New Brunswick Department Of Tourism Used Google Analytics To Generate 58% More Customer Enquiries

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BrunswickAbout New Brunswick Department Of CTHL

The Canadian government got restructured in 2012. Being a part of the Provincial Government, a Department of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living (CTHL)  in New Brunswick, was founded. This department was formed to promote wellness through healthy living and physical activity. Brunswick, is one of the most beautiful scenic places in the world. The CTHL department aimed at  promotion  of tourism in the country.

New Brunswick Department Of  CTHL’s Business Objectives

CTHL was created, with the primary objective of promoting tourism in the country. Their website was evaluated to understand the key trends going in the tourism web space. Basically, they wanted to attract more traffic to their website. They, therefore,  strategically divided their primary objectives into 3 parts :-

  1. Attract more traffic landing to their website through summer market campaign, ‘My New Brunswick Finds’.
  2. Homepage segmentation into 2 parts as per the target audience requirements – ‘Hassle Free Travelers’, for travelers who look for easy and quick summer getaway vacation idea and ‘Cultural explorer/authentic experience’, for travelers looking for natural wonders and authentic cultural experience.
  3. Increase audience engagement through web pages. Furthermore, optimize key metrics like pages per visit and form inquiries.

Strategy/Approaches Adopted By New Brunswick Department Of  CTHL

New Brunswick Department Of CTHL partnered with web analytics expert, T4G, based in Toronto, to adopt a methodology to understand the visitors’ behavior and adopted the following measures:

  • Applied Google Analytics Campaign Tracking tool to monitor quality of traffic from sources like direct mail, QR-code and other marketing links. This is done to maximize the return on investment.
  • Adopted Google Analytics Event Tracking tool to measure the engagement through inquiry forms.
  • Used Google Website Optimizer tool to discover the most engaging content over the website.

All these tools were used to increase competitive level of the short window page and differentiate what works best for their website and what doesn’t.

Results Achieved By New Brunswick Department Of  CTHL

The statistical results proved the accomplishment of the above applied approach as follows:

  • Firstly, the variation page included new design and fewer links which stood out compared to the original one with 99% confidence. Thus, it soon got launched as the new homepage .
  • Secondly, content testing lifted 58.3% more inquiries , a positive change for the business.
  • Finally, the CTHL team came out with the conclusion that Data driven campaigns actually maximize ROI.


Understanding the power of Professional Expertise and Google Analytics is one of the keys for Business development. The strategists,  spending time and investment in digital marketing research, are able to maximize ROI. Therefore, digital marketing has been considered as one of the prime revenue driver tools for any organization.

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