How To Become A Google AdWords Consultant

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Google AdWords lead the world of Online Advertising. An ever-increasing number of businesses are exploring the advantages of Google AdWords to let their PPC campaigns target new audiences and boost ROI. Most of the businesses nowadays use AdWords to run their Paid Ads. Such a great dependence on AdWords has created a great career opportunity for a Certified Google AdWords Consultant.

A Google AdWords Consultant empowers businesses to increase their return on investment from their Paid Ads.

If you are a little aware of Digital Marketing Industry, you must be seeing that nowadays, businesses of all sizes are using PPC advertising to boost their online presence and conversions.

For every $1 spent on Google Adwords, businesses earn an average revenue of $2 (Google).

PPC Ads help businesses advertise directly to the people who are searching for that kind of business.

These Ads also help businesses target right people at the right time!

Therefore, if you are well aware of such PPC skills then you are on the right track to becoming a Google AdWords Consultant- You only need to master the working of AdWords, get certified and become a Google AdWords Consultant.

First thing comes first, so let us start with understanding Google AdWords Consultant Job Description:

Google AdWords Consultant Job Description

1. Key Functional Areas

  • Account management of PPC accounts on Google AdWords for different clients
  • Maintenance and tracking of keyword bidding, budget caps, quality score, impression share, CPC, CPM, CTR and other AdWords metrics
  • Suggestions for copywriting and graphical ad templates for PPC Ads
  • Administration of Display network placement lists on AdWords
  • Strategy making for keyword selection, campaign designing, targeting etc. as per campaign goals
  • Responsible for weekly and monthly client reporting of PPC Ad metrics
  • Knowledge and immaculate channelization of search engine and PPC industry trends
  • Administration of web analytics dashboards along with monitoring of key reporting tools and their reports
  • Evaluation of search results and search performance across Google
  • Interaction with the team members on project development, on-time completion of projects and results

2. Professional Skills

  • You need to be experienced in SEM & PPC
  • Having knowledge of Google Analytics and other analytics & reporting tools for site/campaign analysis would be a plus
  • You should be proficient in MS Excel, Word & PowerPoint
  • Being experienced in PPC ad platforms like AdWords, Yahoo & Bing would be helpful for you
  • Finally, Google AdWords certification is mandatory – being a certified Google AdWords expert will make you more credible as a consultant!

This was all about Google AdWords Consultant Job Description. To be a certified Google AdWords Consultant, you need to pass the Google AdWords exam conducted by Google. If you are attempting for the very first time then the procedure can be a bit befuddling. But, nothing to worry- Below given three steps will guide you how to apply for the Google AdWords Certification Exam-

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How To Apply For Google AdWords Certification Exam

Google AdWords Consultant

Google AdWords Certification Exam

1. Create Your Google Account & Join Google Partners

  • You may already have some Google Accounts, but it is advisable to have a proper Google account for your certification. In case you work for an agency then you should use your company-email-address
  • Creation of a right account is important because finally, your certification would be tied to this account that you will be showcasing in front of recruiters or your connections on Social Networks
  • Once your account is created, you need to go to Google Partners
  • Here, you need to click on “Join Google Partners” and then you should tap on “Join Now” button

2. Complete Your Google Partners Profile

  • Now, you need to complete your profile that will be listed in the Google Partner directory. This official profile would be tied to your certifications
  • You can also search for your company in the Google directory and let it get affiliated there. Then you need to submit the affiliation request, which will be verified by the administrator of your company’s Google Partner
  • Then you need to navigate to certifications and choose AdWords
Google AdWords Consultant

Steps to apply for the Google AdWords Exam

3. Take The Test: Fundamentals Exam + One Additional Exam

To become a certified Google AdWords Consultant, you need to pass the AdWords fundamentals exam along with one additional exam from the below-given Advertising Exam Choices-

  • Search
  • Display
  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Shopping

You should choose the one that best suits your advertising need. In case you want to pass all of those, you can also do that. In case you could not pass the exam, after a waiting period, you would again be eligible to apply for this exam.

How To Prepare For Google AdWords Certification Exam

You can take the assistance of Google Training content or can go through some dummy exams that will let you go through the same pattern that the actual exam follows.

Below given are the three notable ways of preparing for the Google AdWords Exam

1. Google’s Exam Study Guides

Google offers you training to prepare for each of the Google AdWords exams. You will get to know everything about Google AdWords via some well-written content and videos. The guide includes

  • Basics of AdWords so beginners can easily understand the platform
  • Lessons on how to make a website and related Ads mobile friendly
  • Lessons on creating successful Search campaigns
  • Latest and best practices related to Google AdWords
  • Google AdWords audit guide that lets you find answers of Google AdWords Exam

2. iPass Exam

  • In case you have some knowledge about AdWords then iPass Exam is the best way to prepare for the Google AdWords exam
  • Here you will go through the practice tests that include the same types of questions that are asked in the actual exam. Some of the times, you may face the same question in Google Exam that iPass Exam asked you in its dummy test
  • This is one of the best ways to polish those AdWords skills that you need to improve to pass the Google AdWords exam
  • You can also find a free resource here as well, but the dummy test of iPass Exam is considered top notch

3. SEM Course

  • Enrolling in an SEM course is considered result-driven for both beginners or experts of PPC advertising
  • If you want to pass the Google AdWords Exam in the first attempt then joining SEM Tutorial would be the most productive option for you
  • The course will take you through a variety of Search Marketing and AdWords modules that help you master AdWords on the live projects
  • The course will teach you-
  1. Understanding Google search
  2. Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter & Yahoo Search Marketing
  3. PPC definition & it’s functioning
  4. Ad writing techniques
  5. Campaign and Bid Management
  6. Performance Tracking, etc.

Once you prepare and pass the Google AdWords exam, you would entitle to get top earning Digital Marketing Consultant Job. Let us understand the Google AdWords Consultant salary that you can expect-

Google AdWords Consultant Salary

Approximate salary of Google Adwords Experts is based on their experience, certifications, and educational qualification. Generally, it ranges in between Rs. 5,00, 000 to Rs. 7,00,000.

Google AdWords Consultant

Google AdWords Consultant Salary


A certified and experienced Google AdWords Consultant working in a reputed business can even get the annual package of around Rs 10 Lakh.

As a consultant, AdWords specialist can also find some best-suited freelance jobs on the portals like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Peopleperhour, Truelancer, etc.

Promote Your Certifications To Gain An Upper Hand Over Other AdWords Professionals!

Promoting your AdWords Certifications would help you brighten your chance to get noticed by HR Managers and Employers who are in search of an adept and experienced Google AdWords Consultant. Some of the easy and effective ways that you can attempt to do this are-

  • You can add your AdWords Certification to the certifications segment of your LinkedIn profile. Your connection would consider you as an expert after seeing your certifications that will automatically help you get better Google AdWords Consultant opportunities
Google AdWords Consultant

Add your AdWords Certifications as a Certificate in LinkedIn

  • You can likewise display your AdWords Certification on some other Social Media Channels that you lean toward for your business. For instance, on the off chance that you effectively utilize Twitter for your business, you should include your Google AdWords Certification to the description beneath your Twitter profile picture
  • You can likewise add your AdWords Certification status to your site, resume, business cards or Google Partners account
Google AdWords Consultant

Add your Google AdWords Certification on Social Profiles

Next thing that AdWords consultant should do is staying certified post-1-year of AdWords Exam.

As I had earlier said, your Google AdWords certifications would only be legitimate for only one year and after that, you need to give the test again by following the same procedure. Passing the AdWords Fundamentals test along with the second test again would help you stay certified.

Final Thoughts

Now the time has come, to sum up, this post, and I hope you would have understood how you could be a successful Google AdWords Consultant.

By going through Google Study material, you will be able to prepare for the exam in the most comprehensive way possible. To pass your AdWords exam in the very first attempt, you should join Search Engine Marketing Training.

Not being able to pass the Google AdWords exam and want to get the tips from experts? –Then share your queries with your basic personal details in the comments below and we shall address all your queries.

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