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A – Z Guide to Become a Marketing Consultant in India

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Due to globalization and rampant industrialization, the need for a Marketing Consultant has been increasing tremendously. This article aims to provide information on this fresh and recently developed career choice.

Frankly speaking, in recent years, digitalization and marketing have taken the world by storm.

As per the recent stats, companies with marketing goal and digital techniques appreciate 429% more success.

Technology is being used by not only the education, government, administrative, and medical sectors but also by well-established companies and industries to set up new ventures with the clients.

Companies are using the web to locate potential clients, and this has led to the creation of new professions and career options.

The business world has seen a paradigm transformation from conventional to a digital style of marketing in recent years. The information is spreading like wildfire online, and people are taking advantage of it by reaching more diverse companies and businesses. This has helped the market too.

According to statistics, 32% of small businesses invest their money in social media, out of which 25% are investing their capital online while the other 17% are investing in search engine optimization.

In today’s world, where people depend more on phones, digital marketing helps businesses to connect with their mobile customers who have increased the functionality of their products. This is for the reason that people don’t need to walk to offline stores to purchase a product or service; instead, buy goods and services online.

Every organization requires a person who is skilled at social media marketing, SEO i.e., Search Engine optimization, internet handling, digital marketing, etc.

Hence, it is not surprising that these days, every company in the global market requires a digital marketing consultant.

Who is a Marketing Consultant?

Since this occupation has just recently come into the forefront, the marketing consultant job description isn’t crystal clear among the people. Many a time, there is a constant confusion lingering between an internet marketing consultant and advertising companies.

But there is a massive line of difference between a digital marketing consultant and the advertising industry.  

A Marketing Consultant is a person who is qualified enough and has the skill set to understand and analyze the requirements of the customers as well as motivate them to buy the product or avail the services provided by a brand.

In addition to this, a Marketing Consultant also chalks out different ideas and strategies for businesses to follow to grow and excel.

He helps the organization to resolve the issues related to marketing by providing actionable insights, useful strategies for marketing, and implementation of these strategies. He/she will give the business a laser-focused control over the market and how to manage by taking a proper monetary decision. He can capture more value for your organization by delivering strategies, more sales, and innovative efforts for marketing.

The primary difference between a Marketing Consultant and advertising companies is that the consultant provides all the services mentioned above independent from any company.

Following are some of the services-

(a) The Marketing Consultant will chalk out the best strategy to improve the sales of a company by attracting potential clients.

(b) The professional will provide strategies and marketing advice to attract a person who may be an important potential client.

(c) He will also provide services to improvise and build-up a business digital marketing strategy based on the company’s needs and requirements.

(d) The consultant will also ensure that the marketing methodology of the client business is way ahead of its contenders.

Marketing Consultant Job Description

Marketing Consultant Job Description
Marketing Consultant Job Description

The responsibilities, as well as the marketing consultant job description, are a subject which isn’t very clear among various companies. The job description is quite complicated and consists of multiple tasks and services which the Marketing Consultant has to provide. The following are some of the responsibilities of the specified professional-

(a) Marketing Consultant is simply a qualified professional who provides advice and devises strategies to improve the marketing policy of a company

(b) The person does not restrict himself to a single organization but works with numerous businesses at the same time.

(c) Marketing Consultant job description begins with analyzing the already existing marketing policy of the company, the ways and places where it is lacking, understanding the basic requirements of the company and then making the changes taking into account various factors affecting the marketing policy.

(d) In addition, a Marketing Consultant also provides adequate training to the marketing team and advises them on their role through experiences, examples, and methodologies.

(e) Building a connection with the client as well as the company, having the administrative aptitude, a mind to strategize a policy depending on the client’s requirements and the company’s need, are some of the prerequisites of a Marketing Consultant.

(f) A marketing consultant will make sure that every organization requires a person who is skilled at social media marketing, SEO, i.e., Search Engine optimization, internet handling, digital marketing, etc.

(g) Carrying out proper digital marketing strategies can help even a small business to compete with the big business even with small budgets.

(h) A Marketing Consultant should know all the differences between sales and marketing and create strategies accordingly.

(i) A Marketing Consultant should be aware of the 7 P’s of Marketing.

Primary Skill Set required for a Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Benefits of Digital Marketing
Benefits of Digital Marketing

India is one of the fastest-growing economies and a soon-to-be developed nation. It has achieved global dominance in various fields, and hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the need for a digital marketing consultant in India is growing day by day.

There is a particular set of skills that every consultant must have to provide adequate services, recognize the tweaks in the marketing policies of companies, and improvising them. A list of these prerequisites is mentioned below-

(a) An internet marketing consultant must be aware of ways and tactics to attract the appropriate audience towards the company. For that, the consultant should also know how to target a company for rendering his services.

(b) They are investing the nitty-gritty of the target company’s current policy to identify the places where they lack in spite of the money spent and the services availed by the company to improve their sales.

(c) Possessing the knowledge of Key Perform Indicators (KPIs) and accordingly, chalk out a marketing strategy to avoid the backfiring of a policy. For this, he/she must meet the customer, discuss the KPIs established and accordingly, decide on a suitable plan.

(d) When building a marketing plan, make sure to analyze the exact effect of the policy on the different aspects of the client’s venture. There might be a policy that may not be beneficial for the company, and hence, it is essential to create a marketing policy that will enhance the company’s brand to a maximum extent.

(e) Being well-versed with social media, marketing is another essential requirement. This along with deciding the exact SEO strategy that will help enhance your client’s business as well as knowing how to create viral and groundbreaking content are some of the essential skills that an internet marketing consultant requires.

(f) The digital inclusion in the world of business requires a professional who can clarify your vision and can do a comprehensive assessment of your readiness.

(g) They must provide the company with the benefits of reaching more clients, expanding the business, earning profits in a cost-effective way which is also measurable. This process includes the loyalty of the product and driving the sales online.

Education Qualifications Required

For being a digital marketing consultant in India, one needs the following conversations-

(a) One must either be a marketing graduate or a business graduate with the primary focus in marketing. This qualification is the standard requirement for being a Marketing Consultant.

(b) Getting an MBA in marketing will boost your chances of getting a proper opportunity for a digital marketing consultant. An MBA from a good and reputed university with excellent academic performance will give you a chance to work with more significant ventures and earn more experience.

(c) Apart from the qualifications, one must also have a certain amount of experience in the field. This is one of the most important factors which a company takes into account while hiring a Marketing Consultant. One must have adequately trained during the internships, which one does while graduating from the degree of MBA or prior to taking up this job.

Digital Marketing Consultant Salary in India

The expectations of the clients keep soaring high.

They want a professional who could meet all those expectations and also provide a seamless journey for the businesses which are particularly customer-centric. It is a good career option, and one can earn a good salary from this job.

Having said that, the digital marketing consultant salary in India or internet marketing consultant salary is not fixed since it depends on the companies associated and depends on the projects and organizations that the consultant is working on.

The digital marketing consultant salary in India primarily depends on the services provided by the digital marketing consultant in India. Hence, the salary will be taken care of if the services offered are helping the company towards achieving a long-term goal while making decisions that are effective and also cost-efficient.

Besides the services provided, the skillset, administrative capacity, and the skill to form a correspondence with the clients also play a vital role in the digital marketing salary in India.

Importance of Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Importance of Digital Marketing Consultant in India
Importance of Digital Marketing Consultant in India

(a) Digital marketing consultants are well-versed with the developing trends, tactics, and methodologies and hence can chalk out a better marketing policy for the company to incur a maximum profit.

(b) They analyze and understand the nitty-gritty of the existing marketing policy of the company to find the systems which are valuable and beneficial for a company’s business and sales growth.

(c) They possess the knowledge of how every digital marketing tool function and what changes they can bring about. They can come to know what exactly will work for a company’s sales growth.

(d) They also possess the proper knowledge of the marketing methodologies of the contenders and ensure that the client company is way ahead when it comes to these policies.

(e) The most important advantage of hiring a digital marketing consultant in India is that it can expand business deals and ensure the growth of a company. The primary aim of this professional is to develop leads, traffic, and attracting the target audience towards a business.

(f) A marketing consultant has proved to clear and resolve the mistakes of about 95% of businessmen who commit an error while marketing their own products.

(g) Marketing consultants work as an excellent solution for businesses who want to reactivate their old customers and attract them back to the company.

A Career as a Marketing Consultant

A Marketing Consultant proves to be a significant asset for a company since the professional ensures the progress and sales growth of a business. The requirement for a digital marketing consultant in India is growing day-by-day with the number of companies entering the market and businesses looking to expand.

Technology is being used not only by the education, government, administrative, and medical sectors but also by well-established companies and industries to set up new ventures with the clients. The new age digitally-driven business when adjuncts with machine intelligence make your company grows and expands in leaps and bounds.

Establishing correspondence with the client companies, having the organizational knowledge and the ability to expand the business by bringing about specific progressive changes in the marketing policies are some of the essential prerequisites of a marketing consultant in India.

Hiring a digital marketing consultant in India can also be extremely beneficial for a company’s progress. The consultant possesses knowledge of the various tactics, methodologies, and policies used in marketing. They can analyze, understand, and recognize the paces where the systems are lacking and can make individual improvisations in them.

A company may have a good marketing policy, but their method of execution may be inadequate. In this case, too, a Marketing Consultant will be of significant help. A consultant also makes sure that the company is way ahead of its contenders in the marketing tactics.

The digital marketing consultant salary in India solely depends on the client’s business; the professional provides as well as the projects and companies undertaken. 


The need for a digital marketing consultant is expected to grow even further in the years to come, and hence, this profession will prove to be extremely fruitful.

Joining a Digital Marketing Certification course can help you be a successful Digital Marketing Consultant.

Having any doubts about the job profile of Digital Marketing Consultant? How important do you consider the role of a Marketing Consultant for a company in today’s time? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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