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Facebook has revolutionized the usage of the internet. It gave a new meaning of being social.

The Internet made the world available at the tip of our fingers, whereas Facebook made our family and friends available at our fingertips.

Facebook has 241 million active users in India.

There is a huge debate on the usage of social media channels and how it wastes our time. Though many of us claim that Facebook has an adverse effect, everything in this world is useless if one doesn’t know how to use it.

Facebook’s newsfeed is built based on users behaviour i.e. if one keeps watching cooking videos, the person is expected to see more of such videos. So, it is we who influence what is shown to us.

A business can make a huge benefit out of this as Facebook will give them a platform to target users based on their interest and gain Facebook followers. How is it a huge benefit? Let’s say you have a brick & mortar shop where you sell utensils, crockeries, kitchen wares, etc.

Now, there are a lot of people coming to the market, but it is very hard to figure out what is their interest unless they state it.

Whereas on Facebook, the same brand can target prospects who tend to watch more cooking videos. That’s the power of Facebook. 

However, there is a lot of content which users never opt for. These are the ads shown by brands. But these ads are again targeted based on users behaviour.

The brands have the best opportunity to reach their audience via Facebook Marketing. Targeted paid ads are good, but the best way is to reach your audience organically and that happened when people follow your brand’s page.

Importance of Facebook Followers

Facebook Followers

Facebook Followers

As already mentioned, in order to reach your audience on Facebook organically, it is crucial to first make them follow your page. Once a user follows a page on Facebook, the user will start receiving the content published by the page.

If the content is enticing and attractive, it will get a decent engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. This engagement places a major role in ensuring that the content is delivered to the followers on a regular basis organically.

The crux of the importance of Facebook followers is to ensure that the content of the brand reaches the followers organically without burning the pocket for every ad campaign. So, how to get followers on Facebook

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How to get Followers on Facebook?

1. Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

The first and foremost answer to know how to get followers on Facebook is to create a platform where your users can follow you. That is, they can see the updates posted by you organically on their newsfeed.

However, the organic reach on Facebook has come down due to the updates of Facebook Algorithm. But the good part of having facebook followers is they can be targeted via ads i.e. by selecting page followers as the target audience.

Earlier, many businesses use to create a profile for their business, the same as an individual Facebook profile. Facebook has ensured now that nobody does this mistake. How? Well, a profile cannot consist of a business name, Facebook automatically disapproves such profile.

The right step is to create a business page using an individual profile. While creating the page, ensure to select the right business type.

Some of the business types available on Facebook are local business or place, company/organization or institution, brand or product, artist/band or public figure, entertainment, cause or community. Choose the right category for your business and update accurate information.

2. How to Get Facebook Followers – Define your Audience Persona

Audience Persona

Audience Persona

Defining your audience persona is not just required for Facebook, but for your overall digital marketing strategy. The detailed the definition of your buyer persona will be, the easier it is to create alluring content which your audience persona feels connected to.

Let’s say you have a kindergarten school. Your broad target audience would be parents. But specifically young parents.

It is very crucial to jot down the interests of young parents to target them using proper behavioural strategies. This is the best way to get Facebook followers who are relevant.

3. How to Get Real Followers for Facebook – Create a Content Strategy

Create a Content Strategy

Create a Content Strategy

Let’s see 2 scenarios of content strategy:

Scenario 1

XYZ brand provides a unique and stylish workwear for women. They have decided to use Facebook extensively to increase their revenue. They want to start with gaining followers to the brand’s page. They have come up with an innovative content idea.

They decided to capitalize on the funny videos of the internet by giving them a relatable context. For example, a video where a guy is running like Usain Bolt, it was captioned as “Every time when somebody asks me, son, when are you getting married”. Quite funny. Sure, it got good engagement. But the company hardly got any elevation in the revenue.

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Scenario 2

XYZ company decided to try a different kind of campaign this time. They decided to make a thought-provoking video on Indian Working Women.

They collaborated with a budding video agency. The team along with the agency weaved a beautiful yet thought to provoke video which captures the beauty of today’s professional women on how gracefully they have captured the world and how wonderfully they manage their home, yet, they are made to realize that they aren’t doing enough from family, friends or colleagues.

At some point in time, they are asked to choose home and leave work. The video urges society to change and adopt new roles to ensure the women are never pushed into the guilt trap.

This gave a humungous branding to the company. Why so? Both scenarios had engaging videos! The reason is the second video had made by keeping the working women in mind, who are the prospective customers of the brand.

The story was weaved by joining the pain points of working women in the society and gave a message to the world that the time has changed. This connected to the target audience really well and got a lot and a lot of shares. That’s all a brand needs – A viral video.

Basically a video, which provokes the thought among the people. The video got a humongous response and the sales of the company surpass its target.

So, what happened in scenario 2? Why scenario 1 didn’t get a similar response?

The answer is simple! In scenario 2, the company defined its audience, who are working women. They decided to make working women as their main subject and build a content strategy around them. Voila! They succeeded!

4. How to Get Facebook Followers – Make a Detailed Content Calendar

Detailed Content Calendar

Detailed Content Calendar

A content calendar is a detailed schedule of content distribution on Facebook. It is a very apt document to be maintained as Facebook is all about consistency.

A video as explained above is a great way to gain followers on Facebook but to retain those followers and to grow the follower base further, it is crucial to keep delivering the good content to the audience consistently.

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5. Get Real Followers  for Facebook- Promote your Content

Promotion of content

Promote your Content

You might jump with questions like why should you spend money if the purpose of gaining followers is to reach the audience organically! Agreed! But the initial traction is required.

Let’s say, your page is created today and you have zero followers. In order to get the momentum and ensure that people discover your page, it is crucial to promote the content.

Even after gaining a decent follower base, it is sometimes required to do paid promotion pertaining to the competition on Facebook to reach the same set of audience.

One more reason to do a paid promotion on regular basis is due to the algorithmic update from Facebook which has reduced the chance of posts of business pages reaching the audience organically very less. The best strategy is a balanced combination of paid and organic promotions.

6. How to Increase Facebook Followers – Keep the audience engaged

To get the real followers for Facebook, it is very crucial to keep the audience engaged.

Let’s say by following the above steps, you have gained more than a good number of followers. Now, to ensure that your content always lands in their newsfeed, it is crucial to produce engaging content. The reason is, your followers would obviously have followed other brand pages as well.

The real estate of newsfeed is already predominated by the content shared by friends, giving very less room for the brand’s content. On top of that, brands have to compete among themselves to get that slot organically or via paid ads.

The best way to tackle this situation is a continuous supply of engaging content. If your content is getting engagement from the audience such as reactions, comments or shared, then Facebook gets the signal that all such people are liking your content and will continue serving your content them organically.


That’s all folks! This article has covered all the necessary things you need to do to gain, retain and keep growing the real followers for facebook. Facebook followers without any engagement with brands content are as good as not having them.

A strategy which boosts the follower base, keeps the audience engaged, makes the content viral, increases the brand visibility on the internet and ultimately uplifts the sales.

If you too want to have a strong media presence, enrol in the social media marketing course.

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