10 Must have Skills for a Digital Marketing Manager in India

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A Digital Marketing Manager resembles a multitasking automated system that has the needed expertise and Artificial Intelligence to run, track and measure the performances of different components of Digital Marketing, and manage respective Digital Marketing professionals as well.

Plus, Digital Marketing manager understands the importance of adding creative and engaging values to the digital marketing campaigns, and does this cohesively.

Many players, different marketing channels, a considerable measure of digital marketing tools, target audiences, conversions, sales, and measuring the success- Digital Marketing Manager roles and responsibilities further imply understanding the nuances of the new DM standards and how they interface.

It’s tied in with the thinking about how each of the internet marketing channels work and communicate with each other and how that can be used for accomplishing the business goals.

Digital Marketing Manager is a Digital Marketing Head who manages-

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Team Lead
  • Strategist/Analyst, etc.

Since salary is directly proportional to the responsibility one handles, see below the salaries of different Digital Marketing professionals-

Digital Marketing Head or Digital Marketing Manager Salary in India

Digital Marketing Manager Salary

Digital Marketing Manager Salary in India

DM head brings up many issues like what would be the right Social Media Marketing Strategy, how to channelize email advertising or how content marketing would help Digital Marketing team construct a site which is SEO optimized. Let us go through Digital Marketing Job Description

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

Digital Marketing Manager job description is very broad that varies from organization to organization. So, lets delve into common responsibilities that a Digital Manager needs to handle-

Digital Marketing Manager job responsibilities-

  • Creating Digital Marketing Strategies to optimize online traffic to the company’s website
  • Tracking the conversion related percentages and numbers to make needed improvements
  • Taking care of all Digital Marketing Components from SEO, SMM, SEM to content marketing and SEO Copywriting.
  • Creating effective SMM strategies to create a brand awareness in different social media channels
  • Ensuring better user experience on the company’s website including responsive design, engaging content and usability
  • Collecting and Evaluating customer feedback data to enhance the customer experience and optimize conversions
  • Evaluating Digital Marketing strategies and success ratio of competitors for creating Digital Marketing plans to overtake them

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Now, time has come to know the marketing skills a digital manager must have to efficiently manage all the aforestated responsibilities. So let us dig into the 10 skills a Digital Marketing Manager in India needs to have-

10 Skills must for a Digital Marketing Manager

1. Ability to do result-driven Data Analysis

In the ‘Big Data’ age, it is must for a Digital Media Marketing Manager to use data analytics to complement the marketing goals. It is not about enormous data but rather what you “do” with the data decides the success of your campaign.

  • Lack of Data Analytics knowledge makes many advertisers dumbfounded that demands another type of colleague, a data man (the Analytics Expert).
  • Booming prevalence of Big Data and great velocity of digital change have happened so quick that Data Expert are quite rate to find. In any case, that is the thing that the new age digital media marketing manager should have.
  • In data analysis, data from various sources is collected, reviewed, and analyzed to form a particular kind of quantifiable conclusions.
  • Different data analysis methods should pay heed upon are data mining, business intelligence, text analytics,  and data visualizations

2. Knowledge of idiosyncrasies of Paid Social Media Advertising

Digital Marketing Manager

Role of Paid Social Advertising

Social Media came as a marketing channel which was free to advertise your brand worldwide when it had started. But, of late, Facebook has changed this amusement and now paid advertising is gaining the pace.

Be that as it may, if Facebook advertising is done in the right fashion, it can be extremely successful. So let us go through the skills you need to pay heed to have a grip on social media advertising-

  • Skills to utilize “Facebook’s Analytics Tool” to get the right Facebook Insights
  • Skills to use “Power Editor”
  • Skills to handle “Look a like” prospects
  • Know effective ways of granular targeting of Custom groups of audiences
  • Knowing what is oCPM bidding and how to do it accurately
  • Experimenting and testing creative images
  • Know how to analyse and test imaginative picture

3. Ability to run and analyze Email Marketing Campaigns

Email was basic in the past and but now, for Digital Marketing Manager, it is all about breaking down bounce rates, niche targeting, conversions and open rates.

  • Indeed, even the big businesses have not been using Email marketing well.
  • A recent report of NY Times uncovered that in spite of it having more than 6 million emails in their mail-database, they never had a legitimate email marketing platform and Email automation tool-A major slackness from a Digital Marketing Campaign Manager.
  • Social media promotion is awesome for brand awareness however your most faithful and submitted users, subscribers and clients would need to keep in close touch via email.
  • Many best performing  deals occur from your email list.

4. Ability to implement & measure Search Engine Marketing

There are two sections in search engine marketing that a digital marketing manager needs to pay heed upon

  1. Content, blog and site optimization for organic earned search
  2. Pay for click advertising using Google AdWords. Paid Advertising is also known as Search Engine Marketing

Having earned authority to rank high on SERPs requires some serious effort and it is no handy solution. In any case, don’t disregard doing this as it ensures driving the lion’s share of your traffic movement.

SEM takes a very long time of content creation and steady strategic traffic movement that demands a adept Digital marketing manager, well equipped with SEM skills.

5. Having skills with latest Digital Marketing Technology Tools  and platforms

The Marketing Manager’s job in the past was about managing the marketing agency. In any case, now they have to comprehend latest Digital Marketing Tools and Platforms, and some of those are given below-

Free Digital Marketing Tools-

  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • Canva
  • Buffer
  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter analytics
  • Google investigation

Digital Marketing Platforms

There are different Digital Marketing platforms like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing Platform that enable a Digital Marketing Manger scale the marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Platforms

 For instance Teradata’s Marketing Operations Products like-

  • Planning and Spend Manager
  • Workflow and Collaboration Manager
  • Marketing Asset Manager,

Email Marketing Platforms-

  •  Mail Chimp
  • Aweber
  • iContact

6. Thorough knowledge and expertise in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing  is fun, includes many moving parts and continuously changes.

  • Social media is mind boggling, and a digital marketing manager has to comprehend the different social networks and SMM tools that enable them to optimize and automate the online branding.
  • By using queries like which Social Channel would be best fit for the brand, a Digital Marketing manager can figure out the scope of strategies to accomplish the business objectives.

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7. Knowing right implementation of Content Marketing

Content is actually the base of all digital marketing strategies and that’s why it is must for Digital Marketing Manager to know right content marketing plan for his/her Digital Marketing Campaign.

  • Content marketing requires articles, blogs, pictures, infographics, free ebooks and a rundown of different other  kinds of content that also work as lead magnets for DM campaigns.
  • Content marketing ensures the advantages like increased engagement, optimized traffic, boosted SEO and maximized conversions and sales.

8. Ability to adeptly use Mobile Marketing to target right audience

Digital Marketing Manager Skills

Importance of Mobile Marketing

The Smartphone explosion has created a greater need of mobile marketing for ensuring better targeting and conversions.

  • Ensuring that your brand is having site that is mobile friendly and responsive is the responsibility of Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Having right mobile applications is also essential for ensuring DM success in today’s time. Knowing this skill is must.

9. Skills to run Viral Marketing Campaigns

Inspiring substance to move quick is something that the likes of AIB, TVF, and Buzzfeeed have taken to another level.

Digital Marketing Manager

AIB Videos- Viral Digital Marketing Campaign Example

  • It doesn’t imply that a Digital Marketing Manager has to concentrate on it, however getting the periodic Video, blog entry or picture to turn into a web sensation is justified for brand building and awareness purposes.
  • Paying heed upon the strategies of those publishers who run viral campaigns regularly will help you get the right Digital Marketing strategy.

10. Incorporation of Visual Advertising Skills

Most Digital Marketing managers realize that they can get expanded engagement and sharing in the event that they utilize visuals. This is quite evident on Facebook, as Facebook analytics demonstrates that up to 100% greater engagement is driven by a visual post compared to the text content.

In any case, this is not only a strategy that works well with Facebook. With Twitter also using the visual content in the stream like the utilization of pictures and videos is extremely powerful.

  • As per Jeff Bullas’ analysis, the rate increment in “impressions” of a tweet with a picture over a tweet without’it, was a significant 197%.
  • Engagement-increase was around 581% while the increase in ‘Engagement-rate”was around 111%.
  • The visual advertising ability is worth mastering to be a successful Digital Marketing Manager

Once you have the aforestated skills, next big thing is knowing the right sample resume for Digital Marketing Manager. Let us understand how to write a Digital Marketing Resume-

How to write Digital Marketing Manager Resume

It is your resume that attracts the recruiter- To get the right job opportunity, it is important to know how to write a digital marketing manager resume. Below given are some tips on writing Digital Marketing Resume-

1. Before writing your resume, you need to know-

  • What’s your Target?
  • What’s your Unique Value Proposition?
  • Your right messaging strategy
  • Resume format that allows all recipients to read
Digital marketing manager resume

Tips to write Digital Marketing Resume

2. Important things to focus in your Digital Marketing Manager Resume-

  • Formatting-

Collecting of your thoughts and their immaculate organization  is formatting. How you structure your ideas is a clear way that lets your recruiter know about your abilities. Never stray to far from normal formatting. Infographic resume is a new trend but you should never overload it.

  • Length-

Length is another important factor for a Digital Marketing Manager resume and you should try to keep your resume length to one page or max two page if possible. A Hiring Managers may like or dislike your resume within six seconds and they also have an option to look at your LinkedIn profile- I hope you have a well updated LinkedIn profile!

  • Interests and hobbies-

You need to include interests and hobbies as per the type of job and the company you are applying to. You have to understand that a digital marketing manager resume would look different from digital marketing resume of freshers.

  • Dates of employment-

Job hopping and large gaps  are considered as red flags in employment. Your employer will think you are unable to commit to one organization- So you need to wisely mention dates of employment. Gaps also create negative impressions.

  • Location-

Location is also one of the most important factors, as recruiters prefer to know if there’s any need to get you relocated. Omission of location in your CV turns your hiring managers skeptic about the same.If your location is far, do give relocation signals.

  • College-

Your degree should complement your role, so if your percentage or GPA is low, you should try to removing it altogether. In case you had better jobs and accomplishments following graduation, then consider removing your GPA if it is not good.

  • Bullet points in each section

You have to say no to paragraphs. You should never add more than five to six bullet points in your each position and try your best to make it easy for recruiter to find and digest important and relevant information, while he/she is scanning your resume quite quickly.

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3. Tips to make your Digital Marketing Manager Resume better

  • Resume should be clean, and to the point
  • Digital Marketing Manager resume has to be proofread and well checked
  • Always include your mission statement
  • Do self branding and market yourself
  • Be as specific as possible and include numbers and names

See below a sample resume for digital marketing manager –

digital marketing manager resume

Sample Resume for Digital Marketing Manager

Final Thoughts-

I hope aforestated skill set of a Digital Marketing Manager would help you analyze the skills that you still need to have in your Marketing-Arsenal to rule the Digital World with sheer competence.

Want to be an awesome Digital Marketing Manager-Join Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) Course.

Getting certified in Digital Marketing and following the sample resume for Digital Marketing Manager will help you grab the eyeballs of recruiters of top Digital Marketing Companies.

So what marketing skills do you need to have in arsenal?- Update me in comments.

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