25 Must Read SEO Blogs for Beginners & Pro SEOers

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As per statistics, 75+ % of B2B marketers consider SEO as the most powerful Digital Marketing Channel that not only ensures lead generation but also assists in conversions and optimizes online presence. Apt and adept inclusion of best SEO strategies in a Digital Marketing Campaign is must to stay on top of search results. Nevertheless, reaching at the top of the search results for your target keywords demands accurate understanding of SEO strategies and latest SEO trends– And below given list of best 25 SEO blogs will help you find, understand and implement those SEO strategies that guarantee top ranking for your website.

The following 25 SEO Blogs will assist you on your journey to SEO success, so, without any further ado, let us directly dive deep into the list-

25 SEO Blogs to follow

1. Moz BlogSEO Blogs

  • A search engine Optimization Company that offers some of the best SEO blogs about the latest trends in search engine market
  • It serves as a hub for search marketers worldwide and it is the place for SEOers to find out best SEO tools, tips, resources and paid services
  • This is the place to get the best advice, how-tos, research, and insights regarding Search Engine Optimization
  • This helps you level-up your SEO skills in the most comprehensive, accommodating and adept manner

2. Search Engine Journal

SEO Blogs

  • Again one of the most popular online places to get best SEO blog tips
  • Along with SEO, it also incorporates content on social media and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as well
  • However, SEO blogs are the main focus of Search Engine Journal and it offers a mix of blog posts that are quite useful for beginners
  • Here, you can also get latest search marketing updates and tips that are valuable for experienced SEOers as well

3. Search Engine Land

SEO Blogs

  • If you are in search of some of the best SEO blogs to follow, then Search Engine Land has to be in this list
  • It provides content on all the topics related to search engines, search marketing with a primary emphasis on SEO practices and tips
  • Search Engine Land SEO blogs cover all the updates to search engines and different related product
  • You can choose it for different tips on the varieties of aspects of SEO, as its blogs are useful to anyone who practices search engine optimization

4. Neil Patel’s: Helping you Succeed through Online Marketing

SEO Blogs

  • With the frequency about 9 posts per week, Neil Patel’s site offers some of the best SEO blogs
  • Neil Patel assists companies like Amazon, GM, NBC, HP and Viacom incorporate best internet marketing practices and grow their revenue
  • According to The Wall Street Journal, he is a top influencer on the web, while for the Forbes, he is one of the top 10 online marketers
  • As per Entrepreneur Magazine survey, Neil Patel has created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world and anyone who wishes to succeed in search marketing should always consider his blogs as the first place to follow

5. Search Engine Watch

SEO Blogs

  • Search Engine Watch is again a SEO blog site that covers general trends in marketing and advertising, but most importantly it provides information related to search engine marketing
  • It offers some of the best SEO blogs that help marketers with recent and future trends related to search engine marketing and optimization
  • You should follow its SEO blogs to stay up to date on the fast-moving world of SEO

6. Reddit | Search Engine Optimization

SEO Blogs

  • Reddit blogs have Search Engine Optimization category that includes SEO and all its wider facet
  • For SEOers, it is like a community to know and discuss about SEO news, case studies, and tips
  • Frequency of Reddit’s SEO blogs is 56 posts per week

7. Growth Hackers

SEO Blogs

  • While other SEO blog sites listed above incorporate broader aspects of search marketing, Growth Hackers should be your place if you want to hack growth by resolving SEO issues specifically
  • It goes a bit deeper into the technical side of SEO related things which makes it best for website owners who are already well aware of the basics of SEO

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8. Search Engine Roundtable

SEO Blogs

  • Search Engine Roundtable is another very popular online place for some of the latest and best SEO blogs
  • This is one of the top rated SEO resources about the news related to the search engines.
  • Most of its content focuses on SEO announcements and updates made by different companies that rule the search engine space
  • You should follow it to check in for the search engine news that can influence your SEO strategy in the most effective and result driven manner

9. Yoast SEO Blog

SEO Blogs

  • Yoast SEO blogs incorporate several topics related to General SEO, Analytics, Usability & Conversion Rate Optimization, eCommerce, SEO trends, Social Media and WordPress
  • With the frequency of 5 posts per week, it will aid you optimize your website by using best (WordPress) plugins important for SEO of your blog posts, or sites

10. SEMRush

SEO blogs

  • SEMRush includes SEO Blogs that help SEOers in doing keyword and ranking research
  • If you want to know the practices that can help your site perform well in SERPs as per the latest market trends then this is the place to know about the practices significant for your site’s online performance
  • SEMRush post incorporates tips for doing SEO effectively, plus, it offers you different tips to avoid SEP penalties,

11. SEO Book by Aaron Wall

SEO Blogs

  • Aaron Wall who is the founder of SEOBook runs this SEO website that offers SEO training programs and incorporates SEO articles
  • This is best for various SEO tools, SEO videos, and additional SEO resources
  • This site was launched in 2003 and it is one of the oldest online platforms to know about the SEO, however, it is still quite relevant and useful for modern days SEOers
  • With the frequency of 1 post per month, the site is regularly updated for the current state of the web and helps SEOers in the best possible way

12. SEO Inc BlogSEO Blogs

  • It covers most of the beginner topics that a website owner or blogger or e-marketer should know about SEO
  • This is quite useful to know basics of conversion optimization and how to perform keyword research for successful SEO
  • It’s also a good resource to find out some of the latest SEO practices

13. BacklinkoSEO Blogs

  • The Backlinko blog by Brian Dean is best fit to find out in depth guides and example-driven research regarding SEO
  • It helps SEOers strengthen their SEO strategy, as all the posts available at Backlinko are SEO focused
  • You can choose this one for actionable tips on link building, which is one of the most essential parts of SEO

14. SearchMetricsSEO Blogs

  • This is the place to know about the SEO trends and useful updates
  • SEO posts here helps you dive deep into more specific SEO topics such as SEO for any particular regions or industries
  • SearchMetrics blogs incorporate different posts related to current issues in search engine marketing and other aspects of digital marketing

15. Ahrefs SEO BlogsSEO Blogs

  • SEO posts of Ahrefs primarily incorporates SEO topics but it also covers other fields of internet marketing as well. Here you can find case studies, research analysis and guides of some of the best Search Marketing Campaigns
  • This one is quite useful for e-marketers gain a thorough understanding of all the different aspects of SEO

16. BrightedgeSEO Blogs

  • The Brightedge SEO blog is best for website owners who are seeking for general SEO education and tips
  • It covers most of the search engine updates, and here you can find topics like guest posting and performing SEO in other countries that will help you boost your SEO performance
  • This is a good site to keep your eye on for latest SEO updates and trends

17. SEO by the SeaSEO Blogs

  • SEO By the Sea focuses on analyzing how the search engines work and the same working styles translates into its SEO blogs as well
  • You can choose it for knowing different information search companies release and patents search engine companies file
  • Its blogs are quite useful in understanding the workings of the often mysterious search engine algorithms

18. SEO ChatSEO Blogs

  • SEO Chat blogs are best fit to find out News and Talk via which e-marketer can grow their online traffic
  • Here, you can find out posts that includes in depth research and examples that will help you better take actionable insights from the posts
  • You can choose this one to focus on tips and techniques important to improving SEO in 2017

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19. SEOBlog.comSEO Blogs

  • The SEO blogs of SEOBlog.com cover a lot of SEO trends, tips and other aspects of SEO important to optimize online presence
  • You can also find out details of different SEO tools that help internet marketers create marketing reports and do other SEO tasks
  • The blogs here help you understand how to incorporate data and analysis into your SEO strategy

20. Local SEO Guide by Andrew ShotlandSEO Blogs

  • This includes SEO blogs on local search optimization, search engine optimization strategy and small business marketing
  • With the frequency of about 3 posts per month, this is one of the finest places for SEOers who want to excel their niche

21. Pure SEO BlogSEO Blogs

  • Choose SEO Blogs here if you are in search of a place that unveils all the secrets of search engine optimization,  and you can get insights and updates via its monthly blogs
  • Along with SEO, its blogs are quite informative about the other channels of digital marketing as well like social media and the frequency of its posts is about 2 posts per month
  • It offers tailored and effective (SEO) packages that transforms website rankings from nil to 100% in less time than it takes to build a website

22. Found Blog | SEO, PPC, & Social Media News & OpinionSEO Blogs

  • A London-based Digital Performance Agency, Found offers digital strategies for all the digital marketing channels
  • You can opt for this one to know about SEO, paid & natural search, mobile and affiliate marketing, social media, and so on
  • With the frequency of around 3 posts per month, this is one of the best places to find out SEO blogs about the latest SEO trends

23. Reliabesoft.net | SEO Blog by Alex ChrisSEO Blogs

  • Opt for this one to find out real examples on how SEO strategy can boost your web site search engine visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • This one helps you with solid tips and advice that helps you run successful SEO campaigns without taking any risks and being penalized

24. BrightEdge SEO BlogSEO Blogs

  • You can opt for BrightEdge SEO Blog for staying updated about the best SEO practices that are regularly changing and evolving
  • Here you can find out best SEO practices that can help you utilize digital landscape and grow your online presence

25. Link Building Strategies by Eric WardSEO Blogs

  • Link Building Strategies blogs are best to know about the traffic generation via link building
  • You can opt for this one to know about some of the best practices related to SEO, content marketing, and conversions
  • The posts here will for sure help you boost your Google search rankings
  • Eric Ward is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land and ClickZ

Final Words

SEO Blogs help you gain a conversion-driven momentum in your SEO strategies, plus, they help you stay updated with the latest search marketing trends, SEO updates and algorithm changes that will help nail down top positions in SERPs.

Additionally, to ensure more success and master the art and science of SEO, you can join SEO Course as well.

Update me about the best blogs on SEO from the given list that you find most useful.

In case, you wish to suggest any other best SEO blog that I missed in this rundown then update me in comments.

Cheers & Incorporate SEO Strategies that are relevant and always convert!

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