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Top 7 Instagram Analytics Tools You Must Use

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Instagram has become the new social media sensation off-late! This social media platform fueled with pictures and videos, has altogether given a new dimension to visual marketing. Through Instagram, it has become feasible for businesses to narrate their brand story visually and encourage the consumers to generate & share their real-time activities in form of pictures and short video clippings.

Did you know that in 2017, more than 70% of the companies leveraged upon Instagram to solve their marketing purpose as compared to less than 50% in 2016?

Interestingly, it is one of the most actively used Social Media Marketing tool leveraged upon the marketers these days. Various ways in which Instagram Marketing is conducted by the marketers are:

  • Encouraging users to upload pics using the brand’s hashtag
  • Running contests giving away prizes
  • Organizing Photo walks, treasure hunts, other BTL activities, asking users to take pictures as they move along
  • Conducting Influencer Activities to keep the engagement on

However, irrespective of the marketing tool you use, maintaining a track of the activities, tracking the metrics and analyzing the results is the key to success. Thus, aligned with this thought, we bring to you the Best Instagram Analytics tools to keep a track of your progress and discover areas for improvement.

Top Instagram Analytics Tools

Let’s figure the top Instagram Analytics tools that you must use to track and improve the results:

1.) Instagram Insights

As soon as you’ll have your business account created on Instagram, you’ll automatically get access to this free Instagram Analytics tool. You can get detailed insights on the following metrics:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Website Clicks
  • Profile Views
  • Followers

Besides your insights on your business profile, you can even review the Instagram Insights on the stories. Further to this, as a marketer, you can even gain information about your audience, like their location, gender, the busiest time of day, etc.

2.) Simply Measured

A free Instagram Analytics tool, Simply Measured brings along with it the following features:

  • Helps you identify the reach of your brand
  • Shows which potential influencers already follow you.
  • Enables to comprehend what content or campaigns work best for your business.
  • Has a provision of three reporting areas to view – total engagement, engagement as a share of your total followers, and how that engagement measures up to past posts. 
  • Seek instant feedback on which photo filters drive the most engagement with your own specific audience.
  • Provides a scorecard that ranks your Instagram performance for any given time period.

3.) Iconosquare

One of the oldest Instagram Analytics tools, Iconosquare was previously referred to as Statigram. Iconosquare solves multiple purposes-

  • Help understand how does the frequency of posting impacts the inflow of new followers or loss of followers on a daily basis.
  • Enables how to post across different channels at the same point of time.
  • Shows comments and interactions on each post to keep the conversation ongoing.
  • Holds a library of readily available content to access.
  • Allows you to compare the influencers based on their followers and engagement metrics.

4.) Sprout Social

Yet another interesting and undoubtedly one of the top Instagram Analytics tools is Sprout Social. It has a fully-featured editorial calendar to schedule fresh content across multiple social media platforms- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Basically, this tool has combined features of tracking the analytics of content creation and tools management as well. You can even dive deeper into individual hashtag performance or even locations of the preferred posts.

5.) Squarelovin

For those systematic marketers, who are keen to track the performance of their Instagram business profiles on monthly, daily, or even hourly basis; Squarelovin is the one-stop solution! Well, wouldn’t it be great to if you know the ‘worst time to post’? Yes, you got that right! Squarelovin is one of those rare Instagram Analytics tools that helps you figure out the best time to post, depending on when your followers are most likely on the app.

6.) InstaFollow

As the name clearly suggests, InstaFollow is one of those top Instagram Analytics tools to track the number of new followers and the number of unfollows on your Instagram business profile. Besides, this tools is effective to track who you followed that doesn’t follow you back! Interesting, isn’t it? Additionally, using this tool is recommended to identify the what type of content deviates the followers from your Instagram account and how & who to spend more time to build engagement with.

7.) Social Bakers

If you are keen to know the most liked and most commented on posts, most popular hashtags on your Instagram business profile, hands down SocialBakers is the go-to Instagram Analytics tool! Precisely, this tool also displays a handy chart showing the posts’ distribution over the period of last 1 year. Besides analyzing your posts’ performance, you can also compare it with your competitor’s performance via an Instagram Report to identify the weak points and improvise upon the same, accordingly.

We recommend using at least one of the aforesaid free Instagram Analytics Tool to assess the performance and bring actionable measures to alter the results. If you are still on the lookout for more Instagram followers for your business,  we suggest you to access the ultimate guide to get more Instagram Followers!

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