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The Perks of Being a UX Writer

The Perks of Being a UX Writer

A career as a UX writer is quite in trend these days as UX Writing has taken a huge breakthrough in the digital crowd with high salary offers. Learn about the profession the writers are extensively challenged for!

Showcasing a product digitally requires a strong backbone of the UX team. Their major roleplay is to offer an easy and standardized interaction to the users engaged with the digital product.

The team encompasses the work of designing an interactive platform and exhibiting the keyword-oriented content that makes sense. They work with researchers, UX designers and software engineers to accomplish their task of website creation.

The average UX Writer salary in the USA is $139,425 per year or $71.50 per hour.

UX Writer profession has evolved to be a job-title in 2019. It is a creative profile, beholding the responsibility to offer an easy user-journey path.

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UX Writers have one aim to achieve – improving the experience of users with the website/application. They organize the main words of the webpage in a logical manner.

What are the important points a UX Writer must be clear with?

1. Knowledge of the User’s Digital Behaviour

It’s vital for UX Writers to be aware of the user’s online behavior, let’s learn why.

(a) to display the whole culture of the website effectively

(b) to aid him in framing a content pattern that eases the user’s journey map

To achieve the above-mentioned goals, you must be aware of human behavior to present the content logically. Keep the below-listed points in mind:

2. Display Minimum Content

Firstly, keep in mind that your website may just be a random scroll result for a user. In that case, he would just scan and skim through the page. Use minimum and informative content through which the user gets the global summary of your website.

3. Be Concise

Be clear with the thoughts that you display in the content. It’s just a game of seconds and a disinterested user can walk out from your page.

Keep the information smooth and simple so that the user doesn’t end in confusion or banging his head against the wall reading the hard stuff.

How the content can change your perception and interaction with a web page

How the content can change your perception and interaction with a web page Source: UXPlanet

Minimum and logical content attracts more minds

Minimum and logical content attracts more minds Source: MobileSpoon

Human Behavior responds positively to easy words

Human Behavior responds positively to easy words Source: Tubik

I hope the above examples have made you more clear with the work and core activities of a UX Writer. Further, to put the cross on all your confusion, I would like to discuss the difference between a copywriter and a UX writer.

Sr. No.


UX Writer


Write beautiful and high-English words to attract more eyes

Keep the text simple to magnet more minds.


Copywriters are the members of the marketing team and dedicated to selling the product through blog promotions.

UX writers team up with UX designers and software engineers to design their product-oriented website or app. 


Copywriters have independent work responsibilities

UX Writers and UX designers are totally dependent on each other to prepare a well-oriented and interactive website.


Their work is usually to write maximum content where they also discuss case studies and stories.

Their work is fully dedicated to use minimum content where they may share conversations.

Is hiring UX Writer an investment of value?

Definitely, a company could face a major loss if its webpage content does not make sense.

What is the ideal pattern of work without a UX Writer? You gather ideas from the researchers, copywriters, designers, and engineers and end up with variant scattered ideas that reflect a messy concept.

The information presented by the UX designers must be precise and comprehensive. Clear yourself with the following points if you think you are enough without a UX Writer:

(i) Analyze if your UX team is skilled and result-oriented to write content professionally without a special hire.

(ii) Learn UX writing from your previous client experiences – Was there any problem faced in shoppers’ experience with the website.

(iii) The type of website you are dealing with – the marketing website demands copywriters Versus product-based websites require UX writers.

The role of UX Writers is crucial to increase conversion rates

The role of UX Writers is crucial to increase conversion rates Source: Dribble

Roles and Responsibilities of a UX Writer

1. Research

A UX Writer conducts research where he analyzes the data and use the same to improve his website content.

2. Product Knowledge

A UX Writer must be aware of the details of the product and must work closely with the UX designing team where he can also offer product recommendations.

3. Integration with the Team

A UX writer holds equal responsibility for the client’s project as the designing team has. He must, on a regular basis, interact and integrate with designers and researchers to highlight logical pursuits in his work further.

4. A Good Collaboration with the Delivery Team

Working with the delivery team would aid UX Writer to extract some verbal and written content for their designs.

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5. Writing

UX Writing demands only clear and crisp content which is both minimal and sensible. He must understand how UX Writing is different from copywriting and must know how to appropriately present it. UX writer works on the following handles:

(i) Pop content – this may include error message or success message.
(ii) Emails – this may include shipment or research mails
(iii) Verification code text
(iv) Words used on the search bar of the application
(v) FAQ for the website/application
(vi) Voice guidelines tone

Type of content UX Writers work on while dealing with mobile application

Type of content UX Writers work on while dealing with mobile application Source: Pinterest

Important note for a UX Writer

Following are the things a UX writer must always keep in mind before starting his job:

(i) He must have a good work note with the whole team. This gains him benefits in displaying the work with more sensible content.

(ii) Must be a good researcher. He must know what the users like and what are the latest trends they follow. The UX Writer must first analyze the market the product highlights and how the user react towards it and further present the same in his work.

(iii) He must give 100% inputs in writing and reviewing because his content would directly be responsible for lowering or increasing the conversion rates.

(iv) A good UX Writer is ever-ready to execute new ideas and explore for more because innovation is the target he needs to hunt for. “Words are stronger than the sword” – is a phrase which proves its every word when a good content hikes your product dealing like anything.

(v) While dealing with products, the whole team uses technical and professional words. The UX Writer must be able to learn those words and convert them into easy language.

The Perks of Being a UX Writer

A UX Writer is responsible for crafting texts around which the website users come across while navigating through the products. They keep track of the verbal and written conversation that takes place with the product – interested user.

Say it be email or text messages or mobile app reminders, all constitute the work activities of a UX Writer. There are many do and do not’s on his plate because his work includes direct dealing with the customer.

Let’s learn how UX Writer alone can change the scenario of the whole UX team.

1. Design Skills Improvisation

Including a UX Writer in your team improves the verbal and conversational design skills which would further highlight in the narration of the product to its end users. It’s very vital that the user finds the product journey easy and convenient where he does not have to use much brain.

2. No Tension or Distraction for the Designers

Many companies don’t have special hiring for a UX Writer yet. If you are also one of them, you can relate what I’m going to discuss here.

The content of the application or website needs to be finalized prior to its design. This is because any further changes in the text may hamper the design on the application or website.

The work of a UX designer is specifically to design, possibilities are that he may not be skilled in communication. Therefore, his work may land up in confusion & indecisiveness about the content to embed. If not so, there are least to no possibilities of innovative writing.

The difference in the picture highlights how a UX Writer can improve engagements with his innovative and creative writing skills

The difference in the picture highlights how a UX Writer can improve engagements with his innovative and creative writing skills Source: UX Collective

Therefore, hiring the right person for the right task should be the company’s approach. So, start to a new UX Writer hiring and see the change in your work productivity.

3. Efficient Designing

A good UX Writer needs to be a good researcher first. He must be knowledgeable about the product. This helps him to collaborate and indulge in the design deeply and display its concepts with the more clarified approach.

Again, the right person right task. Everyone focusing on their specific work supports the stress-free environment and helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the work at less time.

4. Finalization in One Go

Refer to the picture below. These are the confusions and finalization steps involved if the company takes help from a copywriter to write UX content.

Lack of UX Writer can lead to a number of steps involved in finalizing content

Lack of UX Writer can lead to a number of steps involved in finalizing content Source: The Mobile Spoon

A UX Writer is trained to make the web information look visually and narratively appealing. He knows the concept of minimal writing.

Usually, the companies involve copywriters with a result the content has to be first reviewed by a researcher, then the designer and at last finalized by the committee. This step may seem very simple to you but the bitter truth is the repeated hampering of the design.

A UX Writer kills all the repeated tasks with his regular involvement and integration with the full UX team members.

5. Interactive Guidelines

Usually, we come across content on websites that seem to be important but are huge and tough to read. UX Writers have beautified this phase of user-journey. Their content is more easy and understandable written in simple user-friendly English.

Now, the content about guidelines is not just a mere dump but a readable and valuable material. All thanks to UX Writers.

I hope my article has cleared many points about UX Writers to you. Now, you know about their importance in organization, roles & responsibilities, Important guidelines and finally the perks of being one.

Let’s make the discussion convenient for the UX writing aspirants as well. How can you learn UX Writing and how can they build a UX Writer portfolio for the same.

Learn UX Writing

It’s a wonderful thing to know that people are increasingly moving to this field. For the sake of your success in this profile, I would love to discuss the points which can lead you to be the best UX Writer in the town.

Source: Medium

Source: Medium

1. Learn the Top-Level skills

UX Writer is very different from a copywriter. His core work includes emphasizing only and only the most searched keywords in his content. These keywords need to be organized in a way that it reflects logic and understanding.

(i) You must be a good researcher
(ii) Must be a good explorer and learner
(iii) You should be good with human relations, analyze what is the human behavior on particular wording.
(iv) The aspirants must be easy to go with the technological work environment after all this is what he is going to deal with further.

2. Learn Every Day, Every Moment

Learn UX writing from everywhere – the internet, magazines, blog posts – all the medium to gain insights into UUX Writing. Learn the way the websites display the whole working-graph in two lines, learn the ways they embed words to make the content concise and crisp.

3. Create your UX Writer Portfolio

You are an aspirant, you worked hard and now is the time to communicate your work to your clients. Make an appealing UX Writer portfolio.

4. Try out for a Job or a Freelancing

UX Writing is a new-age job and has rapidly peaked up. Hunt for the jobs, vacancies are highlighted everywhere –, indeed, LinkedIn, etc. Try freelancing content marketing by approaching the clients.

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What’s your take now?

UX Writer is a new profile introduced recently. The above article covers all the value points a UX Writer can give to an organization. The figures for efficiency and productivity growth that effective writing can offer, are not hidden from anyone.

Many are unaware of the importance of UX Writers and find work valuable without them. I would just recommend that give time to market advancements and trends. UX Writer is a promising career for tomorrow as the UX writer’s salary is quite high. Don’t miss an opportunity to hire one.

Enrolling in SEO Course will enable you to learn and master the SEO capabilities & enhance your profile as a UX Writer.

Share your views in the comment section. I would love to interact with you!

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