Interview with Prateek Shah, Lead Social Media Trainer, Digital Vidya

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Prateek-ShahPrateek Shah, an Engineer by qualification and an Entrepreneur from last 3 years who have successfully experienced all the edges of diverse fields like banking and public relation. However, his ever lasting passion in Social Media helped him in founding a company called Green Smyles.

The stories doesn’t ends here! He is not just a founder of Green Smyles but also has trained myriad numbers of professionals from associations such as FICCI, AMA, FISME; organized and took intiate in conducting workshops for employees of many brands like SBI, NTPC, L&T-PBEL, CNN IBN, Hindustan Times etc. Not only this, but he also succeeded in launching India’s first student social network, ‘’ and have successfully handled various social media campaigns for the renowned brands like FIFA India, Imagine Apple, Educational Initiative, Oink Store, Just for Hearts,Integra Profit etc. He is also one of the most dynamic trainers and consultants of the industry and is also associated with Digital Vidya as a Lead Trainer for Digital Marketing Training.

His work was always recognized and his views were always treated as an important part of various publications like Business Standards, Times of India-NBT, Dataquest, Asian Age, The Sunday Indian Magazine and many other.

Prateek’s outstanding interactive skills with the creative methods of trainings and workshops pushes trainees to attend all his workshops and training sessions. His biggest strength is to provide quick solutions during the sessions and that too in its simplest forms. So, in short it would be correct to say that Prateek is one individual who is full of creativity, experience and a problem solver for the individuals who attend his trainings and workshops.

Digital Vidya: How did you get into Digital Marketing?

Prateek: One of our UK based clients asked us to do some ‘social media’ for them, a term unheard of by our PR team back then. We did some research, started doing it, and slowly realized its potential.

Digital Vidya: Why do you think it’s important for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and students to learn Digital Marketing today?

Prateek: Digital Marketing is fast becoming the all important part in any marketing strategy. What’s more, is that there is so much more a brand or an individual can do with digital media. Its therefore, very important for people from all walks of life to understand, study digital marketing, so they can innovate within their organizations, upgrade their careers, and also keep up with the changing face of this world. The time is not far, when knowing digital marketing will become a quite essential part of any professional’s profile.

Digital Vidya: What kind of Digital Marketing training programs you lead at Digital Vidya? Feel free to share any interesting experiences you’ve had while training at Digital Vidya.

Prateek: I lead social media sessions at Digital Vidya. There have been lots of interesting experiences, but the one key aspect that is most interesting is the passion, commitment and dedication with which most of the students want to learn, understand and implement digital marketing. From college goers to mid level professionals to senior managers across verticals, its overwhelming to see the growing interest of people in the digital marketing domain.

Digital Vidya: Can you please share top 5 takeaways your training participants get out of their participation?


  1. Hands on learning
  2. Clarity about how to go about their social media strategy
  3. How to advertise on social media
  4. Resolution of most of their doubts
  5. Social Media Ready at the end of training
Digital Vidya: Please share your experience in delivering a course in an instructor-led, online format. Is it really effective & engaging medium?

Prateek: To my surprise, it has turned out to be a very effective medium. And more than me as a trainer, its about how the participants have accepted the format. By the second class, everybody feels as comfortable as if it was an offline workshop.

Digital Vidya: What do you like most about training at Digital Vidya?

Prateek:  Freedom, Fun and Flexibility!

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  1. Digital Vidya Editorial Team

    Thanks Prateek for your contribution in our trainings. Social Media module of our Digital Marketing course wouldn’t be so exciting without your efforts. Looking forward to continuing our engagement and make far bigger difference in helping professionals leverage Social Media for their personal and organizational growth!

    • Prateek

      Happy to be a part 🙂 Lets keep spreading the knowledge 🙂

  2. Indrajit Goswami

    Thanks to Digital Vidya Editorial Team for this nice post.


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