How Brands are Nailing Social Space in India: Social Media Marketing Case Studies

by Ritu Jhajharia | Updated on: February 25, 2021 | 9 Min Read.

“Online is old news.

Online in Social Media is today’s news.

Social Media is no longer a subset of Internet.

Social Media is the Internet.” –Anonymous

This is not an exaggeration by any means but the reality of our times. Social Media controlling our behavior and defining not only our interactions but our lives at large, is no longer a far-fetched science fiction. Social Media is where we live now.

Social Media is the Internet. Give yourself some time to let it sink in with its complete force. Because this reality is not going anywhere, not anytime soon at least. Especially in the context of a vast, diverse and complicated developing country like India.

It’s a well-known fact that smartphones have led the Internet wave in our country over last half a decade. Thanks to the smartphone revolution and falling telecom prices, people in the remote areas of our country are using Internet in some or the other ways. And one can easily argue with authenticity and conviction that for most of the early internet users, Social Media really is all the Internet that they know.

On the onset, this seems to be one of the primary contributors to the immense growth that Social Media giants like Facebook have experienced in the last five years.

For marketers, advertisers and brands, this presents huge opportunities to experiment with Social Media as a key marketing communications platform. And the opportunity presented by Social Media to reach out to a large targeted audience is not lost on anyone.

Brands have rolled out many interesting campaigns across Social Media to communicate with their audience in different ways. Be it a small brand or behemoths like Google, Social Media has emerged as the go-to channel to reach out to the audience with their offering.

Let’s take a sneak peak into four interesting and successful Social Media Marketing case studies of campaigns rolled out by different brands during the last year, and see how it panned out across sectors.

Social Media Marketing in India: Case Studies

1.) Avon India presents #PayAttention: A Clutter-breaking Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

PayAttention AvonIndia

#PayAttention by Avon India – A Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative

Campaign Objective

One of the key concerns about dealing with Breast Cancer is the lack of awareness and knowledge, especially on the parts of the victims. Not to forget the role that social stigma plays into keeping this ignorance going.

The marketing team of Avon India developed a strategic brand communication campaign with the central theme of #PayAttention, to address these concerns.

Early detection plays crucial role in treating a deadly disease like Cancer. Regular self examination is a simple and effective way to detect early signs of onset of Breast Cancer and if further diagnosis is required.

The objective was to spread awareness on breast cancer prevention protocol – the Breast Self-Examination – just 4 easy steps and a few minutes in a month when made a ritual, could help in an early detection of this disease and prevent countless lives. (Source: Social Samosa)


The campaign faced the challenge of breaking the clutter of other Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The challenge was not only to stand out with an effectively executed communication campaign but also to invoke sustained dialogue so that a behavioral change can be brought in to drive early detection of the disease.

To deal with this, the brand executed the campaign in four stages. To break the clutter, the campaign was launched a month prior to the arrival of Global Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is observed in October.

“We launched our campaign in September – way before the Breast Cancer Month in October to ensure our messaging does not get lost in the clutter of campaigns that arise specifically in October. Owing to this strategy we were able to organically gain influencers/ partners who willingly joined hands with us without expecting a penny in return of their associations.”

– Swati Jain, Avon India, Director of Marketing

The four stages of execution were as following:

  • Stage One: Learning

Marketing research was performed to understand Breast Cancer in depth and the finding were shared with key stakeholders like media, medical fraternity and celebrities etc. This helped in creating the groundwork in order to understand the gravity of the situation and that it can affect anyone.

  • Stage Two: Engagement

Avon India launched an official campaign website ( to engage with and provide information around Breast Cancer to its audience.

A demonstrative video was also created and shared across channels including Social Media which helped generate awareness, create engagement and also drove engagement via influencers.

Sharing real-life survivor stories also generated engagement. All these engagement initiatives and Digital Marketing activities helped in creating buzz around the campaign.

  • Stage Three: Association

In stage three, the campaign went for on-ground association by taking influencers, bloggers and oncologists on board for this. Interactive sessions were held across many cities and an awareness marathon was also held in Kohima, among other impactful initiatives.

  • Stage Four: Partnership

At the last stage of the campaign, the brand partnered with the Indian Cancer Society to activate its medico vans in 7 cities, helping people understand the importance of early Breast Self-Examination.

In another important collaboration with DIVA – Centre for Breast Care, the brand conducted 10,000 free Breast exams across cities to include the marginal sections of the society in this fight against Breast Cancer.


As per Avon India, the campaign owned the highest Share Of Voice (SOV) with 15% of the total conversations, as against 1% SOV by the second best campaign.

On the offline platforms, the campaign reached out to 1.09 Billion people. The company claims to have generated PR value worth USD 206.7 Million with a media spend of just USD 2.5K, which is a huge RoI.

On social media, the brand managed to clock a reach of more than 917 million on Facebook, 101 million on Twitter, 109 Million through PR stories and 29 influencer videos with 36 million impressions. Additionally, over a 185 thousand interactions were created on Instagram, followed by 199 thousand interactions on Facebook posts.

#PayAttention also managed to become one of the top trending hashtags around Breast Cancer Awareness in the country during its run-time.

(Source : Social Samosa)

2.) Comic-Con India pulled off an organic Influencer Engagement Campaign with 57 Influencers

Campaign Objective

For its last edition, the marketing team of Comic Con India wanted to pull off a one-of-its-kind Influencer Marketing campaign. They wanted to leverage the fandom of its fans to promote the event across the country

The concept behind the campaign was to only generate authentic word-of-mouth on Digital Marketing channels via the truest of the true fans.

To ensure this, the team decided that they won’t pay the influencers for content creation or for promotion of the event. Hence, they needed to create a strong pull for the influencers so that they engage with the brand on their own.

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The team faced two main challenges in planning the execution of the campaign:

  • How to find the truest of true comic fans in India?
  • Since the campaign was non-paid, how would they plan the campaign structure and engagement?

Comic-Con brought team Qoruz on board to help them with both the challenges.

To zero in on the best possible influencers for the Comic -Con India events, Qoruz scanned through more than 2 lakh Indian influencer profiles using an advanced discovery engine, and found the people best matching the criteria laid down by the brand.

To activate these influencer and to also acknowledge Comic Con’s association with them for the activity, the team deployed Qoruz Rewards- a unique wizard-based proposition. The ultimate reward for these comic fans was a Super Fan VIP passes, a privileged all-expense paid VIP entry to the Comic-Con event fully loaded with free access to the event and loads of goodies and merchandise!

Through Qoruz Rewards that automates outreach, campaign management, and campaign analytics, Qoruz helped bring this unique non-paid influencer engagement campaign to reality for Comic Con India.


ComicConIndia SuperFan

Influencer Engagement by Comic-Con India Superfans

A total of 57 social media influencers participated in the campaign. They generated more than 225 pieces of original social media content, and created an unprecedented buzz around any such event in the country, purely via organic engagement.

The campaign received total engagements exceeding 31,000, with a unique reach of 1,75,000.

With this unique campaign, Comic-Con reached the right people, through the right people, at virtually no cost. Now that’s a successful Social Media campaign story to take inspiration from.

3. Mahindra LifeSpaces Builds a Green Army: #IAmGreenArmy

Campaign Objective

Mahindra Lifespaces intended to establish a deeper connect as an eco-friendly and as an eco-conscious brand. The brand wanted to strengthen its association with sustainable and eco-friendly communities.

A Social Media campaign #IAmGreenArmy was launched to communicate the brand philosophy to the social media audience by helping them inculcate eco-friendly habits in their daily lives.


The campaign was strategized around the insight that it takes at least 18 to 254 days to form a habit. Taking a cue from this the brand devised the initiative as an 18 day challenge.

The idea was to activate the audience to take simple steps in their day-to-day lives that would collectively have a significant impact on the environment.

Facebook and Twitter were chosen as the primary social media platforms for the campaign. The initiative was focused on inculcating green and sustainable living habits to promote energy conservation, and preservation of water and natural resources by recycling/ reusing materials and reducing waste.

A video was released to raise awareness around the #IAmGreenArmy challenge and to encourage people to participate in it. A simple challenge was posted everyday for the audience to take on. The challenge would include a simple yet effective task around eco-friendly behavior. Along with the tasks, the brand also would put out informative communication on how our behavior and actions impact the environment.

There was a daily winner who would be rewarded with prizes. Three ‘Green Challengers’ were selected as grand winners who completed all 18 challenges.


The launch video received more than 1,00,000 views across both Facebook and Twitter. This helped the brand receive a huge amount of entries for the challenge.

The campaign clocked a whopping 42 million impressions across platforms, whereas the engagement received on both Facebook and Twitter was over 2,60,000.

Over the course of 18 days, the page received 4,753 comments reflecting the power of successful and meaningful engagement by the campaign.

4.) A Ride to Remember: Ola Prime Time with Celebrity Influencers

Campaign Objective

Ola wanted to launch a dedicated campaign to promote new and improved offering from Ola, Prime Cab Service in Bengaluru with superior amenities such as free WiFi, best-rated drivers, and premium vehicles in the city.


The brand brought celebrity influencers on board to ride with the users when they requested for Ola Prime, so that the users could experience one of the most memorable rides. The ride was planned as a surprise to sweep the users off their feet.


Ola Prime User with Abish Matthew and Milind Soman during a ride

Ola signed up with celebrities Milind Soman, Narain Karthikeyan and Abish Mathew, who not only have a great recall but also have a huge fan following on both online and offline channels.

When a user booked an Ola Prime during the campaign, these celebrities arrived in their cab to ride with them.

The idea was to bank on the popularity and brand value of these celebrities to spark interest, curiosity and strong brand recall among their audience.


Though we don’t have the access to the exact numbers, the company is reported to have received an increase in the number of Ola Prime bookings directly attributed to the campaign. The number of bookings are believed to have shot through the roof for Ola Prime as a result of the campaign.

Thrilled passengers, and the social media promotion around the activity helped the company drive conversation around their new service. Create Your Own Social Media Marketing Case Study

Writing an analysis of a Social Media Marketing campaign helps understand the mechanics of a successful campaign. This approach of constructive criticism helps shape our campaign strategies as Social Media Marketers.

Learn to evaluate Social Media Marketing Case Studies in effective manner and utilize the learnings in your own campaign planning. This is an effective yet not so explored method of learning from real life examples.

Do you agree?

Image Courtesy:, Social Samosa, Ola

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