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In case you are a social-media addict, believe it is the best that lies in your power and have a desire to begin career in Social Media- Not to stress then! – It is not that troublesome how some of the motor-mouth Marketing GURUS could make you feel.

In the event, that you are acquainted with social platforms, you can compose good content, think innovative ideas and interact with your target audiences- you can join the RACE and choose social media career path.

career in social media

social media career

These days, majorities of people appear to acquire information about the world through Twitter, Facebook and other social channels instead of conventional news sources – And that is why the accentuation on Social Media Careers is constantly expanding. As per the Indian Marketing Association’s prediction, within the next 5 years, organizations will appoint around 30% of their advertising spending plans to social media marketing channels. Colleges and universities, as part of their marketing/business/information curriculum, now offer courses and degrees in social media to keep up with the growing demand of social media experts.

This guide is short yet productive if you follow it accordingly.

How about to initially comprehend what social media is, why to choose a career in social media, then we will go in details and understand 5 steps to get hired and make a rewarding career in Social Media-

What is Social Media?

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  • Social Media can be understood as a type of direct communion between organizations, governments, institutions, media houses and their group of target audiences (customers or people in general).
  • Examples of different online networking social media channels incorporate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, YouTube, Blogging Platforms, Yammer etc..
  • They take into consideration immediate transfers of data, information, emotions and reactions and have the ability to circulate them around the web rapidly to turn them be viral.
  • Since an ever-increasing number of organizations, associations, and offices are utilizing these social media channels, social media career opportunities are becoming progressively essential.

5 Reasons why to choose Social Media Marketing Career in India

Let’s find out the lucrative factors of building career in social media.

  • Perfectly blends your passion & work

Earlier work and passion were two distinct things, but with the development in digital world and popularity of social media, that boundary line is getting obscured and new career options are rising. Rise of web-based social networking carried with it a remarkable amount of career opportunities for online advertisers. This new domain gives unparalleled potential to achieving new clients, reinforcing associations with existing ones and growing the awareness of any online brand. Organizations need gifted social media experts who can explore the social field and legitimately advertise their products and services in an effective and result-oriented manner.

  • Fosters personal connections between companies and their audiences at next to zero cost

The magnificence of web-based social networking dwells in its capacity to cultivate individual associations amongst organizations and their clients at practically no cost. This affordable component is only one motivation behind why such a large number of prominent organizations are opening social media marketing career opportunities in their online marketing team. Fruitful online social media efforts convey organizations nearer to their target audiences and give them important knowledge with respect to what their inclinations and assessments are. There is additionally the advantage of conveying organization-news speedier while giving tailor-fit offers to faithful brand supporters. SMM efforts may incorporate company Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages along with company websites, blogs, etc.

  • Diverse range of Social Media Career Opportunities

In the event that we discuss the professions in Social Media, there are various scopes of career opportunities as social media strategists, content organizers and community managers. It is greatly powerful in influencing opinions of different people. Thusly, a developing number of organizations are enlisting social media specialists whose employment is to fabricate their online reputation and offer a stage for instant feedback from prospects. In addition, on the off chance that you take a gander at the opportunities and career development in this stage; it is incomprehensible with tremendous learning and experiences. As per a Mashable article, “Social Media positions are popping up everywhere in all types of organizations, from The New York Times, to Pizza Hut and even in the White House. Businesses of all types are identifying the need to stay connected with their communities because they recognize the benefits.”

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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  • Easy, trackable and helps businesses develop long-term relationship

While these youthful employees are cheerful being constantly accessible on Facebook, Twitter and other social profiles posting reports on the organization’s news, and tweeting and re-tweeting different data, their employment additionally involves checking on bounce rates, traffic volume, and other significant metrics, creating online networking segments for new campaigns, assisting with blogger outreach and making long term relations with customer. It may likewise appear to be more fun-full to construct your career in a similar medium where you love to spend endless hours of your day i.e. social media platforms.

  • Good salary packages even for the freshers

career in social media

job oriented social media course

Although social media career path is a relatively new phenomenon, their popularity is expected to grow exponentially. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of jobs for social media professionals is expected to increase by 24%. In 2017, the median salary for the freshers is around LPA 1.5-2.5. If you have technical knowledge and social media certification, more companies and organizations would like to hire you and in such cases, you can expect package around 4.5-6 Lakhs per Annum. 

Now, time has come to know the 5 straightforward steps you need to follow to get hired and make a successful career in social media-

It is essential to be a dynamic client on all the famous web-based social media channels and related stages- it makes the awareness and branding of your name, noticeably amongst the different social networks. Being a super dynamic social media professional implies day-by-day cooperation and keeping audiences engaged in something fascinating, as individuals appreciate those clients who refresh their social communities more frequently than the individuals who login to their records once in seven or fifteen days.

5 steps to make a successful career in Social Media

1 – Be highly active on all social media channels:

  • You need to interact with your companions, followers, friends, and supporters all the time.
  • You should always post the content of their advantage.
  • It is also important to create and embed data on all the prominent social web channels regardless of the possibility that you do not utilize them; there are social media tools to refresh them without signing in.
  • Another urgent point in beginning your career in social media business is number of followers that you have. What number of companions do you have, what number of individuals are tailing you on various informal organizations, pages, gatherings, records, registries and so forth do make a difference.
  • Number of followers is an awesome approach to exhibit your power to your organization or manager- that is how you could be extremely advantageous for them by contacting mass gathering of people effortlessly and finishing their objectives.

2 – Multiply your number of followers on regular basis:

  • Increase your followers, companions, friends and adherents on various social communities.
  • Make utilization of social properties like lists, groups, fan pages, and so on.
  • There are two sorts of individuals on social media networks. To start with, first classification is for the individuals who take after or go along with others discussion and patterns. Lies in the second classification are the individuals who are trendsetters and they set patterns and begin discussions.
  • You got the chance to be a pioneer to stamp your name in a web-based social networking industry by being a trendsetter.

3 – Be a trendsetter and break the News:

  • You need to be the first one who posts something, plus you need to make that viral too- something like breaking news, fascinating story, interesting videos and pictures and so forth
  • Post something doubtful and debatable as this can pull in parcel of individuals to talk.
  • Ask inquiries regarding people groups’ interests or concerns.
  • Branding via web-based social media for the most part incorporates your profile pictures, your Bio, your style of correspondence and your polished methodology.

4 – Create your own Personal Brand

  • Choose one profile picture for every one of your social networks, and abstain from changing them frequently especially with small-scale blogging systems like Twitter. Individuals evaluate you more by your profile picture than your name.
  • Create and save your BIO to utilize it on all your social media platforms.
  • Apply the style of correspondence your supporters are happy with. For Example: if your target audiences are indulged with slang, easygoing or incorrectly spelled sort of correspondence then you ought to do it, else maintain a strategic distance from this at any cost. You can use LinkedIn to create your personal as well professional brand.
  • Creating personal brands help you get noticed and selected by companies.

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5 – Start own blogging sites and post what you love most

  • Start your own blog utilizing free third party services such as different self hosted bogs or
  • Start composing articles and blogs on your interests and utilize web-based social networking to drive movement.
  • You can include pieces and source URL from different sites to get more activity.

Social Media Marketing Job Positions

Web-based social networking experts come in a wide range of structures, contingent upon whether you are associating specifically with key groups of audiences or working in the background. Below given are some noticeable job positions available to make career in social media in India-

  • Social media manager/management
  • Social media developer (technical)
  • Online writer/editor
  • Social media marketer
  • SEO consultant
  • Graphic/online designer
  • Social media strategist
  • Public relations specialists
  • Online video producer

Certification & Training for Choosing Career in Social Media in India

Due to nature of this field, most of the social media courses and certification programs are accessible online. To appreciate better career options, it is important to get trained and certified in social media marketing. Digital Vidya offers one of the most comprehensive, convenient and preferred social media marketing courses, which is trusted and advised by industry experts.

Let us delve into the details of social media training and certification program-

Social Media Marketing Course Syllabus

  • Orientation to Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Latest Stats and Trends about Social Media (Global & Indian)
  • Relevant Social Media Success Stories (Global & Indian)
  • Community Building on Facebook
  1. Orientation to Facebook Brand Pages
  2. EndgeRank Algorithm: Why engagement is key to success on Facebook?
  3. How to create Facebook Marketing Strategy?
  4. Facebook Applications for Fan Growth and Engagement
  5. How to create Brand Ambassadors on Facebook?
  6. Leveraging Facebook Insights for Success
  7. Relevant Facebook Marketing Success Stories (Global & Indian)
  8. Creating Facebook Community Building & Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter Marketing
  1. Twitter in Plain English
  2. Twitter for PR, Brand Building, Customer Engagement and Thought Leadership
  3. Leveraging Lists, Hashtags & Trends
  4. Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
  5. Twitter Strategy Framework: From Objectives to ROI
  6. Exercise: Creating Twitter Marketing Strategy
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation & Personal Branding
  1. LinkedIn in Plain English
  2. Lead Generation through Individual Profiles
  3. Lead Generation as Enterprise: Company Page, Ads, Developer API, Groups
  4. Exercises: Profile Makeover, Answers, Groups, Status Updates, Recommendations
  • Opportunity of other Social Media Channels (e.g. SlideShare, Pinterest, Google+)
  • Open discussion on approach to leverage them
  • Measuring ROI of Social Media
  1. Guidelines for Measurement on Social Media
  2. Importance of Qualitative Feedback
  3. Framework for ROI Measurement
  4. Creating ROI Metrics Dashboard
  5. Tools to Measure ROI

Social Media Marketing Certification Programs-

  1. V Skills Govt. of India Certification
  2. Google Certifications
  3. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification


Learning Social Media Marketing would be a great start for your career in social media in the event that you are passionate about social networks, marketing tactics, blogging, analytics and adapting to latest social media features.

More organizations will put their online marketing budget in social media marketing which will generate more demand for social media career opportunities. Therefore, do follow over stated tips, know the impact of social media, follow all the social media update, get trained and certified to enjoy lucrative social media career path.

Have any doubts about social media marketing careers – Ask me in comments.


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