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Beginner’s Guide To Run Bing Ads Like A Pro

Beginner’s Guide To Run Bing Ads Like A Pro

Marketing is an essential aspect of every business. It is really important for every business to have an established appearance at the place where its customers are prevalent. Marketers also religiously believe in the aspect of paid ads. One of the locations can also be Bing Ads.

AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn have established mediums where one can take the risk of advertising.

Keeping in context the traffic and usage of being not many people fancy the idea to advertise on bing. Conversion tracking comes into play and proves its importance.

Choosing to ignore Bing can surely leave a lot of money on the table and can hamper the growth opportunities of business.

 As per the stats, a single Bing Ad buy enables you to reach 160+ million unique searchers that use Microsoft and Yahoo Sites.

What is Bing Advertising?

Bing advertising becomes an important part when it comes to internet marketing and paid ads precisely. Realizing the importance of being ads it becomes important to understand how to advertise on bing. Bing ads have surely proved their worth when it comes to internet marketing through ads. It, therefore, becomes all the way more important to understand why proper efforts should be directed towards Bing Ads.

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Not many people fancy the idea of using Bing when it comes to search engines but it needs to be kept in the context that Bing actually reaches a large number of people and does a phenomenal job of being a powerful search engine in its own. The following points also justify why Bing ads are necessary for every marketer to pay attention on;

(i) Bing claims to reach 56 million searchers who are not even directed or reached on Google.

(ii) Bing gets 24% more time spending online than average internet searchers.

(iii) It is also claimed that Bing captures a noteworthy 31% of the Us search market

Viewing these statements surely makes the idea of Bing ads more tempting and inducing the marketers to invest their time, money and efforts on Bing Ads. When creating effective PPC campaigns, it is astonishing to see that Bing ads can be a reasonable option.

It is noticeable to see that not many people use Bing and this makes the platform cheaper. Bing ads thus not only offer cheaper options but is also an option with less competition. It all starts the process of using Bing Ads proficiently.

How to Advertise on Bing | Creating A Bing Ad Account

You just have to visit the website and create an account with bing.

Just after the successful creation of your Bing account, you have the option of setting up a campaign at your disposal. This is surely an easy way of using Bing Ads.

You may also choose to import a cabin that you are already running on AdWords.

You can take the opportunity to give yourself the best edge to get a high-quality score.

Picking the right keywords has got to be the next important step in the process of having your own Bing Ads. Having your stint with Bing Ads, you will also be running Bing search campaigns. The marketers will be bidding on keywords that would be triggering the display of the Bing Ads in the Bing Advertising Campaign on the web.

The keywords that are selected are surely going to have a massive impact on the ability to create campaigns that in return would surely generate positive ROI. This makes the concept of bing ads even more tempting.

The keywords provide better conversion rates, as the people who are eventually using them are ready to buy.

The fact that you can reach consumers which they are in the “research” phase using cheaper keywords can’t be denied. In any case, bing ads would act as a tool that can facilitate the discovery of the keywords that should be targeted in the ad texts of your bing ads. You may click on “Tools” and then “Research Keywords” to gain access.

It should always be kept in the context that specificity is of great help when it comes to picking keywords for search campaigns. Bing has also come up with an amazing tool called ‘Keyword Planner’ that are mostly covered by all the guides on How to Advertise on Bing.

Advanced Targeting Options In Bing Ads

The user may also choose to make use of the ”Advanced targeting options” in Bing Advertising.

Bing Ads

Targeting Options in Bing Ads

This is a great help for the users as it helps with returning some data that is actually of greater relevance to the search engine. Your ad campaign and what the conversion tracking cells tell you are the main driving forces behind what is selected in this step.

In order to facilitate the search, the users are also been provided with the option of finding keywords by entering in a website URL. It should always be kept in the context that even though the search volume information is helpful but that is just to an extent. High performing keywords are not bound to have high monthly search volumes if you are targeting keywords with commercial intent.

One should always preach that even if the targeting is not done with commercial intent, one can still experience great returns by targeting specific keywords that are actually really relevant.

Bing ads also provide the feature called ‘Advanced location options’ that facilitates the option to select the eventual viewers of the ad basis their intent to visit a certain location. You may also gain an advantage from this if your bing ads rely on geo-targeting too.

Managing The Bing Ads’ Campaigns

Bing Ads

Managing Bing Ads

When you advertise on Bing, knowing proper management of Bing Ads is key to success. That is why managing your bing ads and Bing Advertising campaigns over time is also a task that should be paid attention to.

Marketers always have to devote efforts to manage the campaigns if they expect a great ROI continuously. You may even choose to take the aid of negative keywords that not only streamline your process but also make them cheap to run.

This even results in the eventual increase in the campaign ROI simultaneously.

Marketers may choose to tilt their attention to the concept of Split Testing using which you can easily determine which words ad text offers a higher quality score. This surely is of great benefit to extract the best out of your bing ads.

Study Market, Analyze Competitors & Use Tools

Bing Ads

Tips for Bing Ads

One should always be ready to study the market as it surely has a great impact on the future results of the Bing Advertising Campaigns.

Studying and then analyzing that what is working for the other competitors in the market has surely proven itself as a great way of garnering high returns. Many marketers have been involved in actively using competitive analysis tools like Spyfu.

This helps the Digital Marketing Managers to find the ads of the competitors to analyse the best keywords that are actually working for them.

The user may even choose to have an idea of what the marketers are doing in different industries.

Yeah! you read that right, it provides the users with an ability to search beyond their own industry. All these facts are enough to induce any marketer to go for analysis.

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Let us now have a look at some of the important tips of Bing Ads-

Top Tips To Advertise on Bing

(i) With the aid of having multiple versions of the bing ads at your disposal, marketers can easily come up with new variations in their bing ads and justify that which variation is going to offer them the best results. There are many tips one can use to proficiently utilize the utmost potential of their bing ads. Few of them have been highlighted below

(ii) One can choose to use the most searched query by the customer in the ad titles or the text. This is a great way to increase the relevance of the ad. Again having popular keywords in the bing ads would result in more clicks and traffics, eventually leading to more profits

(iii) With the competition increasing day by day it is really important for a product and most importantly a brand to survive. Your bing ads must do the job of describing your product pretty effectively. You should justify why the customers’should spend their time, efforts, and money on you and your product.

(iv) Practically every person including you and me wants to spend time on something that we know is going to have a positive impact on us or simply going to get us something in return. Having said that marketers must always try to make sure that the customer feels connected and induced to click on the ad.

(v) Researching has surely been the key to every successful case of marketing and obviously the driving force behind successful marketers. Marketers must surely rely on taking the initiative to research as much as they can.

Role Of Demographics In Bing Ads

Marketers can easily research the age group and the gender of the target audience to gain insight as to how to write bing ads. Using a tone that the customer and the user is able to relate to is surely going to furnish proven results.

You should always portray your bing ads in a fashion that you are talking to the costumes. Many people believe in the hoax that this comes across as unprofessional but it is wrong.

Using this tone portrays as if you are actually directly talking to the user and the reader. So, You should always inculcate the habit of addressing your customers directly if you actually are interested in seeing your hang ads flourish.

Be Specific With Your Bing Ads

Being specific has always been important. Even on the personal front, specificity is regarded of utmost importance. Keeping the importance of being specific in mind, you should make your offering clearer and specific.

Being specific is helpful for simply the reason that no user wants to go around confusing stuff that makes the process lengthier. And why not? It simply adds to ruining the experience of the user and this surely deviates the case to that of a lost lead and client.

You should provide customers with a reason to click on your bing ad right away. And why not? That’s the main reason why you have your ad out there. You can offer customers a specific call to action which would encourage them to not only click your bing ads but also help them to get in touch with you which would sear the lead generation process and also the conversion rate growing rapidly.

The concept is very simple, you just have to portray that whom the ad is actually for. If you are offering high-end products then you should obviously shy away from using words like discounts and stuff. Common sense is best out to use if you want to see your bing ads flourish.

List The Price Of Your Product In Bing Ads

You may even choose to list the price of the products or the services that you are offering. Again this move would be beneficial if your product is competitively priced. Here, Attention should be paid to one important fact. You should not forget to link your ad with such a landing page that offers not only the product and its description but also the price.

Not many know but it is a common fact that each ad group contains as many as 20 ads. These are displayed by being ads in even rotation. One must be ready to experiment with different variations of ad titles and texts to outline which words and phrases are more compelling to your audience. This way you can take a clear cut shot at making your bing ads more compelling.

Final Words

All these features and options just point to one direction on generic grounds.

No marketers must commit the error of underestimating or simply ignoring the value of analysis and keywords. It has been proficiently seen that analysing the market and the competitor before actually taking the initiative of doing something helps the marketers to garner great results.

Using these points and practices is surely going to prove worthy. And why not? The main motive of your ad or even the binge ads is to help you generate traffic and gain an online appearance.

You have to make sure that you are giving in proper efforts to make your bing ads a success. Now, we hope, you would have understood how to advertise on Bing like a pro.

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So, good luck going out there and trying these points in your bing ads and see yourself flourishing and growing in this era of cutthroat competition.

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Having any queries about Bing Ads? Share with us in the comments.

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