysis is a tool or report people use to for studying how a particular website’s ranking can improve on search engines. The analysis normally checks and evaluates duplicated content, URLs and inbound links to the website. There is no need for downloading any software because the report is generated by a website. 

Importance of SEO Analysis

If you do not run an SEO site analysis for your website, it might be difficult making proper decisions to improve your site’s ranking. It lets you know the obstacles preventing your site from ranking high on search engines, so you can work on the challenges so as to create a big impact on your site’s SEO.

SEO site analysis helps improve the ranking of your website on search engine pages rapidly and with little efforts so leads can be generated sooner than you expected.

There are several other things an SEO website analysis can do for you to help your site get that desired ranking on search engine pages. This can be aided by SEO tools for Website Analysi. Some of them are:

1.) Specific Keyword Research

A good SEO website analysis will incorporate its research on keywords to keywords and key phrases that are best suitable for your site and its pages, and make recommendations for them for better optimization.

This will help clear the cumbersome job of using broad keywords and wallowing through thousands of backlinks which end up wasting time.

2.) Terminology Explanation

There are times you are bombarded with so much data, reports, and findings but might not know what to do with it and might be stressful to work with. Companies offering SEO Analysis would simply document everything for you and also give you a free consultation on anything you are not familiar with.

3.) Statistical Data

seo analysis tools

Elements of SEO (Source: American School Of Business)

Research is the biggest segment is SEO analysis. The research carried out yields statistical data which comprises of different information such as the number of people doing search on a certain keyword daily, what your competitors are presently doing and how they are going about it. There are so many data and reports that are provided so you should have it that in mind. Also, an SEO can create an overview of the analysis with the statistical data in reports or addenda for backing up the information.

4.) Site Recommendations

The SEO Company carrying out the analysis for you should be able to make some recommendations for you that so that you are able to take it and make some changes on the elements of the site by yourself. After all, that was what you paid them to do. However, it should be noted that the company would want your patronage so they might not reveal everything in detail but there ought to be some set of instructions to guide you.

5.) Screenshots/other Evidence

It is useless getting an analysis that has recommendations, keyword densities, or any form of statistics that you obtain without having any corresponding evidence to back it up. A good analysis should have detailed information to back up its findings.

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11 SEO Analysis Tools for your website to rank high on Search Engines

Sometimes, it is not necessary for you to use an SEO company to run analysis on your website because there are ways you can go about it yourself if you are willing and have the patience. It is more of an open secret about how a site gets evaluated by Google which determines what website are displayed for search queries.

Therefore, there are SEO analysis tools all over the internet that you can make use of.

Below are the best SEO analysis tools – some are free while some are paid:

1.) Google Webmaster Tools

This SEO analysis tool as its name implies belongs to Google and you can carry out free SEO analysis with it. Google webmaster tools are user-friendly and even a novice can use them because there are resources that can explain the rudiments of Google search.

Resources available are the Fetch tool which allows you view a specific URL the way Google sees it; this is important in troubleshooting SEO and you can use the information modify the faulty page to get better results. Another tool is the PageSpeed Insights tool which is used to measure your site’s mobile and desktop versions’ performance relative to speed. The score ranges between 0 to 100 points with a score of 85 and above indicating good performance.

2.) Ahref

Ahrefs’ Site Audit is a cloud-based tool for screening the health of any website, be it a small domain with less than a hundred URLs or a big one with many thousands of pages. To do the screening, you don’t need to own any servers or proxies. Just specify a necessary domain, subdomain or URL, configure crawl settings, and the system will automatically check it for 110+ technical SEO issues:

  • duplicate pages without rel=canonical;
  • broken links;
  • missing HTML and social tags;
  • broken JavaScript and CSS files;
  • slow page loading
  • too large and broken images, etc.

You can also expand the list with custom issues if your projects have some specific requirements.

For some users, technical SEO is daunting. If you have no idea what a particular issue means, you’ll find Ahrefs’ self-explanatory dashboard quite handy. Not only does it clarify each issue, but also suggests how to fix it.

With a rich set of filters, you’ll find it easy to manage issues. Let’s say you have hundreds of broken pages and no time to fix all of them at once. Just filter them by “dofollow” backlinks to see which of them have unutilized link juice and restore it by setting redirects to live pages. This is the only tool to crawl JavaScript pages for links, which will result in the most accurate site audit.

3.) Check My Links

SEO analysis tools

Free SEO Analysis (Source: SEO Advantage Services)

Check My Links is amongst other SEO analysis tools that is free of charge. It ensures that the internal and external links on a webpage actually work. It does this by identifying broken links of a webpage within a few seconds. It highlights the good links in green and the broken ones in red which make it easy to be spotted.

4.) Moz Pro Tools

This SEO analysis tool comes with a 30-day trial and then becomes paid after with prices ranging between $99/month to $599/month. Moz Pro SEO analysis tools is a collection of research tools to provide you with the resources needed for your business’ search ranking. You get the privilege to identify SEO opportunities, build reports, track growth and get all efforts optimized.

For instance, the Crawl Test Tool uses Moz’s web crawler, the RogerBot to analyze about 3000 links on a URL and when it’s done, the user receives a report via email showing data details for each page linked to the site. If you are trying to identify crawlability factors like redirects and duplicate content that would influence your site’s SEO performance, this tool would be very useful.

5.) SEO Report Card

This is another SEO analysis tool, free of charge, powered by UpCity to help you analyze your website so you can determine where it falls among opposition.

SEO Report Card will give you a report after getting your contact details covering the following items:

  1. Link Building: A report of the number of websites linking back to yours.
  2. Trust Metrics: This simply an overview of the level of trust or authority on your site.
  3. Rank Analysis: This is a snapshot that shows where your site ranks on various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo; it’s based on the main keyword selected by you when putting information in the report.
  4. On-Site Analysis: This looks at how successful it was when you incorporated the main keyword throughout your site.
  5. Current Indexing: This is an indication of the number of your site pages that have been indexed.
  6. Website Accessibility: This is a section that focuses on your site’s load time and how easy crawlers access it.

    SEO Analysis tools

    SEO Analysis (Source:

6.) HubSpot Website Grader

HubSpot in 2007 released an SEO analysis tool called a Website Grade that aided business owners to discover SEO opportunities and over the years, several versions of this tool was released with a new and improved latest version released.

This tool generates personalized reports based on the following metrics:

  1. Security – things such as SSL certificates are sought for to serve as a way for proving to visitors that your site is safe and authentic for contact information submissions.
  2. Performance – Your page’s speed, size, requests, etc. are looked into.
  3. SEO – To determine how easy it is to find your website by both humans and bots. Things like Meta descriptions and titles are considered.
  4. Mobile readiness – Your site is checked for mobile-friendliness.

All that is needed is your website URL and an email address to begin, then you fill all your information and expect a score between 0-100 along with a detailed report within a few seconds.

Apart from the Website Grade, there are other paid SEO analysis tools from HubSpot to help you meet your SEO needs. For instance, you have access to Source Report, Keyword App, and Page Performance App; you get all the tools needed to research keywords, watch over their performance, track search growth and do diagnosis on pages not fully optimized.

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7.) Woorank

This SEO analysis tool comes with a 14-day trial which results to either a $49/month Pro Plan or $149/month Premium Plan. Its in-depth site analysis is used by marketers for revealing opportunities for improvement or optimization. The analysis takes note of performances of social media, SEO initiatives, usability, etc.

There are sections for each report namely: SEO, Marketing Checklist, Visitors, Social, Usability, Mobile, Technologies and Local. It would be hard not to expose opportunities for improvement spanning across more than 70 metrics.

SEO Analysis tools

Search Engines (Source: Webstar Infotech)


Also, Woorank makes it easy for users to have access to their reviews by downloading them as branded PDF files as an added bonus.

8.) Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is amongst those SEO analysis tools which is designed for the SEO-minded, which crawls specific websites you ask it to so as to examine URLs for common issues with SEO. It simplifies and expedites what would have been a time-consuming process because it could take hours to days to evaluate the same URLs manually.

It has easy-to-navigate-tabs and you can export any or even all the data into Microsoft Excel for other analysis.

This tool’s LITE version is free with but has limitations while its paid plan is $160/year.

9.) Found’s SEO Audit Tool

This is an easy-to-use tool used by marketers for identifying and solving common SEO errors that occur on website. After the URL of your site is entered, you receive an instant automated SEO site audit.

This SEO Audit tool is divided into three parts:

  1. External link analysis – for evaluating the quality and quantity of external links.
  2. Content issues – to focus on influential factors such as metadata and keywords.
  3. Technical issues – takes consideration of factors like XML sitemaps and domain canonicalization.

Just like Woorank, after you run a report, you can download your results in a PDF format which can be shared around in your organization.  

SEO Analysis tools

SEO Process (Source: TipTop Web Design)

The SEO Audit Tool by Found is a free tool.

10.) Remove’em

Purchasing links and spamming the comments section on several blogs using the same link and message is a serious offense Google frowns at. Such links can pose a threat to your search ranking and to remove them, you need Remove’em (as its name implies).

This SEO Analysis tool scans your backlink profile and generates a contact information list for links and domains that are needed to be removed. Alternatively, you can use this tool to export the list if you desire to disavow them using Google’s tool since it tells Google not to worry about these links when crawling your site.

It costs $249 per domain or you have an option of subscribing for $99/month.

11.) Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool

Varvy’s is amongst the free SEO analysis tools that provides its users with information concerning the strength of their domain, image SEO, links, social mentions and counts, page speed, page/technical SEO, etc.

The report is prepared in less than a minute and goes deep into various aspects of the performance of your website. There are green checks, red Xs, and yellow exclamation marks this tool uses for denoting how severe the issue is.

It also focuses on the strength of your website’s images by analyzing the alt text. There are too many words, missing texts or the alt text seems to be weak, you get notified by this tool so you can make the necessary adjustments.


For the proper ranking of your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you need a thorough SEO Analysis which you can either contract to an SEO company or do it yourself. If your choice is allowing a company do it, you might have to part with a huge sum of money for analysis and consultancy (which would likely come free with the analysis). You might not know the full details about why your site is not ranked as you want because they won’t tell you everything.

On the other hand, if you do it yourself, there are several SEO Analysis tools at your disposal which will give you a detailed report on where you got it wrong and how to adjust your website to rank high. Whichever option you choose, you owe your business a duty to make sure your site ranks high on the first page of search engines.

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