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Leveraging social media for business, does it make sense? Some will say yes some will say no. To get an answer for this one, Digital Vidya on Facebook asked people to contribute Indian Social Media case studies to see what brands/organizations/individual have been able to mark a success in it.


Along with some great case studies, the answer we got is – Yes, leveraging Social Media for Business makes an absolute sense.

Let’s know about the case studies:

  1. Taxi Driver Devesh Mishra in Banaras does great amount of business (including lots of foreigners as his customers) by leveraging his video on YouTube.
  2. Ching’s Secret is considered one of the most successful Indian case studies on Social Media. They have a range of Chinese Soups, Sauces, Sauce mixes, Hakka and Instant Noodles that they promote through Facebook. It has 108,642Fans.
  3. TED India leveraged Social Media (especially Twitter) to fill 800 seats. Their event cost was more than Rs 100,000.
  4. An auto driver Samson in Chennai doing great amount of business using his own website. We posted a detailed blog on him. He may not fit directly in ‘Social Media’ but virality of the concept is the winner here.
  5. Non-Official Commonwealth Games community crossing 25,515 fans mark with great engagement.
  6. Cocoberry Frozen Yoghurt Ice-cream parlors facebook fan page has more than 35,613fans with a high degree of engagement. They provide their fans the latest of happenings in the parlor.
  7. Shashi Tharoor used Twitter very intelligently. He had a fan following of more than 7 lakh people which is among the highest number of fans in India
  8. SCJP – Success, Certified is another great example of community development and help using SM. Going by the fan following, the numbers may not be much as compared to other pages. But this page catering to a particular segment – those preparing for SCJP exam in a novel “Quiz of the Day” way. It is not just another page or group that’s impressive JUST because of its name.
  9. Another story about Victory of Social Media in India: Mumbai Terror Attacks – Twitter n Flickr.
  10. Amazing level of engagement at Tirupati Balaji fan page on Facebook with 13,400 fans.
  11. With a satisfying service on phone Just Dial has more than 63,935 fans on Facebook.
  12. Gunpowder restaurant in Hauz Khas is taking table bookings on Facebook fan page, what an interesting use of Social Media has grabbed almost 1944 fans.
  13. Tata Docomo has fan following of 84,253peopleon their facebook fan page.
  14. The very recent – StripeytheCub, a very recent save tigers campaign has a facebook fan following of a tremendous 239,589people providing information around tigers.
  15. Another very interesting case study was Pantaloons webcasts fashion show on Facebook. Glamour world is also making an effective use of the Social Media.
  16. Healthcaremagic’s twitter campaign is an impressive one; they give daily health tips and have around 40000 followers on twitter.
  17. ZooZoo can be another good example. Although they heavily leveraged on TV and other traditional media but their current success with 105,259fans on Facebook speaks a lot about their success in Social Media.
  18. Reliance money has reached to 10,135 friends with a lot of interaction with their fans.
  19. Kashmir fan page has 11,803 fans and the number is increasing very rapidly.
  20. A very interesting B2B Indian case study is Deskaway, which is doing a great job in leveraging Social Media to reach out to and engage with Global Audience.
  21. Fastrack is another success story with 180,783fans and more adding to it everyday.
  22. Love in Jeans, a condom brand Facebook fan page is catching up with 6,362fans. Apart from brand promotion they are also spreading awareness through Social Media.
  23. Basics Life, a cloth brand with multiple stores across India has 8254 fans and they are still growing.  They have able to promote their brand in a better way.

This is just the beginning. Social Media is vigorously catching up in India. Digital Vidya will bring you face to face to the accomplishments of Social Media and we hope that the above compilation of case studies by Digital Vidya (Facebook) is useful for you. Do share with us if it inspires you in any way. Also, feel free to share any case study.

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