5 Parameters For Successful Lead Ads On Facebook

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Lead Ads are the best way to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Lead Ads let people show their interest in a product or service. By filling out a form in the ad with their details and allowing a business to follow up with them. It makes it easier for customers to submit their information from across any devices. 

Customers use Lead Ads for fixing an appointment or requesting more information about a particular product or services. By filling out Lead Ad Form that appears on news feeds. The forms already have some information pre-filled based on information shared by the customer. This important as people spend more time on mobile, where filling out the form is very difficult. 

Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads

There are 5 Parameters which ensures that our Lead Ads on Facebook are successful:-

  1. Campaign Set-Up
  2. Creative
  3. Lead Forms
  4. Responding to leads
  5. A/B testing

#1) Campaign Set-Up for Lead Ads

To ensure that Lead Ads are successful it is important to see that the campaign set up is formed correctly. The steps to ensure that are:-

  • Setting up the right bidding.
  • Determining the right amount of budget required for the campaign.
  • Implementing the Facebook Pixel on Website.
Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ad set-up

Setting up the right bidding

There is two option to set the bid: automatic or manual bidding.

One can choose automatic bidding when they want Facebook ad auction system to adjust the bid to acquire the most leads as possible with the set budget.

One can choose manual bidding if marketers want to decide on the value of each lead.Example if the lead is worth Rs.300, bid at least Rs.300. Lower bids can reduce the number of people in the target audience who can see the ad.

Lead Ads

Lead Ads Budget & Schedule

Determining Right Budget for Lead Ads

Facebook has a global reach and it can scale up the campaign quickly. But it is very important to understand the lead volume and ensure that a quick follow-up is possible.  Lead Ads can create thousands of leads which is an overwhelming thing for teams that are nurturing these potential customers. If a business can manage the volume of leads than one can increase the daily budget accordingly. But also segmenting the budgets too broadly can make it harder for the ads to be delivered as much as one intends them to.

Implementing the Facebook Pixel

To efficiently target, optimize and measure Lead Ads campaigns it is important to implement the Facebook Pixel on the website and specify the conversion events value. Conversion events include View Content which is the page views that is a result of Lead Ads campaign. It is important to remember that incorrect Pixel setup can impact delivery so make sure installing, verifying and firing correctly Facebook Pixel.

#2) Creative

To ensure Lead ads are successfully one has to ensure that the ads are creative this can be done by

  • Using Videos
  • Using Carousel ads
  • Demonstrating Brand Identity
  •  Offering Incentive
  • Including Value proposition

Using Videos

Videos are a powerful way to engage people and convey the right message to them. Video Lead Ads function the same way as lead Ads does with photos.When people click on the call-to-action button below the video, they’ll land up to the Lead Ad form.

Using Carousel ads

Carousel Ads give a more creative real estate in News Feed to showcase compelling imagery for brands and products, increasing the intent of leads submitted.One can easily showcase up to 10 clickable images within a single ad unit and Facebook can optimize the order of images based on the relevance to each targeted individual.

Lead Ads

Carousel Ad

Demonstrating Brand Identity

Demonstrating  Brand Identity to the users because Lead Ads ask people for personal information. Therefore it ensures the brand is front and center so that customer knows who the brand is. Developing trust is important when they are sharing information and requesting follow-up from.

Offering Incentives

Whether it’s a coupon or redemption of a free item, consider including an incentive in the ad creative. People are more likely to share their personal information with the brand when they are given something in return.

Including Value proposition

The ad copy is the perfect place for a brand to share their value proposition. Letting People know how they will be benefiting from filling out the form is important.

#3) Lead Forms

In Lead Ads, Lead forms play the most important part, therefore it is very important to ensure that the forms are correct and properly formed. Things to keep in mind are:

  • Ask few Question
  • Add Custom Question
  • Provide more context and be specific
  • Limit the options
  • Test different forms
  • Customize Disclaimers

Ask Few Question

It is advised to ask few question in lead forms because with increasing number of question in form leads to increasing number of people leaving the form not filled. Although more information about the potential customer is useful, it can also result in people abandoning the form. With each required text field the chances of someone not finishing the form increases.

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Add Custom Questions

One can add up to three custom questions and require that customers either choose from a list of options or input their answer in an open text field. It is recommended to provide a list of options because any text input requirement increases friction in filling out the form which can increase abandonment.

Lead Ads

Lead form

Provide more context and be specific

Unlike traditional link ads, lead ads should provide more context as we are requesting immediate action from people. We can do so by adding a Welcome Screen, which appears after someone clicks on the ad and before start filling out the form.

A welcome screen can help ensure that leads received are of higher quality. Example, if we want to find new email subscribers, use a welcome screen to explain what type of content is been offered in those emails.

Lead Ads

Facebook lead ad

Limit the options

The questions in which the customer has to choose from the list, limiting the option to just three or four is advisable.Less scrolling leads to a better user experience.

The flexibility of requesting open-ended answers is helpful for many brands. But there are some types of information that we can’t request through Lead Ads, without prior written permission from Facebook. They include:

  • Government- issued identifiers
  • Financial information
  • Account number
  • Health information
  • Insurance information
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Criminal or arrest history

Test different forms

We should make campaign using a few different ads sets with different forms. This gives us the ability to see what format gives the lowest cost per lead.To make testing different forms easier. Create one form, copy it, and then make edits to the copied form.

Customize your disclaimers

When customizing disclaimer include a hyperlink so people can find out more information. Including Checkboxes to require people to give permission to share their information as advisable.

#4) Responding to leads

While we make Lead Ads it is very important to ensure that the leads received from the ads are responded accordingly. Following things are to be kept in mind:-

  • Follow-up
  • Download leads regularly
  • Run lead ads during times when quick follow up is possible
  • Follow-up when it’s most convenient for the leads.

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Try to minimize the time it takes to follow up with customers once their lead information has been submitted. Longer follow-up times can adversely impact the likelihood of conversions.

Download leads regularly

Facebook strongly recommends integrating with their Marketing API, or frequently download leads via CSV file from the page, Ads Manger or Facebook Power Editor.

Run lead ads during times when quick follow up is possible

If the business requires immediate follow-up, schedule the campaigns to run at times when you or call center operates. A dialog can we started immediately with the lead after they share their information.

Follow-up when it’s most convenient for the leads

Use custom questions to find out when to best reach customers.Some may prefer to be reached on weekends and other in evenings.Understanding when it’s most convenient for those we are reaching out to will lead to more positive experience and help maximize conversion rates.

#5) A/B Testing

If starting the Lead Ads campaigns for the first time is advisable to A/B testing it with regular link ads. Steps to ensure which ad format is best for you:

  1. Create one campaign using the website conversions objective.
  2. Create one campaign using lead generation objective.
  3. At the ad set level, use the same budget, bid, targeting and similar on- screen creative for both.Use website conversion campaign to drive people to a mobile or desktop webpage containing a form to fill.
  4.  Placing Facebook Pixel on the post-submission webpage so as to track lead events.
  5. Set up a website conversion campaign optimizing leads and separate lead ad campaign bidding CPM for leads. All information such as targeting, bid amount and budget should be exactly identical in both campaigns.

Summing Up

Facebook Lead ads are a powerful tool to create leads. But you should not forget about the competition.

Always value visitor’s experience and that is why ask them to give some advice on how you can improve your business. It will also make them more interested in being associated with you.

 Hence this is a promising alternative for gathering valuable user base data, which will help the business to grow. It is also a great way to build a direct relationship with the prospective customers.

Above mentioned tips are not only reflecting bright ideas on improving the lead ads but also opens windows to indulge business growth.

However, it completely depends on how creatively and uniquely you are implementing in creating the lead ads.

Photo Credits: Facebook.com

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