Beginner’s Email Marketing Tutorial to learn A to Z of Email Campaigns

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To target your current and potential customers, the oldest method is Email Marketing- And hands down, it is the most useful and contemporary one as well.  We all know that we can never ignore an email, does not matter how much we want to ignore it. We ought to open it so we do not see it as notification. Even in some cases, we do not read email but look at the brand names. Which means, anyhow mails are going to be read, the only thing you need to do is make your mail convincing enough to ensure conversions- And this Email Marketing Tutorial will guide you do that skillfully.

Email Marketing Tutorial

How Effective Email Marketing is?

Before delving deep into this Email Marketing Tutorial step by step, let us understand what the contemporary Email Marketing is-

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is actually the rock-solid way of promoting a business by sending emails and newsletters. When marketers wish to connect with their target audiences in a conversion driven manner by using some personalized means, they prefer using Email Marketing. It is very powerful in establishing a connection with your prospects and ensuring revenues back to the business in the most cost-effective way possible.

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According to Wikipedia-

“Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.”

Different notable Email Marketing benefits are-

  1. Easy and effective Reach
  2. Result driven credibility
  3. Good Engagement
  4. Generation of Leads & Calls
  5. Interactive Communication
  6. Boosting Sales
  7. Get Started Quickly
  8. Less investment More Profit
  9. Offers a Personal Touch
  10. Attract New Clients

Now, below-given steps of this Email Marketing Tutorial for beginners will help you understand what is email marketing in the most comprehensive and practical way possible. Let us explore those-

5-Step Email Marketing Tutorial 

1. Know your Email Marketing Goal and Build List Accordingly

Knowing your Email Marketing goal is the first step to run a successful Email Marketing Campaign, as this will guide you to understand the type of campaigns you should opt for, who your target audiences should be, what type of content you should include and the best ways through which you can gauge the performance of your Email Marketing Strategy. The most important thing about your Email Marketing goals is to let it stay aligned with the KPI and wider marketing goals of your company.

Email Marketing Tutorial

Email Marketing Plan

According to Email Marketing Tutorial, some of the possible goals for an Email Marketing Campaign are-

  • Ensuring new signups for your products and services
  • Targeting more attendees for an event you are planning to organize
  • Generating new leads for your sales team
  • Converting more donations for your cause
  • Updating existing customers about new launches

If you are clear about your Email Marketing Goals and find it is well synchronized with your company’s objective, then the next thing that you need to do is building your email list, as this will help you send emails to the right audiences. To build your email list, you can import a list of known contacts into your chosen Email Marketing Tool or you can build a new email list right from scratch.

Two important factors that your Email list should include are-

  1. A valuable Incentive
  2. Simple Subscribe Opportunities

Conversion of your Email list depends upon both of these interdependent factors.

Inter-dependency of Incentives and Subscribe Opportunities

  • Only having some subscribe opportunities without offering a valuable incentive will never ensure conversions for you
  • Having compelling content, free offers, first order discount or some shipping upgrade are some Incentives that will for sure let your audiences use the subscribe opportunities given by you
  • Using Subscribe forms as header or slider are some of the Subscribe Opportunities given by you on your site. Below given “header’ is the example of a site offering subscribe opportunity-
Email Marketing Tutorial

Header in a Site as Subscribe Opportunity

2. Know Different Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Next step according to Email Marketing Tutorial is, knowing different types of Email Campaigns and understanding the one that will best fit for running Email campaigns for your business.  Email Marketing Tutorial for beginners talks about four types of Email Marketing Campaign, which are based on the goals you have thought for your campaign. Let us go through those types-


Email Marketing Tutorial


Newsletters are actually those email campaigns that tell target audiences about one main topic. This one would be the best fit for you if you wish to establish an interaction and relation with a list of people you already know (i.e. existing customers). Mails send in the form of Newsletters drive people back to your site

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Marketing Offer

Email Marketing Tutorial

Marketing Offer

If you wish to drive direct responses then Marketing Offer is the best type of Email campaign for you. These types of emails are used for displaying some of the latest stocks. Marketing offer encourages people to make a purchase and in case, your Email campaign offers any discount or involved in the promotion of your products then you should opt for this one. It has a direct CTA for targets so they can click on your site and make a purchase.


Email Marketing Tutorial


In this type of Email, marketers would send emails to subscribers for announcing any new product, service or feature. Email Marketing Tutorial considers these emails befitting for keeping your existing customers up-to-date on your latest products and features

Event Invitation

Email Marketing Tutorial

Event Invitation

You can opt for Event Invitation emails for optimizing awareness of your event. Such types of emails are very good in encouraging your target audiences to attend and participate in the event

3. Know best Practices to Write an Email without being Blacklisted or Spammed

Email Marketing Tutorial

Best Email Marketing Practices

To make your email convincing enough to drive some actions from targets, you should follow below given points of Email Marketing Tutorial-

  1. You should include a Valid Subject Line that should be under 50 characters and it should denote what the email is about in the most effective way possible
  2. You should add relevant visuals because visuals ensure better interaction and ensure great conviction. Visuals should be related to your content
  3. You should opt for content that does not prevaricate. It is important to be precise and to the point. Relevancy is most important factor that ensures conversions
  4. Use of CTA or Call to Action is very important because it influences readers to take action towards purchasing your product or service. Your CTA should be used in a manner where it does not look promotional and your reader relates to it
  5. Incorporating mobile optimization in your Email campaigns is must as more than 50% of the people open emails on their Smartphones
  6. You should also email regularly to keep your readers in the loop and to lure them towards your products and services. Sending follow-ups emails are also considered best practices suggested by Email Marketing Tutorial

Email Marketing Tutorial Suggestions to avoid being Blacklisted

Email Marketing Tutorial

Opt in Email to avoid being blacklisted

While writing an Email, you should pay heed upon following practices to avoid being Blacklisted-

  • Single Opt-in
  • Double Opt-in
  • Opt-out
  • Subject Line
  • Sender’s Address Content
  • Accurate Send
  • Don’t Bluff Spam Filters

How to avoid being Spammed

When you write an email, following below given tips will never let your emails be spammed-

  • You should avoid using “Click here!” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!” in your email, in addition, excessive use of exclamation points (!!!!!!!!!) and All CAPS Content should also be avoided. Email Marketing Tutorial asks marketers to avoid using bright red or green colored fonts, bad content, and HTML email with one big image that has little or no text
  • It is also advisable to not use word “test” in the subject line of your email. Sending same test to multiple recipients in same company is also a wrong practice that you should avoid. Always opt out of sending inactive or stale lists, plus, using large attachments and some specific attachment types should also be not practiced
  • Email Marketing Tutorial considers using a Text version of your email inevitable if you send HTML emails. Knowing the right way to use Spam checkers before sending your emails and maintaining a Google Text to Image Ratio is significant. You should make sure that your Sender ID, DKIM, , SPF, and Domain Keys are aptly set up before sending your email

4. Know Important Email Marketing Metrics

Email Marketing Metrics let marketers dig deep into a high-level overview of how their subscribers and targets are interacting with their campaigns. According to Email Marketing Tutorial, by using metrics you can easily compare the success of one campaign to another, plus, it lets you go deeper and comprehend the exact number of people who opened your Email campaign. Web and Google Analytics Tools help you analyze the Email Marketing Metrics that are important to you. Below given are some of the key Email Marketing Metrics-

Email Marketing Tutorial

Email Marketing Metrics

Notable Email Marketing Metrics

  1. Number of unique opens that lets you know the number of unique subscribers who opened your Email
  2. Open rate lets you know the percentage of all subscribers who opened your Email
  3. Number of emails that are not opened lets you know the number of unique subscribers who never opened your Email
  4. Number of bounces that lets you know the number of email addresses to which your campaign could not be channelized
  5. Click-Through Rate lets you know percentage of people who opened your Email and clicked on a given link
  6. Unsubscribe rate lets you know the percentage of people who unsubscribed from your email list
  7. Spam complaints lets you know the percentage of people or number of people who clicked on ‘Mark as Spam’ and marked your campaign as Spam
  8. Shares tell you about the people who forwarded your campaign to any of their friends. It is also quite useful for knowing about the people who shared your Email campaign via social networks

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5. Know Email Marketing Tools preferred by top Marketers

Email Marketing Tools suggested by this Email Marketing Tutorial will help you automate your Email Marketing Campaigns. Such tools help marketers automate the channelization of Email Marketing Campaigns. In Addition, you should opt for these tools to automate scheduling and tracking of your Email Marketing Campaigns. Let us delve into some of the Email Marketing Tools that we find best for Email Marketers-

10 Email Marketing Tools

  1. Litmus
  2. Mail Chimp
  3. Reach Mail
  4. Campaign Monitor
  5. Active Campaign
  6. Get Response
  7. Convert Kit
  8. Aweber
  9. Infusion Soft
  10. Constant Contact

Your Turn Now!

Previously mentioned five steps of this Email Marketing Tutorial will for sure help you run Email Marketing Campaigns that connect, convince and convert your targets, but to perfectly master these steps, you ought to go through all of those steps in the most comprehensive and practical way possible.

You should also enroll in Email Marketing Course to practically delve into below-given lessons-

  • Ensuring of deliverability of your emails
  • Tips to create effective Email Content
  • Tips to acquire customers using Email Marketing
  • Tips to use creatives in Email Communication
  • Nurturing & Automation of Email Marketing Campaigns

To broaden your horizon in email marketing, you should also be aware of the top Email Marketing Agencies

Want to know which type of Email Campaign would be best fit for your audiences? – Share your Campaign details and we shall guide you.


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