How To Become A Successful Email Marketing Campaign Manager?

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As per MarketingSherpa 60% of customers still prefer to receive marketing promotions and offers through email. McKinsey even states that emails have 40 times higher chance of acquiring a customer as compared to other social media platforms. And according to the Data & Marketing Association’s 2017 study, email marketing remains the best digital marketing channel for return on investment. So, let’s discuss how to become a successful Email Marketing Campaign Manager.

Email Marketing Campaign Manager

email marketing

Needless to say why Email Marketing has risen to become one of the most economical and indispensable part of the Digital Marketing tactics which business are using to reach out to their prospective customers, building relationships, gathering valuable data and increasing number of leads.

This also means, building and executing effective email marketing campaigns to leverage fully the benefits of email marketing. To achieve this, companies turn to experienced email marketing campaign managers to determine the target audience, the approach, the message and the right time for email marketing campaigns. The email once sent can’t be retrieved, making the role of an Email Marketing Campaign Manager very responsible. Thus, for anyone to become a successful Email Marketing Campaign Manager, her or she has to have multiple skills, understand various concepts and must be able to juggle a lot of data at a time.

Skills Required for the Role of Email Marketing Manager

Sending emails may look like an easy task but using Managed Email Marketing Services require certain skillset ranging from content writing to designing graphics making the role of Email Marketing Manager extremely interesting.

An Email Marketing Campaign manager has to work with customer data, technology and creative content to develop personalized messages for a target audience, additionally measurement, reporting and analysis for continuous improvement of email marketing campaigns. Hence, the skills required will be an amalgamation of both technical and soft skills like –

  • Strategic skills – to plan email marketing strategies
  • Data Administration and Analytics – to create lists which lead to conversions
  • Copywriting skills – to create content which creates interest in the mind of the customer
  • Marketing skills – to understand the target audience and create emails which work
  • Research skills – to find out the different target audiences and analyse what is working and what is not
  • Technical Skills (HTML, CSS) – to create attractive personalize email campaigns with right mix of images and text, and to be proficient in using the email marketing management software
  • Quality – to send error free email campaigns
  • Project Management – to successfully manage all the different email marketing campaigns
  • Problem-solving skills – to provide solution if in case a problem occurred while sending or post sending an email campaign

What are the Responsibilities of Email Marketing Campaign Manager?

Email Marketing Managers are experts in executing email campaigns that successfully engage consumers and ultimately drive profit. To come up with the email campaigns, the Email Marketing manager has to work closely with various members of the marketing team to ascertain the best way for the organization to reach its customers leveraging managed email marketing services, which may include sending regular newsletters, information on new products and special offers to create brand awareness and lead generation.

The Email Marketing Manager is responsible for implementing company’s email marketing strategy along with the setting up, launch and then execution of the complete email campaign from start to end. Any Email Marketing Manager Job Description usually includes the following responsibilities –

  • Creating engaging and relevant marketing content for the email campaigns
  • Preparing lists as per the different target audience (by country, city, company or interest etc.)
  • A/B testing to find out what’s working and what’s not
  • Analyzing the performance of email marketing campaigns and improving the ROI
  • Increasing conversions
  • Using remarketing tools to identify the behaviour pattern of all leads, prospects, and customers
Email Marketing Campaign Manager

Email Marketing Process

 Want to make a career in Email Marketing?

Now that you know what a career in Email Marketing entails, and why it is an attractive career option for your future growth you must know how to but master the art of email marketing. And to achieve that you will need to do get some training and certifications. Institutes like Digital Vidya and Hubspot are offering Email Marketing Courses which you can take up sitting from anywhere in the world and as per your own learning schedule. By undergoing you will learn email marketing strategies, including creating effective advertisements to promote products and services which will give your career an edge over other email marketers.

Becoming an Expert at Email Marketing

Typically, emails are non-retractable. But some managed email marketing services allow to pause or stop the campaign. Hence, it’s better to follow the policy of being safe than sorry. An expert in email marketing can keep the mistakes at bay by making sure to send the right email to the right audience at the right time. It is important to –

Know your audience

Understanding the audience and then sending more targeted communication always works well. So preparing proper segmented lists is crucial.

Get emails delivered

The higher the rate of delivery, the higher will be its chance of opening by the prospect/customer.  Make sure that your email is not treated as promotional. If your email is delivered but ends up in the Promotions folder or in Spam, the prospect/customer may only get to it much later, if ever.

Integrate Social Media platforms

These days everyone uses social media. So leveraging your social media platforms to keep growing your email subscriber list is an intelligent step.

Add CTAs

Emails are no longer just used for increasing brand awareness. Rather they are used to trigger some call to action – to visit your website, buy your products or share in social media. The best way to make your CTA stand out is to use buttons so that they are immediately visible on opening the email.

Mobile Optimized

Although interactive emails are an upward trend in 2017, to increase the open rate it is important that all of your emails should be optimized for mobile devices because more email are read on Mobile than on desktops/laptops.

Know the right time

As important is the subject line to make the prospect/customer open your email, the timing is also that important. Knowing the best time or the best days to send emails will ultimately lead to more opens and more clickthroughs. Coschedule did a study which resulted in Tuesday being the best day to send email campaigns by email marketing managers.

Finding a Job as an Email Marketing Campaign Manager      

Now that you know what all makes a good Email Marketing Campaign Manager, it is important to get a job to test out your skills. For an entry-level role companies may look for any email marketing certification in your resume.  But for a senior position, prior experience mentioned in Email Marketing Manager’s resume works. This is because regardless of the industry worked in, an individual will understand the different terminologies, performance metrics, timelines, and common mistakes in running the email campaigns which can only be learned by doing.

Email Marketing Manager’s salary also varies as per the prior experience of the individual in email marketing. But be assured as the role of email marketing campaign manager demands a lot of expertise, skillset, and focus, it is a high paying job as compared to other digital marketing jobs.


Email marketing continues to be one of the top performing tactics under digital marketing. However, if you want to become a successful Email Marketing Campaign Manager it is important for you to continue to develop and adjust your email marketing campaigns as per the new trends and audience behavior.

The primary purpose of emails may be to enable conversations between people but the conversations will become even more personalized with new technologies connecting people on a more one-to-one level and providing information as per their need. Hence, in order to stay ahead of the competition, an Email Marketing Manager will have to keep track of the current trends of automation, personalization, big data and artificial intelligence coming up as well as of the future predictions by the experts in this field. With so many opportunities to engage with your customers from interactive emails to embedded videos, there will be always room to grow your email campaigns.

To sum up try to stay error-free, and make sure that you double check and triple check your emails before sending. Do try to learn from your mistake (although not making a mistake is the key), create new processes, and have fun with your email marketing.

I hope this guide helps you in becoming a successful Email Marketing Campaign Manager. In case you want to get a certification in Email Marketing, you can check the course which can help you gain mastery over running effective email marketing campaigns. For more information, you can also check this blog. If you have any queries, do share in comments. I will be happy to answer them.

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