Top 8 Social Media Marketing Career Opportunities

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Social Media Marketing has become the buzz in the industry over the past few years. Many of us believe without Social Media Marketing, we cannot drive sales and that’s absolutely true. Social Media Marketing is just a part of the Social Media industry but an important and influencing part without which we might not be able to survive in this hardcore competition. According to HubSpot, in 2014, 92% of marketers claimed that Social Media Marketing could be the maker or breaker of their business, out of which 80% said their efforts in this area increased the traffic to their websites. Hence, we can have an overview of the potential of Social Media Marketing in driving the sales. This is surely a good indicator to build Social Media Marketing career opportunities.

These days having designed a website for your business is not enough to serve the purpose and give you the bigger cake slice. So you need to excel in this field to be able to discover careers in Social Media Marketing. The digital marketing extending to Social Media Marketing sites includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc, that are essential for every business. With Social Media now becoming a huge and integral part of the businesses, the Social Media Marketing career opportunities in this field are enormous. Let us have a look over the top 8 Social Media Marketing Jobs that are taking the front seat in the Social Media industry.

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Career Opportunities

Social Media Marketing Career Opportunities

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  1. Social Media Marketing Manager

Being a Social Media Marketing Manager means you will be responsible for communicating the clients and customers of the organization via Social Media websites. This is your type of job if you have a passion of working with Social Media and finding innovative ways to connect with people. Great communication skills are a must since you will have to do a lot interaction every day. Along with that you must have creative writing ability to stir engagement with people online as well as in person. For getting your message across to the target audience, the need for good organizational skills and a deep knowledge of Social Media tools to have best possible results can make you stand out of others. Experience in related fields like marketing, public relations or advertising can help you enter this job. Don’t worry if you have no experience, you can still become a Social Media marketing manager by demonstrating your good understanding of Social Media and your persuasion power that make people join online communities. The working areas of a Social Media Marketing Manager are:

  • Being an Social Media Marketing Manager may come with working for one company or more. Promoting and managing the company’s online presence via Social Media websites is the main task.
  • Reviewing, analyzing and contributing to activities on websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Google plus, Pinterest and Instagram is a daily task for the manager.
  • Updating the Social Media sites regularly.
  • Checking the internet and Social Media sites for company mentions and feedbacks from customers’ side.
  • Overseeing competitions and campaigns that promote the company.
  • Enlightening the staff on the use of Social Media and encouraging its use within the company also.
  • Developing strategies for increasing follow or likes on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing Manager is one of the most comprehensive Social Media Marketing career opportunities where you need to have a varied skill set ranging from strategizing, marketing and even writing blogs for the company.

  1. Social Media Marketing Executive

From structuring a Social Media foot print, monitoring and creating an air about the company to developing online media campaigns, a Social Media Marketing Executive has an active involvement on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to create and maintain company’s profile online. The following tasks are to be done by a person who has chosen Social Media Marketing Executive position as the Social Media Marketing career opportunities, in a company:

  • Strategy planning for the company’s visibility on a wide number of Social Media platforms.
  • Making reports according to the analysis of competitors’ offers, marketing strategies and trends.
  • The Social Media Marketing Executive needs to create, edit, publish and share the content daily that helps in building meaningful connections and encourages the managers to take action.
  • Structuring and executing Social Media strategy on the basis of competitive research, platform determination, messaging, benchmarking and identifying the right audience.
  • Creating and optimizing the company’s pages on all platforms to increase the possibility of their visibility on Social Media.
  • Collaborating with other departments of the company in order to maintain the reputation of the company created so far.
  • Creating editorial calendars and syndicating schedules.

The task of an Social Media Marketing Executive requires a lot of patience and hard work for continuously improving the strategies and implementing the best practices for company’s turnover.

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  1. Social Media Marketing Analyst

Amalgamation of the skills of a marketing analytics and subject matter expert is essential for being a Social Media Marketing Analyst. The understanding of current and future trends of Social Media and Marketing Analytics areas can make you stand out of the crowd and can be a game changer for your company. This is one of the key skills to make a mark in Social Media Marketing career opportunities available.

A Social Media Marketing Analyst is majorly responsible for heading the qualitative and quantitative measurement of the company’s clients’ performance in Social Media. This can range from ongoing measurement, reporting and providing strategic support to the clients. Supporting analysis and reporting for other digital campaigns which include email, search engine marketing, video, display, performance and site is also the task of an Social Media Marketing analyst. Alongside, you will have to work with the content, digital marketing strategies and analysis teams to combine social analytics. Mentioned below are some of the duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing Analyst:

  • Critical thinking and analysis of company’s brand measurement on Social Media portals.
  • Analysis of content performance on specified basis and making insightful recommendations on the improvement of marketing strategies on Social Media.
  • Evaluation of the impact of Social Media on digital marketing channels.
  • Setting up benchmarks required for social campaigns and responsible for its execution.
  • Discussing the tools that should be used to enhance the research capabilities.
  • Framing the strategic frameworks for social content across the customers/users.
  • Working along with the digital analytics team in order to develop best possible practices for reporting and analysis.

USB of a successful Social Media Marketing Analyst’s is to think out of the box and critically examine the forthcoming of the decisions made.

  1. Social Media Marketing Specialist

A person who has experience and specialization in the field of Social Media Marketing can opt for Social Media Marketing Specialist as one of the many options available under Social Media Marketing career opportunities. On one hand, specialization can help you grab high salary packages while on the other hand, the company’s limited resources are used in the best possible way. For acquiring the position of Social Media Marketing Specialist, you need to have experience in the Social Media Marketing field. Following are the roles and responsibilities of a specialist:

  • Creating, managing and optimizing Social Media campaigns like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Possession of both analytical and creative skills along with intellectual curiosity and proven leadership experience.
  • Excellent communication skills for the communicating with the clients to keep them updated about timelines, budgets, analysis and reports.
  • Continuous monitoring, revising and optimizing ad text for eye catching advertisements and gaining traffic.

The job of a Social Media Marketing specialist is comprehensive which requires implementing experience for company’s growth.

  1. Social Media Marketing Coordinator

In this job, the person has to oversee and manage the marketing and Social Media needs on a regular basis. The responsibilities include structuring Social Media strategies, promotion and creating awareness about the company’s brand, starting marketing campaigns to enhance the number of clients. The task of an Social Media Marketing Coordinator is managing multiple projects while meeting the deadlines. Few of the roles and responsibilities of a coordinator are:

  • Development and execution of strategies of Social Media.
  • Daily posts/tweets/updates on Social Media portals.
  • Working in coordination with the branch support for recruiting opportunities and monitoring the marketing projects.
  • Working in coordination with branch sales in order to monitor and execute the sales plan. Keeping updated with the status of clients is also a part of the job for a coordinator.
  • Working with the branch administration includes special event handling along with works of administration in order to enhance the Social Media presence of the company.
  1. Paid Marketing Specialist

It is an entry level position where one needs to develop and execute companies’ marketing strategies. Following are the duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing specialist:

  • Ensuring traffic is initiated on time across all Social Media platforms.
  • Fix deviations, if any and improving the quality of the performance.
  • Maximizing profits by making amendments in plans.
  • Generating reports on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis across all Social Media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Setting up analysis reports
  • Creating attractive advertisements for building Social Media’s performance of the company.
  • Being proficient with PPC tools like Google AdWords, Bing ads editor etc.

Paid Marketing Specialist is one who is responsible for improving the company’s Social Media presence.

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  1. Social Media Marketing Copywriter

The person is responsible for writing content for the purpose of Social Media Marketing. Writing informative, creative and persuasive content for the company helps in creating a buzz about the company. Following are the duties and responsibilities of an Social Media Marketing Copywriter:

  • Writing content for the company.
  • Proofreading the content to be published.
  • Creating eye catchy ads and phrases for creating awareness about the company.
  1. Social Media Marketing Associate

For being Social Media Marketing Associate, you should be able to tap new opportunity that might help the company to open avenues for revenues. The duties and responsibilities of an Social Media Marketing Associate are as follows:

  • Scheduling workshops, meeting and webinars for marketing the company on Social Media platforms.
  • Executing marketing campaigns on Social Media and reporting the management.
  • Supporting Social Media strategy, creating and managing company pages and profiles on all huge social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

The industry is blazing with numerous Social Media Marketing career opportunities. Kick-start your journey in the dynamic field by attending a live orientation session and make a wise choice to boost your career.

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