Top 8 Digital Marketing Internship Sites In India

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Why is Digital Marketing Internship important?

According to Social Beat, 68% of brands leverage digital marketing to promote their products and services. This increasing demand for digital marketing makes it a perfect career opportunity.

Over the years, Digital Marketing has evolved rapidly and has surpassed the traditional method of marketing. Taking this fact into consideration, it has become imperative for individuals to upgrade their knowledge and stay updated with the latest trends and insights of the Digital Marketing Landscape.

To ensure that the individuals get the desired exposure to learn about digital marketing, several digital marketing internship programmes are being offered.

It has been observed that more and more freshers are making their way towards digital marketing owing to its rapid popularity. According to Smart Insights, Digital Advertising, Content Marketing and Social Media are the most in-demand skills. This is precisely a great news for people who are looking forward to a career in digital marketing.

Exams are always given after a thorough preparation to get the desired results. Similarly, to become proficient in the digital marketing sphere, some kind of preparation is needed. That preparation is provided by the digital marketing internship programmes.

A digital marketing internship programme is specially designed to give you the hands-on experience. This experience is necessary as it would provide you with a better understanding and practical knowledge of the digital marketing landscape.

While being a digital marketing intern, you can build a professional network which would further help you in your professional growth.

There are a lot of websites that offer opportunities to learn digital marketing and its various aspects through their Digital Marketing Internship Programmes.

These programmes not only help you in gaining experience but also increases your professional network. Moreover, it also makes you ready for the intense competition in the digital marketing landscape.

Mentioned below are the Top 8 digital marketing internship sites that would help you in shaping your career in the right way and provide you with the best platform to become a digital marketing intern.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Internship Websites

1. Internshala

Digital Marketing Internship


Internshala is no less than a treasure when it comes to an internship. It is one of the biggest internship providing platforms in India. Apart from being a user-friendly website, it also provides a plethora of digital marketing internship opportunities.

Furthermore, it helps the students in getting answers to their queries pertaining ton learning digital marketing and helps trace the path in the right direction is Internshala.

It has changed the ad-hoc culture surrounding internship in India and is cashed upon as one of the most sought-after names to do an internship in digital marketing.

Not just an ordinary website, Internshala also plays the role of a mentor and affectionate senior who believes in guiding the individuals so that they can reveal their hidden potential.

The unique feature of Intershala is that it specializes in paid internships only. This promising feature makes Internshala more popular and promising.

2. LetsIntern

Digital Marketing Internship


LetsIntern is another popular internship platform that provides exciting and encouraging internship opportunities. Being an all-in-one platform, it not only caters to the needs of students and colleges but also delivers amazing internship solutions to various companies.

It is a well-framed website that offers interactive and meaningful digital marketing internship opportunities. LetsIntern offers internships on the basis of location, skills and even type (Part/Full).

The social interaction of LetsIntern is pretty high and they profoundly very active on social media.

Thus, you don’t have to conduct a special search when it comes to an internship. By being highly active on social media, LetsIntern ensures to provide internship opportunities at your ease.

3. Twenty19

Digital Marketing Internship

Twenty19 is an internship platform that gives students access to a plethora of opportunities in addition to internships precisely offered by the companies.

Twenty19 readily provides lucrative digital marketing internship opportunities to students and working professionals by providing a platform to connect for internships and projects.

Moreover, the interns get the favorable chances to be a part and gain practical exposure, thus adding skills and enhancing their profile. Their list of internships is unique in both quantity and quality aspect.

Twenty19 is not just confined to providing internship opportunities, rather they also provide information related to various upcoming events for the students and offer unique workshop opportunities.

The twenty19 internship is purely a free portal for both students as well as colleges which has a range of student opportunities like projects, tech-fests, scholarships, business plan contests, cultural and symposiums, conferences, volunteering opportunities, summer internships etc.

4. HelloIntern

Digital Marketing Internship


With the aim of highlighting the concept of the internship as an important element in the development of the overall economy, Hello Intern was formed.

This website is no less than a blessing for people who are just embarking their journey to build a profitable career.

HelloIntern offers the applicants the choice to intern with big companies, startups and even non-profit organizations.

The website is easy to navigate which makes it a quite user-friendly. It offers internships not only in India but also internationally which makes it one of the leading internships providers of the nation.

Taking into account the rising popularity of digital marketing, they are fully focused on providing the best digital marketing internship services to make sure that the individuals are prepared to enter this highly cluttered and competitive environment with confidence.

HelloIntern provides exceptional mentoring services thereby building talents so that the freshers are developed into successful professionals. Moreover, by providing promising interns, it fosters the growth and development of various startups.

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5. Make Intern

Digital Marketing Internship


MakeIntern is another name in the field of internship websites that offer the best opportunities to students by connecting them to professionals for an internship.

It not only is laser-focused on providing the best internship in digital marketing rather it also provides the students with a perfect platform to gain skills through workshops and online learning.

MakeIntern offers internship on the basis of type (office, virtual and campus), categories (marketing, sales, graphics, web designing, digital marketing), locations (Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune etc) and industries (real estate, electronics, communications etc).

It also looks forward to providing summer training in the field of Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Crypto Currency, Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship. Their main objective is to develop the potential of the individual to the fullest so that they can emerge as exceptional professionals.

6. 10 Internship

Digital Marketing Internship

10 Internship

10Internship is a student internship platform that aims to provides the students with the best in class opportunities to work with some of the top-notch companies.

It is a basic portal that provides both internships as well as jobs plus it also has some amazing varieties of categories of internships. It caters to the needs of the freshers by notifying them about the best available opportunities.

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7. Youth4Work

Digital Marketing Internship


Youth4Work is a perfect platform that acts a marketplace for skills and talent. It is a leader in assisting the people in assessing and understanding themselves so that they can improve and showcase their talent to the entire world.

Youth4Work also instils passion, creativity, and optimism in individuals. Moreover, with their effective talent matching techniques, it also helps the organizations witness organic growth.

The uniqueness of Youth4Work lies in their vision of focussing more on skills rather than degrees.

It gathers intelligence and deep insights of each member and approaches each of the members in a different manner which somehow matches the skills and talent.

Apart from providing the internship opportunities, it also prepares the aspirants for the competitive exams as well.

Taking the digital evolution into consideration, Youth4Work provides digital marketing internship offers to students so that they gain practical knowledge.

8. Digital Vidya – A Top Place to do an Internship in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Vidya

It is Asia’s leading Digital Marketing and Data Analytics training company. Digital Vidya is the very first to launch Social Media Marketing Workshop Series.

It is Google and Microsoft India’s official training partner to train their agencies and partners.

Apart from offering customized Digital Marketing & Analytics Training Programs, Digital Vidya also offers digital marketing internship programs.

They make sure to prepare the students as well as professionals to face the highly competitive digital marketing space.


The evolution of Digital Marketing has resulted in an increasing demand for digital marketing professionals. The competition in this field is highly intense with cluttered space.

Thus, to learn digital marketing and to make sure that you get the best job in this niche, you have to undergo some kind of training to be able to get through the competition.

By providing you with the best internship in digital marketing, these websites prepares you for the best. Hence, taking a digital marketing internship programme can make a lot of difference in your professional life.

So, which Digital Marketing Internship programme are you planning to opt for?

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