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When Rati Tehri Singh started IMBB, she was an English Honours graduate. During these 8 years of blogging, she became a professional makeup artist by training under big makeup artists in India, London, and Paris. Since her blog is a makeup blog, Rati wanted to have a complete grasp on makeup techniques which are used internationally, and bring them to the Indian audience.

How did the idea of Blogging clicked your mind and how did the blog came into being? Would you share the story behind that? 

Rati Tehri Singh: Sanjeev, my husband, and I were already running a successful CAT prep website called since 2006. But I got exhausted doing it because the course for CAT is quite limited and I felt I was done contributing to it. During that time, my interest in makeup grew a bit because I got married. I had a few products in my trousseau that I wanted to know more about. Since I was already on the internet for years, finding about makeup on the internet was quite natural for me. When I started searching, I could not find any information about the makeup products that were available in India. So, I decided to start a blog and review the products that I had. I thought it might help others in making informed decisions.

Did you find Makeup Blogging better than other career opportunities? 

Rati Tehri Singh: I would not call it any better than any other career option that you might choose for yourself. If you take it as your career, it’s just like any other job that would require your 100% time and effort. And it is becoming harder to succeed at it with time.

Which are your 3 favorite Digital Marketing Tools?

Rati Tehri Singh: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – in that order. Facebook we use to reach the masses, Instagram for teenagers, and Twitter for brands.

Do you think that it’s possible for a newbie to make profession out of blogging? What should s/he do for the same?

Rati Tehri Singh: I think it is becoming more difficult now because when I started, the blogging space was not as saturated as it is today. There are a ton of bloggers now. But if you have something unique to bring to the table, you can still make a mark. Just doing what everyone else is doing and becoming a part of the already saturated pond, it’s difficult to make your mark. 

Can you help our readers visualize the life of a blogger by sharing about your typical day at work?

Rati Tehri Singh: My day is very different everyday, from doing makeup looks, to reviews, and to testing various products. Fortunately, I am not a lone blogger working on my website anymore. I have a full team who manages the work. Everyone has their work designated and we all work together. But I do take makeup looks and reviews still. A whole lot of business aspect is managed by Sanjeev and creative part is managed by me. On days when I have to do a makeup look, they are longer than the others. But for me it’s each day as it comes. 

How do you measure your success at

Rati Tehri Singh: The measure of our success is simple for us- if we can convince our readers to check our reviews before buying a product, that is an indicator that we have done good work to provide value to them and generate their trust.

Can you share about the proudest moment in your blogging journey?

Rati Tehri Singh:

The little proud moments come everyday when readers message that they bought a product on our recommendation and they love it. The big proud moment came when we crossed 10 million page views in a month.

If you were to list top 3 reasons for success of, what would those be? 

Rati Tehri Singh: Hard work, changing from time to time, and the crazy amount of passion for all things makeup and beauty. 

What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far? 

Rati Tehri Singh: There have been many. But one of the most important was that we stopped taking free products from the brands a few years back to keep our reviews super authentic. We decided to buy every single product that would feature on our website. It was a hard step to take because you have to rise above the temptation of getting free products from PRs ever so often. Plus, we would have to spend all the money from our pockets. But that one strong decision made us what we are today. One, it gave us a stronger voice over anyone else in beauty community on the internet. We felt free to call a rock a rock without mincing our words. And second, it really gained us a trust among our readers. I myself would not buy a product without reading a review on IMBB now. 

Looking back, what changes would you make if you were to start again?

Rati Tehri Singh: Maybe have a better sense of photography. We learnt it as we went along. 🙂

What are your future plans for

Rati Tehri Singh: We want to become Google of makeup reviews and everything beauty. If a product exists in the world, we want its review on IMBB. And that’s what we work towards every day. 

How do you see Digital Media evolving in future? What are the top 3 trends do you foresee for 2018?

Rati Tehri Singh: We have already seen how powerful social media was, in shaping the US election. As internet penetration increases in India, most of it through mobile, social media app are going to become more and more prominent, and they would take a huge chunk of buying decisions of people on the net. Influencers, reviews, videos, everything is going to play a dominant role in deciding which brands do better online.

Would you like to share few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya?

Rati Tehri Singh: More than anyone else, we know that internet is becoming a big career opportunity for everyone. In the last few years, internet companies have become one of the biggest paymasters and these companies are forever in need of professionals who are internet savvy.

Even brick-and-mortar companies are trying to make their online presence felt. It is great that companies such as Digital Vidya exist to fill the gap between people and companies.

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