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Facebook marketing is one of the most powerful ways of digital marketing to get avalanche of customers in snappiest possible manner. According to some industry experts, Facebook Marketing Tutorial is going to be as big as Google marketing in next year.

I know it will not surprise you that Facebook is the Number-1 social media platform preferred by businesses to ensure social media optimization. In fact, 57% of US small businesses now prefer Facebook marketing strategy to other social media marketing strategies- And it is because of the pervasive existence of Facebook marketing that guarantees huge returns for them. Facebook Marketing tutorial helps you excel in the race.

What makes Facebook marketing Omnipresent?

For any social networking site, crossing 1 Billion daily user-limit is considered extraordinary, and look what Facebook has done—

  • As of June 2016, it has crossed 1.13 billion daily active users.
  • As of the third quarter of 2016, Facebook incorporated 1.79 billion monthly active users.
  • Worldwide, there are more than 1.79 BN (billion) monthly active Facebook users (Facebook MAUs)– A 16% increase year over year(Source: Facebook as of 11/02/16)
  • There are 1.66 BN mobile active users (Mobile Facebook MAU) for September 2016– A 20% increase year over year—(Source: Facebook as of 11/02/16)
  • Five new Facebook profiles are created every second. Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide, and it has been translated into 100+ languages that penetrates almost one-third of global population.Facebook marketing tutorial

By seeing such statistical influences of Facebook, it seems pretty safe to call Facebook “Omnipresent”

Facebook Marketing Tutorial strategy is going to be the most critical part of successful digital marketing strategy in the upcoming years.

Even though Facebook has such a widespread usage, there are marketers who complain that their Facebook marketing efforts are not reaping as much benefits as they would wish–

  ‘’Social Media Examiner did a survey recently that says that only 45% of digital marketers feel that their Facebook Marketing efforts are offering expected results.”

 To take your marketing to next levels with Facebook, you need to ride herd on all the ins and outs of Facebook marketing.

In this Facebook Marketing Tutorial, I will discuss all the idiosyncrasies of Facebook marketing, and now is the perfect time for you to know and understand everything related to Facebook Marketing tips that can let you ensure conversions.

How does Marketing on Facebook Work & How to Know who is on Fb for you?

People have confusion that Facebook marketing is similar to Facebook Advertising, but let me clear it right up-front that this is not the case. Both are poles apart. Facebook Marketing Tutorial clears this confusion in the most adept way possible.

Facebook Advertising (Ads) is a part of Facebook marketing, in addition to that, Facebook marketing also includes efforts to build sustainable relationships and engagements by using powerful content that is there to entice, inform, entertain, ignite and persuade your customers, and not there for Sales Purposes only.

Nowadays, everyone who has an internet connection uses Fb, and that is why, it is essential to know who is on Fb for your business. With a tool, called as ‘Groups’, you can target audiences who are there for you, and can also make a Group of your fans. Groups, Ads are two parts of three tools that Facebook offers you. Now, let us understand about three tools of Facebook Marketing.

 3 Key Facebook Marketing Tools Free

  1. Facebook Pages
  2. Groups
  3. Ads

1. Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are just same as your Fb profile is, but it is strictly for organizations, businesses and public figures. Setting up a company Facebook page is quite easy and you can do that free of cost. As per top Facebook Marketing Tutorial, building a fan-base for your Fb page may be a little tough task, but once you follow two other Facebook Marketing Tools accurately, by blending adept Facebook marketing strategy, this can also be quite easy for you.

All the users who like you will automatically receive updates related to your page in their news feed that lets you have an interactive and well-informed association with your potential customers. On you Fb page, you may post highly creative and relevant content and engage with your followers. If you have started your business with limited budget, Facebook Marketing is going to be most useful Social Media Marketing medium for you.

  1. Coca-Cola Facebook page has one of the highest brand follower counts that are more than 99 million followers.
  2. However, having large number of followers is not essential for everyone, as it varies with businesses. For a local business, you can do powerful local promotions through SEO optimized Fb page.
  3. Facebook pages do not have any restrictions as in profiles you are limited to 5,000 friends. You can have any number of followers that is directly proportional to the types of your business/brand/public-personality and your Facebook marketing strategy.
  4. Knowing when and how often you should post on your Fb page and optimizing your Facebook page for SMO, SEO and ‘likes’ will let you have more number of leads. Optimizing your page images will also help you get more leads.
  5. You need to choose attractive and equally descriptive username for your Facebook page as this will be the web-address of your Fb page. About section of your Facebook page needs to have descriptive keywords that your audiences search in their queries.
  6. Accurately select business category of your Facebook page and try to use pinned posts wisely as Facebook allows you to pin one post to the top of your page, and you need to choose the one that you know will engage.facebook-page-of-coca-cola-for Facebook Marketing Tutorial

2. Facebook Groups

Groups are just like discussion forums where people of same interest meet and discuss about related interests/issues. However, Facebook Groups incorporate special privileges that Facebook pages and profiles have. Facebook lets you easily make groups related to your industry, product, brand or service free of cost and with this; you can meet your potential customers and ensure high levels of engagements. Facebook Groups let like-minded users share information with each other on one podium in a community environment. With Groups, you can gather all your fans at one place and provide them a common medium to interact and talk about you in an enthusiastic fashion.

To use Facebook Marketing to ensure conversions, using Groups to accumulate customers’ intelligence at one place is really going to be highly benefitting for you. You can facilitate conversation or ask queries in Groups and let your potential customers directly interact with you. Nowadays, entrepreneurs quite prevalently use Fb Groups through compelling messages, brand stories and personal characteristics. Fans may also create Groups for brands but that depends on your/your brand’s popularity.

  • Facebook Marketing Tutorial guides you about the Groups that are most effective ways to engage with your target market. It is an add-on strategy that acts as an incredible source of traffic and offers authority to your brand/business. This helps you know who is on Facebook for you.
  • By answering in Groups, you can ensure effective trust building. You may offer useful advice and tips that will let you become valued member of the group. This creates a curiosity and people want to find out more about you.
  • You should try to create a group that welcomes conversations about any particular thing associated with your brand. If you run a Digital Marketing company, you can create a group where you could ask questions about future of digital marketing.
  • You need to come with innovative and creative ideas to feed your fans in the most relevant and equally interesting way possible.
  • Using videos as part of your group posting strategy, adding storytelling with your posts or campaigns can be effective techniques to engage group members.facebook-group-of-screw-the-nine-to-five-community-for- Facebook Marketing Tutorial

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads provide you one of the most powerful, rich, well-targeted and result-oriented advertising platforms. By using Ads, you can easily create effective ads that can target specific geographic locations, interests, ages, businesses, educations, devices and other peculiarities that your customers may have. Well-organized targeting parameters are included in Ads, which are very active in letting you channelize your advertising campaign as per your brand’s specific audiences.

Ads are like powerful promotional content that you use to promote your brand in front of your audiences, and for this, you need to pay a particular amount. Facebook ads ensure great returns on the amount spend as it offers such a wide customer base to promote brand, drive traffic, ensure conversions and increase purchases. Facebook marketing tutorial helps you know how to use Facebook for marketing, and it guides in following way-

  • Appropriately choosing objective of your advertising campaign will aid you meet your advertising goals. After selecting your campaign’s objective, you need to choose images, videos, text, link, targeting and budget options, etc.
  • There are different paid options available to increase likes and reach of your Facebook page. You get options of ‘Post Boosts’ and ‘Promoted Posts’ that increase visibility of your brand.
  • You can boost your posts by targeting your audiences. Different options of targeting are location, age, interest and gender. To boost you post, you only need to click on boost, whenever you create any new post.
  • Facebook Ads Manager provides you options to promote posts. Promoted posts can be generated through Facebook’s Ad Creator, and there by clicking on ‘Boost Your Post’ you can initiate the process.
  • Promoted posts provide more budgeting and targeting options compared to ‘Post Boosts’ option.how-to-choose-your-facebook-ads-objective-Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Now, you are well aware with all the nitty-gritty of Facebook Marketing, so let me conclude this article with some top Facebook Marketing tips & tricks that will draw more followers for your Facebook Page, engage them and ensure conversions.

Find here Facebook Marketing Tutorial Guide for businesses.

Facebook Marketing Tutorial Tips to Promote your Business

  1. To drive traffic to your blog posts, you should attach your own larger social media pic and related link with bitly URL to your post. You can create custom image with text overlay and then you may upload that by attaching your post. You can insert text with a bitly link or you can also post text with auto generated link box that has a small image.custom-image-with-text-overlay-for-Facebook Marketing Tutorial
  1. Videos are best-rated content that have crazy high engagement rates and for effective Facebook Marketing, you can use them in your posts to entice your users and get their attention. Adeptly by using Videos by using YouTube, Live Videos, Facebook Videos, etc. you can easily optimize your Facebook Marketing.
  1. Creatively changing cover photos shows your fans that you are relevant. You can smartly use your cover photo to advertise any special campaign or offer. Making your posts short and concise, also aids in ensuring optimal user engagements. Being relevant and interesting is very effective in converting visitors into users.
  1. According to Social Media Marketing Tutorial, you should use Facebook Insights to accurately measure output of your efforts. With the help of insights, you may get the details of most popular and successful posts as Facebook Insights provides you details related to shares, clicks and likes, which are quite useful in tracking conversions of Facebook Ads and related Facebook Marketing Strategy.
  1. Smart and effective use of Facebook Tagging and hashtags help you promote your specific campaigns more aggressively that also generate traffics and ensures conversions. Sharing Testimonials on Facebook, asking relevant questions, engaging followers through fun themed posts are effective ways to let your users have cravings for your every newsfeed.
  1. Sharing fan created content and other exclusive content also help you engage your audiences. Use of ‘fill in the blanks’ is another powerful way of driving engagement. By using photo captions, memes, and asking users to ‘vote’ through ‘Like’ & ‘Share’ buttons, you can successfully establish an emotional connection with your users and convert them into loyal customers.use-of-fill-in-the-blanks-in-Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Utilizing Facebook- ‘the social media juggernaut’ to market your business can be highly profitable, if you use Facebook marketing by adeptly applying what you have learned here. Adept Facebook marketing tutorial helps in marketing of all kinds of businesses, both large and small, and if you will work on it, for sure it will work for you. Facebook Marketing Tutorial helps you learn how to use Facebook for marketing your business .

kevin-ertell-analyst-sr-director-global-digital-business-lead-running-at-nike- Facebook Marketing TutorialKevin Ertell- Analyst & Sr. Director, Global Digital Business Lead – Running at Nike aptly said “Facebook by far is the best place online to reach customers. Get a Facebook page and you will start making money.”

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