How to Upload a Facebook Cover Video in 5 Steps

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Facebook has emerged as the most popular social media platform. A majority of people use Facebook and they love it. Who doesn’t want their Facebook account to look creative? Facebook Cover Video is one new thing that gaining lots of prevalence these days.

A major part of the attraction in any Facebook profile is the cover.

Cover of your Facebook profile can effectively catch the attention of the visitors hence you must aim to make it as creative as you can.

Here in this article, we will let you know about Facebook cover video, why we require it and how can we set it up?

As per stats, every active social media user invests at least 20 minutes of his/her day on Facebook.

And they all want to pull in their friends, acquaintances, family or prospects straight away. Facebook cover videos do this for them in the most convincing and convenient manner possible.

So, let us understand why do you need them-

Why Opt for Facebook Cover Video?

An image can speak a thousand words and a short video can inscribe a multiple still photos hence a short video becomes more efficient than a still photo.

The cover is one of the most essential portions of any Facebook profile.

Whenever someone will visit your profile, the cover is the first thing that they will notice. If you are using Facebook  Marketing for business purpose then the cover of your profile can help in representing your brand.

Cover becomes more essential when it comes to using it for new visitors. It can help in explaining the details about your brand within a few seconds.

When it is about providing more details about your brand a short video becomes much more essential than a photo. Video Marketing can effectively draw visitor’s attention. The Facebook cover video will automatically play (in mute mode) just like other videos in your news feed, and this will effectively grab the visitor’s attention.

A Facebook cover video can make the visitors stay on your page for a longer period of time and also develops engagement.

The Facebook cover video must play without sound automatically and with sound when a user clicks on the video. Just make sure that every single portion of your Facebook cover video is designed such that user does not lose interest at any moment.

No matter at which moment the video is paused, the current frame must look interesting and filled with colours. The gist is that it should not look dull at any moment.

The video must be shot/created professionally in order to get the best out of it. The Facebook cover video must be made such that the video remains efficient with or without sound. If you are new on Facebook then there is a possibility that you might not get the option of Facebook cover video.

This normally happens with those who are either new on Facebook or have fewer followers. Though this is not permanent and you will soon get the option of the Facebook cover video if you will remain active. It also depends on your region as a few countries get this feature a bit late than other countries.

What are the Major Uses of the Facebook Cover Video?

Till now you must have understood about the Facebook cover video and why you need it. Let us now focus on the uses of Facebook cover video. A lot of people are confused about the major uses of Facebook cover video so here we are clearing your doubts and providing you with an idea of major uses of Facebook cover video.

(i) Revealing the Specific Brand Details

Videos are dynamic in nature and they can be best used to provide essential details about your brand. Brand’s story or details about the brand can be efficiently revealed by using a Facebook cover video. People these days show interest in those contents which can provide them with the essential details in minimum time.

A video can best reveal information in minimum time. You can take the example of a number of spices where the brands use short videos to explain how their spices can improve the taste of any food.

(ii) Enhancing the Power of Still Image

A still image soon becomes dull hence visitors may lose interest in your Facebook cover photo within a short time period whereas when it comes to video users feel more engaged and connective.

Videos are often more interesting than photos hence by using videos you can jump to the next level of a still photograph. You can collect all the still images and then put an animation in there and it will make the still images come alive.

(iii) Demonstrate Your Product’s Working

Facebook cover videos can be best used to demonstrate the working of your product. Make a short video that gives a detailed analysis of your product’s working. Whenever someone will visit your profile they will get to know more about your product in this way and this can really help in boosting your business.

You must have seen a number of ‘How to’ contents and tutorials on YouTube and other platforms. You can use your Facebook cover to easily answer ‘How to’ question.

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How to Create Facebook Cover Video?

A lot of people wonder if we can put a video on our Facebook cover or not?

Yes, absolutely you can. You might not be getting the option of Facebook cover video and that is because either you are a new user or you have fewer followers.

In this case, you can wait and soon you will get the option for Facebook cover video. Before learning to create Facebook cover videos let us understand the basic guidelines of Facebook cover videos:


  • Your Facebook cover video should not be less than 20 seconds and not more than 90 seconds.
  • The recommended pixels are 820 x 462 but you should keep the pixels to at least 820 x 312.
  • The video should be free from copyright claims and it should neither be copied nor misleading.

These are the basic guidelines for a Facebook cover video and let us now understand how you can create a Facebook cover video:

Step 1: Select the Image or Video for Your Video Cover

Facebook Cover Video source-animatron

Select the Image/Video

First of all, you will have to select a suitable video or photo that you want to use as a video cover and to do that you must be clear about your target. You must figure out what purpose you want your cover to serve.

Once you are done with that selecting a suitable image/video will be much easier. For an example, if you want to increase your brand awareness through your Facebook cover video then you can select a photo/video describing the role of your company.

You will have to change your cover more often if you are aiming at promoting an event.

Step 2: Select the Facebook Cover Video Format

Facebook Cover Video Source-winxdvd

Select the Facebook Cover Video Format

Once you have selected the image/video, now is the time to opt for Facebook cover video format. A wrong format can end up creating more and more complications for you and in the end, you will eventually get perplexed.

No matter which Facebook cover video maker you are using you will get this option to choose Facebook to cover video format, select that before proceeding. You can put the video in a similar way as you go with photos; move the video to get the best fit, choose zoom in or zoom out, etc.

Step 3: Enter Suitable Text

Facebook Cover Video

Enter Suitable Text

A Facebook cover video can also include text and this will help in catching the attention of visitors on your profile. Your Facebook cover video along with a suitable text can increase the efficiency of your Facebook profile by a number of times.

If you want it to look good arrange it well; make it centred right. The text must be well placed so that it catches the eye of visitors easily.

Step 4: Add More Videos or Images

If you want to make a full video by adding few small-small videos/photos then you can do this by adding more videos/photos. There can be a number of reasons to that like;

  • You are aiming to create a slide-show for your page.
  • You want to reveal your collection.
  • You want to present different perspectives for your product.

Almost every Facebook cover video maker will provide you with this option to combine more videos/photos. You can add a new video/photo and edit it like the previous one and you are all set to combine it with the original video.

Step 5: Download it and Share

Now you are all done with your Facebook cover video and you can download it. You will get a dedicated download option in all Facebook cover video maker. Once you have downloaded the video you can use it in your Facebook cover.

To add video in your Facebook cover, login to your Facebook account and in cover section click on ‘change cover’ button.

After that you will get an option of ‘upload photo/video’, click on that and select the file from your computer.

Facebook Cover Video

Facebook Cover Video

It might take few minutes depending upon your internet connection and server’s speed, so just hold on.

Before downloading your video, make sure that everything is OK. By this I mean, resolution of the video must be according to guidelines and length of the video should be in between 20 seconds and 90 seconds.

If there is an issue then get it fixed before downloading the video. Upload correct video on your Facebook cover otherwise it may prove to be detrimental for your campaign. You must follow the standards decided by Facebook.

Now, we will be taking you into some of the best Facebook Cover Video Maker tools that can alleviate the process of creating Facebook Cover Video for you.

Best Facebook Cover Video Maker for You

Let us now understand about the best Facebook cover video maker that you can use in order to create stunning Facebook cover videos easily. Below we have mentioned the best tools to create a Facebook cover video:


Facebook Cover Video is a popular Facebook cover video make on the internet. A reliable platform that can create stunning videos according to your requirements. You can directly get your video in the aspect ration by using this platform.

In case if you do not want to use your own video clips for your Facebook cover video then you can pick from the large collection of professional clips on this platform. You get the feature to add text in the cover video which will increase the effectiveness of your Facebook cover video.

2. Animoto

Facebook Cover Video


Animoto is also a reliable tool when it comes to creating Facebook cover videos. The tool is widely popular among the professionals. You will get a number of templates of all categories to serve the purpose.

You can also use the audio tracks from a collection of 3000+ verified audio tracks on the platform and you can use them to make your cover video better. The best thing about this platform is that it is really easy to use; you can create great videos even if you have no prior experience in the field.

3. Biteable

Facebook Cover Video


Biteable is another effective tool to create great Facebook cover videos. The process of creating Facebook cover videos on this platform is smooth and fast. You will get a number of ready to use templates for your Facebook cover video.

The templates on this platform are designed for every occasion and they will fulfil your needs. You don’t need to have professional skills to create great Facebook cover videos and this is one of the best features of this platform.

4. MakerMoon

Facebook Cover Video


If you are searching for a Facebook cover video maker which offers both free as well as paid services then this can be your pick. Here you will get a number of templates that are both free as well as paid.

The templates are designed to serve specific tasks. You can select the templates according to your requirement and aim of cover.

In Conclusion…

Now, on the concluding note, we hope you would have understood the key idiosyncrasies associated with Facebook cover video and how they can be useful for you in optimizing your presence on Facebook.

Joining Facebook Marketing Course will enable you to learn and master Facebook Marketing like a pro.

Still having any confusion about Facebook Cover video for your business page on Facebook? Share your page details with us, and our expert will guide you in the process.

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