15 Best Twitter Marketing Tools for Social Media Marketers

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Twitter Marketing Tools help marketers leverage the true power of Twitter.

With the availability of ton of Twitter third-party tools, it may seem quite daunting to choose tools that are best fit for you. Some Twitter Marketing Tools are bombarded with Ads while some of those are of inferior quality, which is why; it is hard to know which ones to trust with the management, scheduling, automation, and tracking of your Twitter Accounts.

To assist you in the process, we have come up with this list of 15 best Twitter Marketing Tools that social media and industry experts are using.  Let us go through them-

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15 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

1. Bit.ly

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • For using Twitter as a marketing tool, it is must to have Twitter Marketing Tools that offer URL shortening services
  • ly allows you to shorten and share URLs to multiple Twitter accounts, plus, it also helps you see the stats for different Bit.ly links you share via Bit.ly Dashboard
  • You can plug the Bit.ly API key into TweetDeck, Seesmic, and Twitter feed that will help you get the stats for links you share by using those applications
  • In addition to all this, it also helps you create your own custom short domain that matches the brand name e.g. Amazon’s amzn

2. Commun.it

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • As one of the best Twitter Marketing Tools, Commun.it helps you send thanks to the people who retweet your Tweets
  • You can also use Commun.it to welcome a follower who follows your Twitter profile
  • It can also help you find your most engaged followers and can aid you in scheduling tweets
  • You can use Commun.it to automate a lot of things to increase the engagement of your Twitter profile
  • With the free Commun.it account, you can interact with around 20 people that will be quite effective for you in getting an idea about the effectiveness of your Twitter Marketing Campaigns

3. HootSuite

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • Again a fantastic Twitter Marketing Tool that ensures better Twitter Management for marketers
  • If you have lesser than five Twitter profile to manage then this one is one of the best freemium Twitter Marketing Tools for you and you can enjoy its free plan quite effectively
  • Pro version of Hootsuite tool helps you manage unlimited social profiles, plus, you can also analyze the enhanced analytics of your Tweets but you would be required to pay the only99USD per month for pro version

4. Buffer

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • As one of the highly useful Twitter Marketing Tools, Buffer helps you Tweet in smarter fashion
  • It lets you schedule your tweets in the most organized way possible, as it assists you in managing your Tweets by letting them get spread throughout the day
  • It also helps you see the analytics related to the performance of your tweets that guide you understand what your audiences prefer and what they do not like
  • It also helps you know the times of day when your tweets get the most action

5. AgoraPulse

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • One of the most profitable Twitter Marketing Tools that acts as a Twitter social media board and ensures easy automation of your important Twitter activities
  • It is quite helpful for scheduling post and social media calendar. It can also repeat schedule posts for you, and you can preferably use this one for monitoring all tweets and mentions from a single screen
  • You can use templates to reply to tweets with AgoraPulse, plus, its team feature allows you assign Tweets to your team members
  • It also has a monitoring feature that will help you monitor all tweets that share articles from your site or blog. It is also quite useful in managing multiple social media profiles
  • By using it, you can automatically get rid of trolls, delete spam. It offers Chrome extension as well

6. CoTweet

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • One of the most useful Twitter Marketing Tools for companies and marketers who are in search of a tool that can help them engage, track, and analyze Twitter conversations about their brand
  • Free version of CoTweet allows you to-
  1. Manage your Twitter accounts
  2. Interact with multiple users
  3. Track clicks and limited analytics
  4. Schedule tweets
  5. Keep conversation history for 30 days, etc.
  • Enterprise version that starts at 1,500USD a month offers you different benefits such as integration with Salesforce, workgroups, advanced user roles and permissions, full analytics, and so forth

7. Paper.li

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • As one of the unique Twitter Marketing Tools, this one helps you collect tweets and curate them in a newspaper-style format
  • You can share those curated Tweets daily on your Twitter account
  • It is considered one of the finest Twitter Marketing Tools to collect the top tweets from your followers, anyone who mentions your #hashtag or people on a specific Twitter list
  • It is quite useful in driving traffic to the websites mentioned by top users

8. SocialOomph

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • Again a freemium Twitter Marketing Tool that allows you to schedule tweets, extend your Twitter profile, track keywords, and do much more for different accounts
  • If you go for its professional version by paying 29.97USD, you will get some additional features such as Facebook scheduling, manage DM spam, tweet via email, broadcast DMs to all Status.net followers, have others update via email and so on
  • It also automates sending of welcome DMs to new followers. Some of its notable features are-
  1. Auto send DM to new followers
  2. Send recurring tweets
  3. Automatic follow new followers
  4. Delete all DM or Tweet
  5. RSS Feed to tweet, etc.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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9. Tweriod

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • It guides you Tweet when others listen. It is one of the most interesting Twitter Marketing Tools that help you become a spy and keep track of the time when most of your Twitter followers are in action
  • Tweriod should be your must-have Twitter tools to understand your followers better
  • It provides you different data by using which you can schedule your tweets at the most interactive period of the day for optimum engagement

10. ManageFlitter

Twitter Marketing Tools

  • It is amongst the best Twitter Marketing Tools that smart Twitter users prefer
  • It lets your Twitter profile look more intelligent by scheduling your posts for optimum engagement and visibility. ManageFlitter includes features like Powerpost that helps you in doing this
  • It also helps you unfollow all inactive Twitter accounts

11. Triberr

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • As one of the best Twitter marketing Tools, Triberr allows marketers join “tribes” of like-minded bloggers on Twitter and expand their reach on Twitter
  • You can easily plug your RSS feed in and automate the actions you want to take for the Tweets that members of your tribe post
  • It helps you set yourself up to do automatic tweeting or manual tweeting when you have gone through the posts of your tribe members

12. TweetDeck

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • This one is one of the best desktop Twitter management tools that includes features similar to HootSuite
  • It helps you create columns to organize your Twitter activity, plus, it aids you to send longer messages via its Deck.ly service that creates a shortened URL
  • In case you use Multiple computers, using browser-based application, instead of this one that you need to install on your local machine, would be more sensible

13. Twitterfeed

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • One of best Twitter Marketing Tools that help you add RSS feeds (yours and others) and share them automatically via your Twitter, Facebook, and other social accounts whenever there is a new update to them
  • It also allows you to customize the tweets so you can show the title of the new post, add an RT @username or via @username and highlight the link
  • It is one of the highly beneficial Twitter Marketing Tools for managing content for your audience in the most automated fashion

14. Visibli

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • This one is again known as one of the best free Twitter Marketing Tools that help you create a custom sharing bar that gets incorporated into any links you share by using Visibli
  • The custom share bar offered by Visibli allows you have-
  1. Your name and Social sharing icons
  2. Links to your site
  3. A Tweet button that recommends your Twitter accounts and Facebook Like button that connects to your fan page
  • Visibli can also get connected to your TweetDeck or Seesmic desktop Twitter Marketing Tools

15. Twilert

Twitter Marketing Tools


  • It is very much like Google Alerts for Twitter. By setting up keywords of your choice, you will start getting the Email alerts for the same.
  • You can use Twilert to alert you by an Email whenever your brand gets mentioned on Twitter. This will help you participate in interaction and ensure optimum engagement
  • Staying alert by using Twilert is also quite helpful in reputation management on Twitter

What Twitter Marketing Tools you & your Twitter Followers use?

Now, on the concluding note, it is your turn to update us what Twitter Marketing Tools do you and your favorite Twitterers use to manage and update Twitter accounts.

In case you want to know how to use Twitter as a marketing tool, create a powerful twitter marketing strategy and wish to master Twitter Marketing- Social Media Marketing Course would be the best fit for you.

Having any query about the usability of the Twitter Marketing Tools shared in this post- Ask us in comments.


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