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Why do You Want to Change Your Job?

Why do You Want to Change Your Job?

Are you looking for some other job opportunities? But why do you want to change your job?

Let us discuss this here and understand key things that every professional should pay attention to while planning to change their jobs.

Frankly speaking, getting into the professional world is comparatively easy than facing the number of issues in that.

As per stats, more than 50% of the professionals that are currently employed are look for a new job.

It’s not like that you have got the job and your life is settled, there’s much more than that.

People often change their job and when they go for a new interview they are often unable to answer the question of the interviewer when they ask – why do you want to change your job.

This article is all about this question of why do you want to change your job.

Leaving a job is never an easy decision and it involves a lot of risk at the same time. When you are leaving your current job, it means that you want to find a better job than that and this puts you under pressure.

Due to this pressure, you want to prepare yourself at the best for the interview that you are going to face at HR round. We are going to make things easier for you.

Interviewers often ask you about the reason for leaving the job and you want to answer them in a perfect manner in order to secure the opportunity for you.

Why Do You Want To Change Your Job

Do you want to change the job that you currently have and want to give more interviews for new job posts? In that case, you need to be prepared for the questions that are asked in these interviews. Now one of the most common questions that people get asked in the interview is ‘why do you want to change your job’?

This is a question that is quite common and this is also the question that most people tend to forget about. However, it is one of the most important questions for sure. This particular interview question can make any person break into a pool of sweat for sure. So, it is really important that you prepare well for this question in the interview.

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Changing Your Job: Giving the Right Answers

When someone asks you why do you want to change your job, then you might get a little bit confused as to what to answer at that exact moment.

However, you don’t want to offer a dissatisfying answer to the interviewers in the first place, right? So, the best thing to do is to avoid making a bad impression on the interviewer. In order to do that, you need to answer the question correctly.

One of the most acceptable and effective explanation that you can give for leaving the current job is a positive answer and not a negative one. You need to talk about moving forward in life and not just complain about the previous job. This can actually make a very bad impression on the eyes of the person who is interviewing you.

Maybe you want to change your job because you want to explore new opportunities or maybe you just want to learn some other things and changing your job is the best way to do that. The reasons could be so many but they have to have a positive message so that you can impress the person who is asking you the questions.

Always Having A Futuristic Tone

One of the best things that you can do when you are answering this particular question is to have a futuristic tone. This will give an idea to the interviewer that you are pretty serious about the future of yours.

Tell him all about the goals that you want to achieve and how having a new job is going to be a help in that case. This is one of the guaranteed ways by which you will be able to impress the person in front of you.

Also, you need to make sure that you put proper emphasis on the things that you got to learn at the previous job of yours. This will tell a lot about your personality and will help you with the interview as well.

The last thing that you want is the interviewer to think you were unhappy with the job that you had.

So, these are some of the things that you always have to keep in mind when someone asks you why you want to change your job.

Now, without getting any delays, let’s start on this venture and talk about the way in which you can answer the question – why do you want to change your job.

Tips to Give Right Reason for Job Change

1. Be Clear in Yourself

What do you really want to do?

What do you really want to do?

First of all, you will have to be clear in yourself why do you want to change your job. Unless and until you have a clear mindset about it you won’t be able to answer well to the interviewer.

Before jumping to the interview round, give yourself the time and ask yourself why do you want to change your job.

You want to think of every possible reason that strikes your mind. Ask yourself different questions like –

(i) What type of career do you aspire for?

(ii) What exactly are you looking for in a job?

(iii) What kind of workplace do you want?

(iv) What designation do you want?

(v) What about your relationship with your colleagues?

(vi) Which industry do you want to approach?

(vii) What are your expectations about salary increment?

Answer these questions and write down them in a copy.

If you can think of more such questions which are related to the reason for leaving your current job then include them as well.

After writing the answers to these questions, sort out the key reasons that you will be using in the interview.

Now you need to keep one thing in mind- since you are going for a professional interview, you want your answers to be professional as well, therefore, sort out the answers which are more tilted towards professionalism rather than personal.

Now let us understand how can you frame the answers for answering why do you want to change your job.

Reason for Job Change 

Why do you want to change job?

Why do you want to change job?

When asked about the reason for job change you want to answer it perfectly hence you think of a number of reasons to that so that you can grab the opportunity.

We are here listing some of the best answers that you can use while answering the interviewer –

1. Career Growth 

This is indeed one of the best answers to the question of why do you want to change your job.

It also feels genuine to the interviewer as they also know that there are a number of industries that provide way better opportunities to their employees than others when it comes to career planning & growth.

When you focus on this reason for a job change, the interviewer will definitely listen to you attentively and you will be judged by your explanation.

You want to frame it like that – though you are loving your job and the workplace but you have arrived at a position where you are not able to see any career growth in your current job.

It will be good enough if you will ask the interviewer about career growth opportunities & best career options in that company.

It kind of leaves a good impact on their mind and they consider you to be more professional and dedicated towards your career.

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2. Changing the Career Path

This is again a very good answer to the question of why do you want to change your job. You might be looking to explore different career opportunities that you have in front of you.

You don’t want to settle at one and spend your entire life on it.

When you emphasize on this answer, the impact is very positive and it is indeed an intellectual answer. Change is the nature of nature and you are following the same path.

You might have still not got the perfect opportunity for you hence you are exploring for various opportunities that can actually lead your career to new heights.

3. Landed Up To a Better Opportunity

Indeed this is a very honest answer. You are going for a new job because you have found it as a better opportunity.

When we say that we mean all the things – better workplace, better pay and so on. Honesty is undoubtedly appreciated but you will have to convey it in a very good manner.

You want to use it in your answer like – you have worked enough at a designation in your old company but this job suits better to what you deserve and this job will lead your career in the right direction.

Making it as much professional as you can make it the best-suited reason for leaving the job.

4. If You Let it Go or Laid Off 

Yes, these are also the reason for leaving job and frankly speaking, most of the time these are the actual reasons why you start to look for a new job.

Now here also you want to be extremely honest with your answer. It is totally understandable that you are caught up with anxiety when this is the primary reason for your job change.

Let us understand how can you frame your answer for this –

(i) If you let it go

You want to keep it like – you had different expectations about your roles in the previous job.

There were a number of things that you could have done in a different manner which would have been exponentially good for your company as well as you.

Now as here you are, you will be doing things in a way that they prove to be beneficial for the company and yourself.

(ii) If you were laid off

Look, there’s no need to be shameful for this. You have to be very precise here. You want to answer it like – you were laid off due to an unfortunate loss for the employees in your company.

The current job is actually providing me with the role I wanted and I can do better at this position.

While answering this question you want to make sure that you are not using the word “fired” because it leaves a negative impact on the interviewer’s mind.

Now, these were the answers that you can use while answering why do you want to change your job but there are a number of things that you want to avoid while answering this question, let us learn about them –

Avoid this Reason for Leaving Job 

Avoid this Reason for Leaving Job 

Avoid this Reason for Leaving Job

1. Disliked the Company

As you have a number of positives and negatives, the companies also have a number of positives and negatives as well.

You can’t be like that you don’t like the company and that’s why you are leaving your job. If you still want to stick with this answer then make your explanation more positive.

2. Looking for Better Pay

Yes, this is an honest answer but it leaves a wrong impact on your interviewer’s mind.

Let me tell you they might judge you on different grounds if you are making this your primary reason for leaving the previous job.

3. Bored with the Previous Job

In your wildest dream, never consider using this as an answer to why do you want to change your job. It is never a thoughtful and good reason for the question.

You can either frame it differently – make the explanation look like the previous job wasn’t suitable for the skill set that you possess and it was a kind of exploitation to your talent.

These were some of the answers that you never want to use in your interview or if you are using it, you use it very precisely and in a positive manner.

Here are some additional tips for answering why do you want to change your current job –

Tips to Follow While Answering Why do You Want to Change Your Current Job

1. Be Positive

You will have to answer positively because that’s the best way to influence the interviewer. Try avoiding the negativity in your answers as much as you can. Don’t talk bad about your previous job or your colleagues.

2. Be Honest But Don’t Be Too Detailed

Yes, honesty will be rewarded but explaining things in a very detailed manner can sometimes prove to be negative as well.

Make your answer short and directed. Don’t talk about here and there stuffs.

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Wrapping it Up!

So these were the tips that you want to use while in an interview for grabbing the best jobs in India.

Undoubtedly answering the question – why do you want to change your current job is never easy but by following above-mentioned tips and the answers you can tackle it easily.

In case you want to change your job and make a career in Digital Marketing, enrolling in Digital Marketing Certification Course can be highly useful for you.

Want us to help you in giving the right reason for job change? Then ask your queries in the comments below.

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