Top Highest Paying Jobs in India-The 2019 Review

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Who doesn’t want a good salary package? Almost everyone. If you are also looking forward to the highest paying jobs in India, keep reading.

According to a recent survey by NSSO, India’s labour force consists of 45.9 crore workers. Out of these, 43.3 crores (94%) are in the unorganized sector and the remaining 2.6 crores (6%) are in the organized sector.

The changing times have also seen a change in the type of jobs, where earlier public sector jobs were common among the youth, now the information is more towards private-sector jobs.

New highest paying jobs in India are opened in various areas like digital marketing, Artificial intelligence which are the future are also gaining much-required importance.

Highest Paying Jobs in India-Status of Jobs in India


Employment Source – CPD Technologies

The increasing population, lack of knowledge among the citizens and absence of skilled labour awesome do the reasons why the jobs scenario in India is not very refreshing and good to look at.

With India’s growing economy the jobs are not increasing at the same rate which is why we still witness so many unemployed youngsters. The scenario is much more difficult for freshers than experienced individuals.

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However,  the scenario is not the same for individuals who are perfect in their skill set and clear in their aspirations. For such individuals, various job opportunities are available only if you recognize where you belong. 

What are the Highest Paying Jobs in India?

Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity Source – Facebook

Give are those days where if one asked a child about their future, they would answer either an engineer or a doctor. The coming of new-age has opened a number of avenues for the youth which also provide high paying jobs in India.

People are looking for more options & want to know what are the highest paying jobs in India for fresher.

All they have to do is recognize their potential and choose the best for themselves. New courses, specialized fields and an opportunity to pursue one’s dreams is the liberty and choice that today’s generation of students and education is all about.

There are various upcoming courses and highest paying jobs in India that are catching the attention of the youth these days, some of which are: 

1. Mass Media

This is one of the most promising highest paying jobs in India for freshers. With growing powers of media, it has got its due regard with many students opting for a career in mass media which may include both journalism and writing. 

2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Source – Digital Vidya

With the paradigm shift in marketing scenario from billboards to social media, digital marketing to has grown in leaps and bounds.

The new-age job opportunities also have seen digital marketing be in one of the most sorts after career. From social media to articles, blogs, SEO there is a lot that social media has to offer. 

Considering the current job market, career growth in digital marketing is highly recommended by industry experts. Clearly, digital marketing is an area that is constantly evolving with the latest technology developments and in this case anyone who wants to pursue it needs to be extremely adaptable.

3. Data Analysis

Though the coming of the computer has seen a change in the data, still the analysis of these data require human intervention.

The type of data and its storage form may have changed but what hasn’t changed is the use of these data to predict the status and situation of a company. Thus, lots of youngsters are now opting for data analysis and data science jobs. 

4. Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of Siri, Alexa, Google artificial intelligence has now become a part of everybody’s lives.

Various aspects of the area still remain unexplored and new companies are coming up to master the art of Artificial Intelligence. With so much scope and learning it surely is the new age job. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Source – Digital Vidya

5. Developer

The internet has taken over our lives and in order to stay relevant and reach the maximum audience every small or big company needs to have an online presence in the form of the website. It is here where the web developers are required.

From making an interactive and appealing website a website developer is supposed to portray the essence of the brand. Therefore the best developers are hired by big brands in order to be the best at what they do. 

6. Cyber Security

With the internet becoming the next big thing, security is being highly compromised with hour bank details, phone number, address out in the open for everyone to see.

Well, to ensure that the data isn’t used to anyone’s disadvantage the cybersecurity is the need of the hour. 

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7. Machine Learning

Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves. Machine learning is becoming a great career prospect for many youngsters.

Digital Marketing – Highest Paying Jobs in India for Freshers

5 years back when Indian companies were stuck with traditional forms of marketing practices digital marketing jobs in India were far from being mainstream. There was no change suitable and, building a digital marketing career in India wasn’t anticipated. 

However, the chanting time has forced the market scenarios to change and thus made digital marketing mandatory for all business or sink. 

While the other industries are seeing a low growth of 5 to to 10 percent, digital marketing industry has shown a boom of 40%growth.

With the shift in marketing practices, a whole new marketing job opportunity has been created, making a career in digital marketing one of the best options for students and professionals. Along with a whole load of learning, it also provides one of the highest paying jobs in India. 

Why Choose Digital Marketing?

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career Source – Digital Vidya

The growth in Digital marketing is one of the highest paying jobs in India & the following reasons why choosing a career in digital marketing is a great start to a bright future : 

(i) While the world is going digital, it is expected that by the end of the year 2020 all the companies in India and around will have an online presence and thus the digital marketing career is growing each year by leaps and bounds. 

(ii) It is a progressive field. With technology developing every day, you have to continuously develop your digital marketing skills so that your career keeps growing.

(iii) Recent research clearly states that the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy. Therefore the firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t.

(iv) It provides you with various career options. If you love coding, you can go for web designing or if you are a born writer, go for content marketing and so on.

(v) You don’t have to spend sleepless nights mugging up the formulas that you are never going to use in your life.

Best Courses for Getting Best Jobs in India

Best Jobs in India

Best Jobs in India Source – Digital Vidya

1. Data Analytics Course and Data Science Course

An extremely popular course, it is in high demand due to various professional opportunities it opens.

In this course, one is given sound knowledge of analysing data in all dimensions and uncover the unseen truth coupled with logic and domain knowledge to impact the top-line (increase business) and bottom-line (increase revenue).

The Data Science curriculum is meticulously designed and delivered matching the industry needs and considered to be the best in the industry. Analytics industry is growing at 36% while IT industry growth is 6%.

2. Digital Marketing Course

One of the world’s fastest-growing disciplines, Digital Marketing courses are designed keeping in mind the important aspects of the important.

It helps one in mastering the essential disciplines in digital marketing, which include search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimization, web analytics, content marketing, email and mobile marketing.

With the demand for digital marketing professionals increasing the digital will help one in raising your value in the marketplace and prepare you for a career in digital marketing.

The digital marketing course helps learners stand out in the crowd and polish their existing skillset in the marketing domain.

3. Artificial Intelligence Course

The field of Artificial Intelligence (ai systems) is gaining great recognition in today’s time and thus has become one of the highest-paying jobs.

Artificial Intelligence encompasses computer science, natural language processing, math, psychology, neuroscience, data science, machine learning and many other disciplines.

An introductory course in AI is a great start, as it will give you an overview of the components bring you up to speed on the AI research and developments to date.

You can also get hands-on experience with the AI programming of intelligent agents such as search algorithms, games and logic problems.

Through these courses, one about examples of AI in use today such as self-driving cars, facial recognition systems, military drones and natural language processors.

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4. Cyber Security Course

The information technology field is associated with the security of computer systems and information. It encompasses threats to computer hardware, software and data including theft, hacking, viruses and more.

The computer security field has grown immensely as more devices become internet-enabled and more services move online. This increased use of the internet has also unconsciously paved way for cybercrimes.

To combat cybercrimes, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has increased considerably. This is a good opportunity for people who have an interest in the cyber domain.

5. Ethical Hacking Course

Ethical Hacking is an authorized process of penetrating in the system to further protect it from cybercrimes. With the digital transformation, we have become highly dependent on the internet and computer systems.

As a result of this, the system has become sensitive to data and this has made the systems more prone to cyber-attacks. This insecurity has increased the demand for professional ethical hackers who can strengthen the security system and prevent cyber attacks.

6. SEO Course

The SEO course is a must in today’s digital age. These courses will be introduced to the foundational elements of how search engines work, how the SEO landscape has changed and what you can expect in the future.

Ever wonder how major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rank your website within their searches? Or how content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users?

The SEO course will help make a specialist in SEO and it is intended to give you a taste of SEO.

7. Tableau Course

The course will help you clear your concepts of data visualization with a firm understanding of the Tableau architecture.

You will be well-versed in the concepts of filters, parameters, graphs, maps, table calculation and dashboards.
You will gain further expertise in data blending, data aggregation and R connectivity with Tableau in this Tableau course.

8. Full Stack Developer Course

Full Stack Web Developer Course

Full Stack Web Developer Course Source – Hacker Noon

This course will help you in learning how to build applications that can support any front-end, and scale to support hundreds of thousands of users.

Your career as a web developer can reach great heights of you opt for a full stack developer course. The course teaches you about how to build applications that can support any front-end, and scale to support hundreds of thousands of users.

9. Machine Learning Course

The machine learning course is being used almost everywhere. It helps in providing the computers with the power to learn and work without being explicitly programmed for each command. Due to the excitement and suitability of this course, completing it will help you get one of the highest paying jobs in India for freshers as well.
Through machine learning a computer is made to work similarly to a human and perform all the operations with ease.

10. Web Development Course

With all the brands going online, web development has become the need of the hour and has thus become of the highest paying jobs.

The course will help Through the web development course own can learn how to develop effective and captivating websites using the latest web development tools and practices. Gain experience developing with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, and more.

Our expert authors guide you through the development and testing via easy-to-follow web development courses.

Web development is a wide arena which includes a range of work from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications.

It is mainly used to signify the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet or an intranet. Web development can range electronic businesses and social network services. In a time where all the brands are going online, Web Development is an exciting opportunity which offers one of the best jobs in India.

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This article will be of great help to all the candidates are looking for the highest paying jobs in India. With the opening and growth of the Indian economy, the job opportunities in India has increased a lot.

Today being an engineer or doctor are not the only best jobs in India,  there are many more from which one can choose the one that interests them the most.

We hope this article gave you the answer to your question of what are the highest paying jobs in India and will help you find your area of interest, where you want to work and the best jobs in India.

These areas are new to the market and you may face some problems in the beginning but later you will realise that they are the highest paying jobs for freshers in India.

While Digital Marketing & Data Science Jobs are in serious demand these days, it is highly recommended to take up these up the Digital Marketing & Data Science courses.

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