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The education system in India has seen a tremendous change in the recent past with the traditional forms of learning through long term courses taking a back seat and new, trending short term courses becoming popular.

Picking the right course at the right time: Short term courses after 12th or short term courses after graduation is a very important decision because it is your right choice which will lead you towards a rewarding career.

India’s tertiary education system is one of the largest in the world with over ten million students.

Nevertheless, only 1 out of 10 young people have access to higher education, and this is predominantly among the well-off.

Though there is the scope of changing career later, going through it again is a tedious process and you may end up wasting the most important and productive years of your life.

This what course you choose and from where you choose to do it is important

Types of Courses

Before knowing what are the best short term courses, let us first understand what types of courses are there. With the changing education system, there are two types of courses that the youth is opting for.

Depending on your career aspirations, the time available and future prospects one can it for either of them. 

(i) Short Term Courses

Short term courses are certificate programs that have small duration I.e can be completed in a small amount of time. These courses really help in enhancing your personal career or interest.

These courses can be available both online as well as offline. Depending on your choice, your location and future prospects, one can choose their preference. 

You can either opt for short term courses after 12th or short term courses after graduation. 

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(ii) Long Term Courses

Certificate programs that have longer duration are known as long-term courses. These courses are used to get a degree in a particular stream in order to engage your career.

These courses are available both full time and part-time. One can choose either based on their interest and choice. 

Short Term vs Long Term Courses

Short Term vs Long Term

Short Term vs Long Term Source – Grit

1. Commitment

Long term courses due to their long duration require more dedication and commitment of the candidate. However short term courses are more easy to handle and can be co completed without much effort and commitment. 

2. Syllabus

The syllabus for both short term and long term largely remains the same. However, in short term courses, more concentration is paid towards the important aspects of the subject rather than beating around the bush. 

3. Restart

A short term, the course can help you restart your career if you are not happy with the previous one, however for long term courses normally an age Restriction is applied which makes it difficult, for someone who wants to change careers, to pursue. 

4. Time

Long term courses as specified earlier requires higher commitment, this more attention and takes up most of your time, however, the short term requires less time thus,  one can pursue their interest, internship or part-time job with their short term courses. 

5. Career-Specific Needs

The short term courses provide you with a career-specific curriculum and exploring career enhancement programs, short term courses we the best options.

Why Choose Short Term Courses?

Why Choose Short Term Courses

Why Choose Short Term Courses Source – Canva

1. Cost and Benefits

One of the major differences between long and short term course is the cost of the courses. As compared to the long-term course, short term courses are less costly and provide you with the benefit of gaining expertise in a short duration. 

If you opt for an online short term course then life is easy as you can just sit at home and complete your course while taking a practical experience through an internship. 

2. Broadens Horizons

In order to acquire comprehensive knowledge and a deeper understanding of your chosen area of study, it is necessary to start engaging with it for a long time and understand the applicability if the particular area.   

While long term courses have the barrier of age and marks, the short term gives you the chance to broaden your horizon at any age without easy access to all the data that is important for being a master in your field. 

3. Caters to Specific Career Needs

The corporate environment is changing every day and to come up with this change it is important to stay on top of the race by being up to date with all the unique trends and techniques.

In this case, short term courses are a great help as they help expand your knowledge in your specific field, by allowing you to acquire skills in new technologies and methods that have developed.  

4. You can Become a Better Employee by Acquiring New Skills

If a promotion is coming your way, or if you are looking to switch careers or take on additional tasks beyond your main responsibilities, an appropriate short program can lay the right framework.  

5. You can Update or Enhance your Existing Skills

If you want to learn a new skill or enhance a kid skill a short term course is an easiest and fastest way to update your skills. 

6. No Good Time

For short term courses, there is no good time. You can either opt for short term courses after 12th or short term courses after graduation. Whatever time suits you, you can pursue your dreams. 

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7. Change Career

Short term courses help you to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable you to change careers.

8. Improve your CV

By registering in a short term course you can improve your CV by obtaining formal recognition for skills that you have gained through practical experience.

9. A Mock for Further Studies

You can start with a short course in a particular subject to find out whether you have the aptitude for pursuing further studies in that field.

What are the Best Short Term Courses

The market is changing and more avenues are opening up for the youth to try. This has also led to an increase in the number of courses that are available.

There are some short term courses after 12th and some short term courses after graduation. Thus, mentioned are some of the courses that one can opt for : 

1. Data Analytics Course & Data Science Course

Recent research has shown that the number of new Data Science and Analytics jobs advertised per month increased by 78%.

The course helps you get Job roles such as business analysts, data analysts, data engineer, analytics engineer, which.  are in high demand across leading companies.

Also, year on year growth in generic roles is lesser as compared to analytics roles.

Analytics industry is growing at 36% while IT industry growth is 6%.

2. Digital Marketing Course

One of the world’s fastest-growing disciplines, Digital Marketing courses are designed to help one master the essential disciplines in digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimization, web analytics, content marketing, email and mobile marketing.

The certification will help in raising your value in the marketplace and prepare you for a career in digital marketing.

The digital marketing organizations prefer marketing professionals with genuine knowledge, skills and experience verified by a certification which is accepted across industries.

Continuous learning for any working professional is not only important for keeping themselves up to date with the current market trends, but it also helps them expand their array of skill set and become more flexible in the workplace.

The digital marketing course will not only help learners stand out and polish their existing skillset in the marketing domain, but it will also help them take that necessary leap to bigger and more ambitious roles.

3. Artificial Intelligence Course

Recent research shows that the demand for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has seen a 60% Rise.

However, 76% of Indian companies feel that there is a  shortage of skilled professionals in the genre which is slowing down their adoption of Artificial Intelligence.

With so much demand and not enough professionals, a course in AI and machine learning can really be helpful for your career growth.

4. Cyber Security Course

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes, and practices, specially designed to protect networks, computers, and data from attack, damage, and unauthorized access.

With the help of Cyber Security courses professionals can spot vulnerabilities, fend off attacks, and immediately respond to emergencies

One can master the art of Cyber Security by  Learn Security Design, Cryptography, Emerging Threats and Defenses, Network Security and much more.

5. Ethical Hacking Course

Ethical Hacking Course

Ethical Hacking Course Source – Inverse

Ethical hacking, as the name suggests is the process of penetrating the system to protect it from being accessed by an unauthorized person.

With the advancement drive around the world, the work brings digitized and we are our dependency on computers is increasing.

This makes the system sensitive to data and thus vulnerable to be hacked by rivals to steal the confidential data. This insecurity has led to rising in the need of ethical hackers who can strengthen the security system. 

6. SEO Course

In the era of digital marketing, SEO is perhaps the most challenging and rewarding marketing discipline.

Combining data, analytics, content marketing, and proficiency with HTML and technical site optimisation, SEO unlocks the potential of your marketing efforts. 

The SEO course makes one the master in all the above skills as it covers all these key skills and how they coordinate to become an effective marketing strategy.

You can keep yourself updated by learning the latest tools, techniques, and concepts while gaining hands-on experience through interactive projects and labs.

7. Tableau Course

This course helps you in learning the key concepts of Data Visualization and data transformation with the help of cleaning, splitting, pivoting, and merging using Tableau 10.

In introduces you to be new ways of analysing data through, quick highlighting, reference lines, and use the new Clustering feature. 

8. Full Stack Developer Course

Full Stack Web Developer Course

Full Stack Web Developer Course Source – Udemy

This course will help you in learning how to build applications that can support any front-end, and scale to support hundreds of thousands of users.

Full-stack developers work with both the front and back end of a website or application. They’re familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and one or more back end languages.

As the line between what can be done on the front end vs back end becomes more and more similar, and as things that were previously only possible on the back end become possible on the front end, more developers are becoming what we call “full-stack.”

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9. Web Development Course

Web development is a wide arena which includes a range of work from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications.

It is mainly used to signify the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet or an intranet. Web development can range electronic businesses and social network services.

In a time where all the brands are going online, Web Development is an exciting opportunity which offers one of the best jobs in India.

10. Machine Learning Course

The field of study that gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed is known as Machine Learning.

It is one of the most exciting technologies that one would have ever come across as it offers the computer something that makes it more similar to humans, the ability to learn. 

Machine learning is being used very these days in almost all the places, which makes it among the best jobs in India and the highest paying jobs in India for freshers.

Points to Keep in Mind While Opting for Short Term Courses

After knowing what are the best short term courses, let us now focus on the points that you should keep in mind while opting for short term courses.

While there are various short term courses available in the market, but some points to be kept in mind are : 

1. Choose your Course Wisely

While planning to choose your short-term course, make sure you think it through and based on your interest, latest trend, duration of course and scope of the course choose the course which best suits you. 

2. Perfect Time

There is no perfect time to start a short term course, you can either opt for one right after 12th and choose your graduation accordingly or opt for a short term course after you are done with your graduation in order to update your skills and grow in your niche. 

3. Choosing an Institute

While opting for Short term course, what is important is to choose the best institute. Various institutes provide plenty of short term courses but choose the one which has a strong history and the best faculty to help you with your courses. 

4. Extra Practical Knowledge

Along with short term courses, one can also pursue internships or part-time jobs to get practical knowledge of what they are learning. This will help you in understanding the course better.

Final Thoughts

Time is very precious and you need to start thinking about your career in this short period of time. Many of you may look forward to pursuing some short term course or you may be looking for higher studies and start preparing for any entrance exam.

Only a graduation degree is not enough in this competitive world. You have to be specialised in some part which leads you to get a decent job.

Hopefully, you must have got the answer to your question of what are the best short term courses.

Short term courses are gaining huge popularity among professionals and are thus a good choice if you want to learn something new and master it. Make the best choice for your career and ensure a great future ahead.

Data Science Course and Digital Marketing Course are among some of the short term courses that top the chart. Get enrolled in them today and take your career to the next level.

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