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How to Develop a Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter marketing strategy

Are you looking forward to a developing a powerful Twitter Marketing strategy? If yes, then this post specifically caters to your needs.

Seeing the reach, effectiveness and advertising potential, Twitter is one of the best Social Media Marketing platforms for bloggers, marketers, businesses, and brands.

“Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversation – and it’s happening with or without you.” – Charlene Li

Top marketers have now understood that Twitter is an extremely powerful and exceedingly utilized web-based social networking platform to convert the target audiences.

They make powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy and drive traffic to optimize their brand reach and boost conversions.

Twitter videos can be a key tool for brands, with the potential to increase purchase intent by 34% and to improve positive brand sentiment by 14%. 

Twitter furnishes you with more than 220 million potential customers. With a customized Twitter Marketing Strategy, you can target those potential customers who lean towards your kind of business.

Finding that group of onlookers will be a vital segment of your Twitter Social Media Marketing strategy. Below given five steps will guide you in the process-

5 Steps To Make Best Twitter Marketing Strategy

1. Know The Target Audience For Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

Characterizing your audiences is the establishment of any business’ Twitter Marketing Strategy. Your target audience can be Book Lovers, Wine Lovers, Males, Females, or anyone, depending upon the kinds of business you run. You can find your target audiences by using below given two Twitter Marketing Tools-


Twitter marketing strategy-source-search engine journal
Twellow. Com
  • This helps you make Twitter Marketing Strategy as Twitter ‘Yellow Pages’
  • It will help you discover categories that match your objective market, for example, ‘Book Lovers’
  • Then you can follow Twitter clients in that category by clicking ‘Follow’


Twitter marketing strategy-source-business2community. Com
  • This one will enable you to follow the followers of other individuals
  • This is extremely productive on the grounds that by following a best blogger’s Twitter followers in your category you will target those followers who are pre-qualified

Following someone who follows you is Twitter decorum. In the same manner, when another person whom you follow will start following you and begin seeing your Tweets in their Twitter stream then they will see your links and get enticed to click and be taken to your blog.

2. Know Your Twitter Marketing Objectives

Next thing that Twitter Marketing Strategy PDF talks about is, knowing Twitter Marketing Goals. You have to choose what you are attempting to accomplish with your Twitter Marketing Campaign. A few cases of different objectives you might need to accomplish with your Twitter marketing effort are-

  • Increase activity on your site
  • Optimize client benefit
  • Boost Company Sales
  • Engagement with clients and potential prospects
  • Increase in Twitter followers
  • Enhance and advance the brand

Your Twitter Marketing Strategy PDF objectives need to be specific and timely. If you want to increase followers, you should be clear that you want to increase followers by a fixed percentage per month.

Therefore, setting up particular measurements for objectives in Twitter Marketing Strategy PDF will enable you to check degrees of accomplishment or disappointment and permit you screen and alter your Twitter Social Media Marketing Strategy

3. Know The Types Of Twitter Ads & Twitter Ad Campaigns

To make a result driven Twitter Marketing Strategy, you need to be aware of three different types of Twitter Ads that you can use to run Twitter Campaigns- Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends.

Twitter marketing strategy
Types of twitter ads

(i) Promoted Tweets

  • Such Tweets are basically general Tweets for which you need to pay to show your tweets to individuals who are not officially following you on Twitter
  • Promoted Tweets can also be Liked or Retweeted like other normal Tweets
  • They give you a brilliant opportunity to broaden the scope of awesome content that is as of now performing great on Twitter or other social channels

(ii) Promoted Accounts

  • This will enable you to get your Twitter account before targeted Twitter clients to increase followers who are relevant to your business
  • Around 85 per cent of marketers trust a Twitter Marketing Strategy with Promoted Accounts enable them to find new business on Twitter
  • These accounts are shown specifically in targets’ timelines, and additionally in ‘Search Results’ and the ‘Who to Follow’ proposals

(iii) Promoted Trends

  • Trending Tweets on Twitter are the most discussed subjects and with Promoted Trends, you can let your subject trend on Twitter
  • This will be shown the left side of the page, on the Twitter application and the Discover tab
  • This helps you promote a hashtag at the highest priority

You can choose the type of Ad from the previously mentioned three Twitter Ads and then can run below given seven types of Twitter Ad Campaigns-

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Seven Types Of Twitter Ad Campaigns

(i) Tweet Engagements

In such campaign, you make a Twitter Marketing Strategy that advances your Tweets with the objective of beginning discussions around your brand. You will be required to pay just for the initial engagement with every client

(ii) Followers

In these Ad campaigns, you make Twitter Marketing Strategy advance your Twitter account and pay per follower you pick up

(iii) Awareness

For awareness campaigns, you elevate your Tweets to a wide crowd and pay for impressions (cost per thousand, or CPM)

(iv) Video Views

These Ad campaigns increase the number of people who see your videos. You pay per video view

(v) Site Clicks Or Conversions

It allows you to include a Website Card and you will pay for both clicks and conversions

(vi) Application Installations

In such Ad campaigns, you elevate your Tweets to clients you need to download your application. You are allowed to include a Website Card and in this, you will pay per app install

(vii) Lead Generation

In these ad campaigns, you promote your Tweets that add Lead Generation Cards to gather leads and pay per lead gathered.

4. Know How To Make The Best Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter marketing strategy
How right twitter marketing strategy helps you

You design a Twitter Marketing Strategy to accomplish the objectives that you have set out. I have included a few cases of Twitter Marketing Strategy suggested by top Twitter Marketing Strategy PPT-

According to Twitter Marketing Strategy PPT, here are the 4 objectives that you need to take care of:

(i) Twitter Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Twitter Followers

  • You should include a visible “Follow me on Twitter” Buttons on the upper right-hand corner of the site, blog, newsletters and in emails.
  • You should follow individuals in your category utilizing the Twitter “Yellow Pages” tools such as
  • Then you should follow the followers of best bloggers in your industry utilizing the tool like

(ii) Twitter Marketing Strategy To Increase Traffic To The Blog

  • You should computerize tweeting of your best posts all the time utilizing Twitter Marketing Tools such as
  • Then you should send Power Tweets that increase engagement quite impressively.
  • You should utilize # (hash) tags in your tweets to put your tweet into the lists that people are observing on their Twitter applications, for example, TweetDeck or Hootsuite.

(iii) Twitter Marketing Strategy To Increment The Number Of Twitter Lists You Are On

  • People on Twitter will put you on a list in the event that they think you are significant to a subject they are concerned too.
  • You can grow your list count by creating extraordinary content that instructs and tackles issues.
  • You can also increment the number of Twitter lists you are on by being pervasive on the web and distributing your content to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, and other Social Networks.

(iv) Twitter Marketing Strategy To Expand Engagement On Twitter

  • When you plan to have a strategy to increase engagement then you need to focus on having more one to one conversations either via a public channel or through Twitter’s private messaging feature i.e. “Direct Messages”.
  • You should answer questions individuals ask you on Twitter, plus, you can also ask questions to your Twitter followers.
  • You should recognize those individuals who often retweet your blogs or tweets.

5. Monitor & Modify Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter marketing strategy-business 2 community
Monitor twitter marketing strategy


Monitoring can be understood as taking a gander at the remarks and feedback that you receive on Twitter. You monitor soft metrics to understand how your content is behaving with your targets and hence can ensure that your marketing tone is certain, positive and engaging.

You should check your @mentions routinely to perceive what is being said. To measure the performance of your Twitter Marketing Strategy, you can use below given tools-

(i) Google Analytics

You should use this tool to measure the Visits to your Blog or Website. You can utilize Google Analytics and set it up on your blog website to quantify the traffic that is really converting and benefiting your objectives. This is a free tool and you can add it to your site just by asking your developer to do so

(ii) Tweet Counter

This will help you keep a tab on the quantity of Twitter-followers, you are following and how they are helping in conversions. You can also find some other tools to help you gauge clicks on your links. You can use tools like to do the analysis of what nations are tapping on links from Twitter.

Some of the other Twitter Marketing Tools that will help you modify your Twitter Marketing Strategy is-

Best Twitter Marketing Tools

  • HootSuite
  • Buffer
  • AgoraPulse
  • CoTweet
  • SocialOomph
  • Tweriod
  • ManageFlitter
  • Triberr

Master Your Twitter Marketing Now!

Following aforestated steps will for sure help you create a highly powerful and result-driven Twitter Marketing Strategy that connects, convinces and converts your target audiences.

Next thing that you can do is master your Twitter Marketing skills by joining a Social Media Marketing Course that covers all kinds of Twitter Ads and guides you how to use them and make more bling for your bucks.

To know what would be the right Twitter Social Media Marketing Strategy for your kind of business/site/blog- Share your business/site/blog details in comments.

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