A to Z of Bumper Ads: The 6-second Advertisement

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YouTube needs no introduction. This San Bruno headquartered website has engrossed the entire world into watching its videos. Well, we all have friends who have recently turned into YouTubers or V-loggers as they may call it and are going all gaga about it. I have many such friends who are earning a good sum of money by actively uploading videos on YouTube. You can simply monetize your video and get it connected to an AdSense account. An AdSense account allows you to play videos on your website with the help of which you can further make money. The criteria is to gain subscribers and increase reach by achieving a certain number of views. Advertisers choose videos with massive views to play their Ads on. When an advertiser chooses to play an ad on your video, you are been paid for it. Let us take a look at the types of Video Ads played on YouTube.

There are a few specified Ad formats followed by YouTube, which include-

Youtube advertising formats

Display Ads

These ads are displayed on the right of the featured video, just above the suggested videos.

Overlay Ads

These are transparent ads that appear on the lower portion of the video while the video is already playing.

Skippable Video Ads

Skippable ads can be skipped after 5 seconds from the time they commence. These ads are displayed on the screen before the video starts.

Long Non-skippable Video Ads

These are ads which last up to 30 seconds and cannot be skipped by the viewer.

Bumper Ads

These are Non-skippable video ads of a duration of 6 seconds. These ads are played before the video can be watched.

Sponsored Cards

Sponsor cards feature products which are relevant to the video or similar to the ones shown in the video. A teaser of the same is played for a few seconds and clickable icon of the same is displayed.

What are Bumper Ads?

It was in 2016 that YouTube broke the news of Bumper Ads into the market. The standard duration of an ad was considered to be 30 seconds which was followed by a 30-second breakdown. However, the 6-second Bumper ad was not received very well with the advertisers purely because it left them in a dilemma. They were confused what story could they tell in a time span of 6 seconds. It was shorter than the minimal limit an advertiser could have thought of. The Bumper Ad concept is based on the concept of a ‘glimpse that left a lasting impression’.

YouTube 6 second Ad

Most advertisers took it as a challenge and went ahead with designing and making the most of the 6-second countdown that they now had to work on. New formulas were derived, to get the message straight, and accomplish the task effectively. However, standing now in 2017 we have examples of several wonders created in the form of Bumper Video ads by advertisers all over the World.

How can you use Bumper Ads to Boost your reach?

Considering our own viewing habits we can withdraw that we sit down to watch a series or simply a music video on YouTube, we often leave it on autoplay and are naturally in a mood to let it go on. If during such viewing or music listening sessions we are interrupted by a long Ad we are most likely to hop on. And certainly, YouTube doesn’t want that. To promote the effective way, with minimal disturbance I may quote, new ad type i.e the Bumper Ad focuses on a crisp and short messaging format.

From the advertiser’s point of view, it is highly beneficial to choose a Bumper video over any other form of Video because this is one unskippable type of video which is specially designed with a view to impress the viewer and infuse a favourable thought into their minds.

Stating on the basis of common experience, if an individual visits a YouTube page to view a video and encounters a 6-second ad being played before it, he is most likely to sit patiently for his video to start. This is the space the advertiser is in complete charge of. His creativity may get him a lead generated then and there or his Ad may get ignored thoroughly. It all depends on how he has communicated his idea.

To boost the brand reach via Bumper Ads, the advertiser needs to put in his creativity and make the 6-second video one of its kind by utilizing the small space such that it is acknowledged and gets registered in the minds of the viewers.

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In this blog, we will discuss Bumper Ads in detail:

We already know now by now that Bumper ads are a  non-skippable type of ad played on YouTube which are 6 seconds long. The concept of Bumper ads came into existence after surveying and repeatedly experimenting with ads which are both user and advertiser friendly.  Thus, came the Bumper ads.

The reason why Bumper Ads are gaining Importance?

The reason why Bumper ads came into existence was because after multiple surveys, brainstorming and designing something that is undeniably feasible, the creatives at YouTube reached to a conclusion that another kind of ad must be built so as to put the message across without any fail. Thus, in the base concept of bumper Ads, all these features can be found.  A Bumper Ad is a non-skippable and thus, if an individual lands on a YouTube video with a mindset to watch that particular video, they wouldn’t mind spending a few extra seconds.

From the perspective of the advertiser, it is both useful as well as difficult. It is difficult because completing an ad in just 6 seconds is a challenge in itself. However, once the ad is prepared and published on videos, the viewers are bound to watch. Also, if the ad is able to move the viewers, many of them will convert into customers.

Are Bumper Ads successful in their purpose?

In the shortcut driven lives that we are living today, there is extra emphasis laid on short spans of attention seeking to infuse a lasting idea in the mind of the viewers. Keeping the same idea in mind, advertisers are developing a strong inclination towards the Bumper Ads mainly because of the reason that it is cost-effective and does allow the viewer to skip the ad halfway. These short and crisp ads give the advertiser a space to generate catchy dialogues which leave a long lasting impression on the viewer and if captivating enough, can compel the viewer to buy the product or avail the services.

The idea of Bumper ads on Youtube came into existence in the year 2016 (the previous year). 2017 is witnessing an increase in the rate of display rate of Bumper aAds. More and more advertiser are preferring Bumper video ads over any other type of YouTube video ads. We are the mobile-first generation who are preoccupied with several apps trying to seek attention at the same time. We are looking forward to cutting down our time at every possible place.

Thus, this is the exact concept, the Bumper Ads are focusing on. In a time span of nearly a year, bumper Ads have gained a substantial amount of success in terms of popularity and advertiser preference.

The idea why bumper ads came into existence

YouTube uses advertisements as its main form of revenue. Thus, it is crucial for the channel to give the best to their business clients. To let the advertisers lead a successful ad campaign so that they are able to generate maximum sales. YouTube focuses on improving its existing standards of Ad presentation in order to capture the attention in an effective way.

The idea which befits the consumer preference and at the same time blends well with the organizational objectives of the respective advertiser. Bumper Ads simply serve the purpose well in every related aspect. Keeping in mind the usage patterns of today’s generation and the preferential approach to less time consuming yet interesting content YouTube has introduced the 6-second format to widen the advertiser’s reach and make the frequency of views higher.

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Bumper Ads are specially designed for smartphones

80% of the population accessing Internet today uses smartphones to log in. Paying attention to the statistics, more of mobile-friendly content is developed for a better user-friendly experience. The surveys make it evident that Bumper Ads give the best results on being combined with Trueview or Google preferred campaigns.

The Bumper Ads are simply categorized as the snackable videos which are short yet long enough to put across the intended message in a manner that the brand value, recall, and awareness is generated. This signifies that the major objectives of the advertisement are met in a cost-effective ad format. The quick and fun format of the Bumper Ad has shown an especially successful result on the smartphone accessing userbase.

Key elements to get your own Bumper Video Ads made

With Google introducing videos in its revised SEO trend has driven the attention of the marketers to video formats to attract the potential customer’s attention towards their product or service. The latest Video trends have an updated video format which is the bumper Video, currently ruling the video marketing and advertising. We have listed below a few key points which will help you to strategize and make the most of the 6 seconds you got.

  • Focus on a single idea 

It is very important that you do not confuse the viewer with multiple ideas when you do not even have complete time for one. make use of an effective appeal in the Bumper Ad to make it catchy. When you decide to focus on only one idea, you are able to keep the message clear and crisp. In case, you have multiple ideas in mind, you should instead try one ad for each of them. This will give you two advantages.

  1. You will be able to present a clear picture to your audience, and
  2. Multiple ads will build engagement and in case you are able to make a creatively involving ad, people will begin to look forward to the next one.
  • Use creative tools to seek attention

Plan the 6 seconds such that they are expressive enough to inform, persuade or educate your audience exactly as you intend them to understand. For achieving this objective you can use various advertisement tools like voiceovers, Background music, attention grabbing dialogues based on the appeal you are using to fascinate your viewers. Here, you need to understand that the content you use is supposed to be attention seeking yet agreeable to leave a positive impact on the viewers.

A catchy music or an exceptional dialogue will work as a trademark for your brand or service. For instance, the music used in the advertisement of Tata Tea, Jago Re! is stuck in our heads and has worked really well to develop the brand value of the company. If someone randomly says Nirma, the track of the Ad instantly starts playing in your head. This is solely because of the recall value the company has built over the years by using same music with same lyrics for years now.

If you plan to go for a series of ads, then you can keep the same music for each of them to maintain the recall factor.

Use Bumper Video ad as an intro video to your Trueview ads

Krispy Kreme’s simple Ad focusing on product quality

Now firstly, what is a Trueview Youtube video? It is the various kinds of videos which are played or placed on Youtube. It includes the most common skippable video ads which can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Many YouTubers, as well as production houses, use Bumper Videos as trailers of the Truview ads or the main videos.  It is quite a relevant fact that an entertaining and catchy bumper ad enables the advertiser or the marketer to gain leads or a larger viewership in the case of the entertainment videos.

Use series of Bumper Ads in a storytelling format

The advertisers have found out that if a single Bumper ad is cluttered with several ideas it will leave the viewer clueless. Thus, in the context of a Bumper Ad, it should be a mandate to present a single idea in one video. To generate curiosity you can leave the viewers at a point of astonishment and reveal it in the next Bumper Ad. This way a series will be formed leading to storytelling via Bumper Ads. According to advertisers who have worked on Bumper Ads or are working on Bumper ads find this method to be engaging and attractive enough to capture the user attention.

Old Spice’s famous Bumper Ad format campaign


To gain the viewer attention is the most important yet most difficult task in advertising. We may watch several advertisements in a day but remember only a few. And if we are randomly asked to recall an ad, we might be able to recall only a few out of the several Ads we have watched over the time.  Thus, it is observed and accepted as a fact that a series of Bumper Ads are better than just one single Bumper Ad.

To Conclude

The initial response of the advertisers may have been cold but over the year, after witnessing hundreds of Bumper Ad Campaigns it is an evident enough observation that a Bumper Ad might be short it definitely has a much longer impression on the minds of the viewers. According to Google’s guidelines, the Bumper ads are capable of functioning themselves when combined with a Trueview or Google preferred campaign.

A majority of advertisers were stuck on the impression that what possibly could be covered in 6 seconds? Well, Google says “Much more than You can Think”. According to Google’s survey, 9 out of 10 Bumper Ads are effective enough to leave a long-term impression.

With a bumper Ad, the advertiser can be hundred percent sure that the message is viewed and heard by his company’s target audience. The purpose is met that too in a cost effective way along with a surety that the complete information was been received on the part of the viewer since there is no option to skip the video.

In case you are willing to build your own Bumper Ad, it is vital that you have complete knowledge about the same. To learn more about the Google AdWord included Bumper Ads, you can enrol for our Search Engine Marketing Course (SEM).

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